A Successful Petition Challenge

Since the petition challenge phase of elections has entered McHenry County big time, I thought posting a successful petition challenge might be useful to some in the future.

Here is the one that Deputy County Clerk Linda Fitzgerald filed against State Rep. Allen Skillicorn’s tax limitation referendum petition:



A Successful Petition Challenge — 9 Comments

  1. It would appear a lawyer is needed to file a petition challenge. Unfortunate.

  2. Did the County Clerk employee pay for attorney herself, not using public resources?

    County Clerk has not responded to question of ethical obligations of office:
    Since employees are privy to every petition filing, are they ethically obligated to uniformly ignore/or/point-out signature deficiency to filer?
    Put another way, are partisan County Clerk office workers allowed to choose which petitions they would like to object to based upon personal bias?
    Do they have any duty to inform ALL filers of signature deficiency?

  3. Linda Fitzgerald had an attorney at her
    Own expense it was not paid for by county. What ethical question is pending I did not see anyone at the hearing other then Paul and another attorney. Why don’t you get that the utter disrespect
    For the election process was violated by a state rep who was told that his petition was deficient at the time of filing. It was all discussed at the hearing. This was not partisan this was about right and wrong.

  4. Skillicorn does not belong in that office. A big disappointment for those who supported him. Not too impressed with Skillicorns choice of the people he supports for elections.

  5. I did not know that the petitioner was told of deficiency at the time of filing. Thanks for that.
    It seems to me that if any Clerk’s office employees notice irregularities it serves society best to make that known to filer at the time of filing.

  6. Rickey you don’t even have all the facts but that is just like to post something that has nothing to do with anything

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