McHenry County Chairman v McHenry County Board

Guest Article:  Ersel Schuster

Here we go again…

Tonight, 2/21/17; the County Board Chairman will once again ram through more changes to the McHenry County Board’s Rules.

Since December 1, 2017, the Chairman has interpreted these Rules, and his ability to organize “ad hoc” committees to circumvent standing committee work on the Rules, as his right.  He deliberately mis-states the Rules to justify his ability to ram through changes for his personal benefit.

Under the Rules: Section 3 – 3.7:  Internal Support and Facilities Committee:  This committee is charged with: “Stewardship / liaison for matters pertaining to the… Administration; …”

Not only does the update to Board Rules fall under “Administration;” precedence clearly shows this committee (formerly, Management Services), for decades, has been responsible for this process.

Section 4 – Ad Hoc Committee: “The Chairman of the County Board shall have the power to establish ad hoc committees for special projects.  Such committees exist for the life of the project.”

Board Rules do give a chairman the authority to call for a “special project,” ad hoc committee.  This means that such committee is only created for the purpose of discussion and action on a “project” not covered by a regular standing committee.

At the February 2nd “Ad Hoc” Committee Meeting, once again, he is amending the Rules.

His interpretation and actions fail on both counts.  These are the “County Board’s” Rules.

Also of concern is that this person gave himself voting rights in the committee!

An ad hoc committee is a committee of “county board members.”  The county board chairman is not a county board member.  The only voting rights of a chairman elected at large, per statute; are for breaking a tie vote of the County Board Assembly.

At this last Ad Hoc Committee Meeting, in the chairman’s crafted rules changes, he conveniently omitted the fact that the at large elected chair only has the ability to break a tie vote of the Board.  Thanks to Member Nowak, at least he had the good sense to amend this section to specifically address the point.  This meeting took 12.5 minutes.

Interesting also was the makeup of this ad hoc committee.  Nowhere in the Agenda or following information are the committee members listed.  From past experience however, these Ad Hoc committee members are chosen to assured the chair a positive vote for his desired actions.

But then; that is how politicians with ulterior motives get what they want.

Wake up County Board Members… if you allow this foolishness to continue… the checks and balances you were elected to provide the taxpayers of McHenry County are being rendered useless.

Residents/taxpayers, reach out to your County Board Members.  You can reach them by typing in:   Then select the “County Government” drop down box; select “Departments A-I;” then select “County Board.”


McHenry County Chairman v McHenry County Board — 67 Comments

  1. The members should refuse to serve on any ad hoc committee that is formed for the purpose of circumventing established procedures. Any member that does should be voted out in the next primary.

  2. Why, because the procedures in place have been working so well the past several decades? The county is a hot mess. The people fighting change are the ones in power for many of those years. The only reason they are fighting change is because it’s being proposed by a guy with a D behind his name. Obstruction doesn’t serve the people of McHenry County. Time to step away from your partisanship and ego and admit that you’ve screwed it up. You work for the people of McHenry County. Time to star remembering that and doing your job.

  3. Agree with Audrey.
    That said, I find it incomprehensible that Chairman hired 2 patronage employees, increasing taxpayer burden in the process, and performed hiring in a way which violates the spirit of EEOC requirements.
    We have been a hot mess but chairman and County manager are exacerbating the problem.

  4. Jack Franks is perverting the rules in an attempt to incrementally impose a county executive form of government. The backdoor way in which he put his former campaign workers on the county payroll is all the evidence that anyone who is paying attention should need.

  5. Billy Bob,
    Remember that time the county board eliminated the budget for the chairman in 2016? Oh, you don’t? Well it happened and Ersel Shuster is deliberately misleading you.

  6. Susan,
    The board politically and deliberately removed the budget for the Chairman prior to Franks taking office. They weren’t even going to give him a chance. So, there wasn’t an increase on the burden of the taxpayer nor did they violate the law. Pete Austin is a great manager and you are simply a bomb thrower.

  7. The chairman has never before had two full time flunkies, and Jacko didn’t even pretend to go through the proper process to create the positions or post the openings so that other people could apply.

  8. That’s correct billy bob, Gottemoller never elected to use the allotted budget. And what process are you speaking of that said “jacko” should go through?

