Another Day Off Proposed for State & Local Employees – Be Still My Heart

“Yes We Can,” says this tee shirt found on a Lower Manhattan vendor.

A bill has been introduced to make August 4th a legal holiday.

What happened August 4th?

That’s the day that former President Barack Obama was born.

The state already gives public employees Lincoln’s Birthday and Presidents’ Day off.

But, the Democrats control the Illinois General Assembly and one can’t predict was Republican Governor Bruce Rauner would do if the August 4th Obama Birthday bill reached his desk during his re-election campaign.

The bills to watch are


Another Day Off Proposed for State & Local Employees – Be Still My Heart — 35 Comments

  1. Give me a break! Who are they crappin’? No one even knows when he was born.

  2. House Bill 231 (HB 231) – State Holiday – Obama Birthday

    “Amends … the school code … to include Barack Obama’s birthday as a holiday.”


    House Bill 503 (HB 503) – State Holiday – Obama Birthday

    “Amends … the school code … to include Barack Obama’s birthday as a holiday.”


    Senate Bill 55 (SB 55) – Barack Obama Day

    No mention of the school code in this bill.


    February 6th is Ronald Reagan Day in Illinois and some other states.

    Ronald Reagan Day in Illinois is not a school or state holiday.

    So Barack Obama Day should not be a school holiday or state holiday.

    Following is a history of days commemorating Ronald Reagan in Illinois.


    May 30, 2009

    House Resolution 43 (HR 43) passed the House in the 96th General Assembly.

    It was sponsored by Jack Franks and Randy Ramey.

    Careen Gordon (Coal City) and Harry Osterman (Chicago) were the only two House members to vote against the Resolution.

    The Resolution strangely does not mention that PA 92-0584 in 2002 had already proclaimed February 6th as Ronald Reagan Day.

    “Whereas, President Ronald Wilson Reagan, a man of humble background, worked throughout his life serving freedom and advancing the public good, having been employed as an entertainer, union leader, corporate spokesman, Governor of California, and President of the United States; and

    Whereas Ronald Reagan was a native son of Illinois;

    he was born on February 6, 1911, in the village of Tampico in Whiteside County and at the age of nine moved with this family to the city of Dixon in Lee County, later furthering his education at Eureka College in Eureka; and

    Whereas, Ronald Reagan served with honor and distinction for two terms as the 40th President of the United States of America, the second of which he earned the confidence of three-fifths of the electorate and was victorious in 49 of the 50 states in the general election, a record unsurpassed in the history of American presidential elections; and

    Whereas, During Mr. Reagan’s presidency he worked in a bipartisan manner to enact bold agenda of restoring accountability and common sense to government which led to an unprecedented economic expansion and opportunity for millions of Americans; and

    Whereas, President Reagan’s commitment to our armed forces contributed to the restoration of pride in America, her values and those cherished by the free world, and prepared America’s Armed Forces to meet 21st century challenges; and

    Whereas, President Reagan’s vision of “peace through strength” helped lead to the end of the Cold War and the ultimate demise of the Soviet Union, guaranteeing basic human rights for millions of people; and

    Whereas, February 6, 2009 will be the 98th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth and the fifth since his passing;

    therefore be it resolved, by the House of Representatives of the Ninety-Sixth General Assembly of the State of Illinois, that we proclaim and recognize February 6, 2009 and every February 6 thereafter as ‘Ronald Reagan Day’ and urge all the citizens of Illinois to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.”


    June 27, 2002

    George Ryan signed Senate Bill 1553 (SB 1553) into Public Act 92-0584 (PA 92-0584) designating February 6th as Ronald Reagan Day.

    “The State Commemorative Dates Act is amended by adding Section 2 as follows:”

    “Ronald Reagan Day.

    February 6th of each year is designated as Ronald Reagan Day, to be observed throughout the State as a day set apart to honor the 40th President of the United States of America who came from humble beginnings in Illinois and worked throughout his life serving the cause of freedom and advancing the public good.”


    February 6, 2001

    George Ryan declared today Ronald Reagan Day.


  3. I already pledged a box of crayons and a copy of Jackass The Movie for his Presidential Library.

    So all the dregs that voted for him, expect me to pay them for a yearly holiday as well?

  4. Cindy’s a birther, SHOCKING!

    No, I am not in favor of making President Obama’s birthday a school or state holiday, although a day of recognition like Reagan’s is fine.

  5. So how many of you are pissed that we’re paying out the nose so that Trump can go to Florida every weekend or so Melania can stay at Trump Tower? Any of you, or are you all just rank hypocrites? You do realize that a lot of that money is going straight into Trump’s pocket, right?

  6. Difference is that Obama was on vacation with his family for eight years at great expense to all of us.

  7. I guarantee we won’t have to pay for a Trump African book tour.

    When is Obama’s new book, The Art of the Shill, coming out anyway?

  8. The abuse of Air Force One started with Kennedy and has gradually gotten worst.
    Date nights in NY, making a speech in who cares where and conveniently having a political fund raiser after words, it all can stop or the user/abuser needs to fork out $$$$$ for the extra expense.

  9. If BO gets a day, so should RR and USG.
    Why have Abe’s Bday off when President’s day is so close anyway?

  10. A dangerous sodomite Marxist that tore this country apart and we still have STUPID to the max people throwing accusations like “BIRTHER” = the epitome of insanity. BTW he is still doing it. Get your head out of your butt. This is a fight for our very lives and you are chosing the wrong side; you social justice warriors!

  11. Trump is driving the Libs into an unhinged state that grows more
    with each passing day.
    Loved Trumps epic presser yesterday, he really ruled the MSM fools.
    I don’t recall Obama ever giving an 80 minute unscripted presser or facing
    such an openly hostile press … and we all know why that was.

  12. It would probably be more appropriate to have a “National Cry Baby Day” in honor of all the Democrats.

  13. You all spent the last 8 years being terrified of a black guy in office who did nothing to you and now you celebrate the white whack job that you put in office who is going to screw you 16 ways til Sunday. It’s going to be fun watching you get exactly what you deserve.

    Oh, and before you start blaming anything on Obama and the Dems, remember you boys and girls have been in control of the purse strings for a long time now and King Donald is purely your creation.

  14. Cindy, why are you so obsessed with sex? Sodomite? Really? What proof do you have of that? Because again, saying something like that without actual proof is as good as a lie, which the last time I checked, is a sin. And what exactly, did Obama do that was “marxist”?

    And what is Obama “still” doing?

  15. Audrey, your comments are interesting, though rambling. Are you saying people, specifically these blog readers, are afraid of black people or Obama? Are you saying black people have never done anything to the entirety of the readership here or Obama? When you reference “white” whack job are you stating white people are “whack jobs” or that the President of the United States is such? When you state the POTUS will be screwing “you” 16 ways from Sunday of whom do you speak? It would behoove you to be precise as you appear to be a meglomaniacal racist lunatic without a point. Since some of your past comments have been somewhat smart, although proveably inaccurate, so there appears to be hope for your improvement. Improve.

  16. Just some added more FREE CHEESE for the Tax Payer to pay for! while we work they suck the nipple

  17. Audrey, I had obamacare and it was a nightmare.
    The problem is Obama did nothing. His main interest was in transgender issues for personal reasons.
    Obama, let’s not forget is half white. Why do you call him black? He’s just as much white.

  18. Audrey is VERY stupid. She cannot even see the naked Marxist rhetoric coming from Barry the Sodomite every time he ever opened his filthy mouth. You don’t need proof. You need to wake up and stop believing in fairy tales. Also, although it is none of your business; my family was forced into early retirement because of the Sodomite’s destruction of our country. Barry is rallying his troops of over 30,000 right now to take down the government. He is a prime agitator and a disgusting piece of filth. Have you learned nothing in eight years of horror shows? The policies and pure evil crooks he put into place are STILL harming the united states. His whole purpose was to destroy a country he hated; and he is still on that job. No one is terrified of a black man. He isn’t even black. What people were terrified of actually happened. He destroyed all of the American Dream. He destroyed families and economies. He started wars everywhere and left us with nothing; because of really stupid people like you that don’t have a clue what is really going on in this battle between good and evil.

  19. Every single source that has shared that “graph” is a proven out-and-out pants-on-fire liar! Alabama? Get in line behind AUdrey and Moderate. You are a fool, also.

  20. There is only one way to improve Algonquin Township, McHenry County, State of Illinois and Federal governments:

    Vote out all the incumbents who will then fire each and every public sector employee – elect all new and recruit all new public sector employees while eliminating all public unions.

    This will never happen because that would take a violent revolution or military takeover which the voters of this country have no stomach for.

    Instead we will simply continue to pontificate, lie, and distort the truth on this blog and others.

    Why when we elect new people to office does nothing REALLY change?

    STAFF remains in place!

    Why is Peter Austin still the County Admin? BTW, the idiot majority on the County Board recently approved a FIVE year contract that HE wrote!

    Why is Madigan still speaker?

    Why so many ‘leaks’ in D.C.?

  21. Have not yet seen a response to: “three things that Obama “did to you”.”

    1. ‘Fast and Furious’

    2. Deported more people than any other President.

    3. Hired Hilary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch etc.

  22. How dare Illinois even suggest anything like this. This is the worst state to ever be in this union! Send this video to all of your representatives in Springfield.
    We don’t honor thugs with days in their name. Real Americans would try them for treason and sedition. Hanged is where he should be; and not on anyone’s shirt.

  23. **Alabama? Get in line behind AUdrey and Moderate. You are a fool, also.**

    I don’t like to wait in line. I do like facts though. And I don’t buy tinfoil.

  24. Also, Audrey, please note that Cindy is a lost cause. She’s north of 70, immobile, and lives only to surf the web for any article she agrees with. Imagine the characters from Wall-e, but racist.

    Cindy has said in the past that:
    -Ghandi is in hell
    -MLK was the antichrist
    -9/11 was an inside job
    -Obama wasn’t born in the US

    Cindy will respond to this post and, Audrey, she assuredly will:
    -Deny ever saying these things
    -Call me VERY stupid or other names

    I have, in the past, tried to provide her with links to posts showing the exact things thing she has said on this blog. She won’t even listen to herself!

    What’s sad is she isn’t mentally ill. The mentally ill don’t normally act out in the ways she does and it would be an insult to the mentally ill to characterize Cindy in that nature. No, simply put, her politics and media habits are based on bigotry, racism and divisiveness. She has little time left on this world because of how poorly she has taken care of herself. We ought to pity her for how misinformed, angry and divisive she is. Pray for Cindy.

  25. This kind of BS can only come from the Madigan/Cullerton brain trust in Springfield.

    Maybe Hawaii can gift their Govt. workers with a free day?

    Illinois taxpayers can’t afford any more of this nonsense.

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