  9. Moderate… I have the expenditures for the last 3 chairman elected from within. Frankly, they did not require legislative assistants, PR personnel, or any of the “other” things this chair is taking without prior board approval. Seems that should be where you place your anger.

    The elected-at-large chair has no more and no less authority than has been the case for decades. This one is simply assuming the authority granted an “executive” chair… his original goal that the public tossed by a wide margin.

  10. Peter Austin has presided over a period of extraordinary loss of property value in this County coupled with a stunning rise in property tax rates. The numbers are so far outside normal ranges that this County is a case study foe irresponsible fiscal management.

    Franks has increased taxpayer spending by the salaries and benefits of two patronage workers whose job openings were not posted according to salary administration policy.
    Unfilled vacancies protocols were not follows.
    EEOC requirement were not followed to the extent that potential qualified applicants were denied equal opportunities.
    Unfilled positions were not posting taxpayers a dime.

    There is no amount of torturing of logic which can make it plausible to assert that spending taxpayer money on two newly created personal assistants will save taxpayers money.

  11. Notice Ersel says, “They didn’t need it,” which is to say it is an option that they did not use which is to say that the board politically decided to get rid of the budget after Franks won.

    And Susan, you’re a hack. Peter Austin isn’t responsible for property loss any more than Santa is for lost presents.

  12. @moderate

    I don’t think there is much of a chance that any human resources committee comprised of seven members of the board would have approved these hires, and that is why Jacko proposed getting rid of it. I think he was banking on the ensuing chaos to buy his new hires some time and make it more difficult to terminate them.

    A cynical view, perhaps, but Jack Franks lost the benefit of the doubt a long time ago.

  13. Some people are so blind they cannot see the big picture. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing good will come of this chair’s shennanigans. You are all being had; so that he can turn this county into something you are not going to believe. Looks like Billy Bob is the only one that has any inkling what is in store. (The ones that misconstrue every word said by others are really irritating, too.)

  14. Regarding the February 21, 2017 Regular County Board Meeting to be held at 7PM tonight:

    A board member should request to pull the SEIU collective bargaining agreement out of the Routine Consent Agenda and postpone the vote until the board and public has had a chance to review the full agreement with every single change noted.

    The agreement is item 16 in the Board Agenda.

    16. Routine Consent Agenda > 2. Approve the following > A. Finance & Audit > 1. Resolution authorizing a contract agreement between the Service Employees International Union, Local 73, Valley Hi Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Nurses and the County of McHenry.

    Only summary information on the SEIU collective bargaining agreement has been presented in the board packet.

    Not good enough.

    Bad transparency.

    The collective bargaining agreement itself is not included the board packet.

    When it is included, the changes should be noted, for instance, underline text for additions and strike through text for deletions.

    When it is included, all salary schedules, appendixes, amendments, addendums, memorandums of understanding, letters of agreement, side letters, riders, letters of understanding, memorandums of agreement, etc. should also be included.

    One reason taxes are so high in Illinois is because boards are often not presented the full collective bargaining agreements with every single change noted prior to board approval.

    When that happens, the board does not know what it is approving, as they only have summary information.

    Also, the board should not approve “tentative” agreements, only “final” agreements…that game is constantly played in school districts in particular.


    The Board Packet is located in the McHenry County Meeting Portal:

  15. Moderate you’re a moron. The county board chairman never had a budget for the county board to take away. The county board as a whole has a budget and it was decreased a whopping $1,100 from 2016 to 2017. The only change to salaries was to accommodate another member.

  16. Regarding the February 21, 2017 Regular County Board Meeting to be held at 7PM tonight.

    Item 17: Ad Hoc > 1. Resolution Amending the McHenry County Board Rules to Incorporate Electronic Voting.

    This is more than electronic voting.

    This is changing the board rules so only the County Board Chair can call an item to vote.

    The following existing rule has been stricken from the proposed rules in the name of electronic voting.

    “A roll call vote on any question may be requested by any member.

    When called upon by the County Clerk, a member shall respond “Yes,” “No” or “Abstain.”


    Has the stricken item been replaced by something else that allows a roll call vote on any question to be requested by any member?

    Does the County Board Chair as of right now control whether or not the board votes on any measure, and county board members are helpless to call an item to vote, unless the County Board Chair approves a vote be called?

  17. Mark,

    5.3. B. A voice vote may be used in the following instances
    Alternatively, an electronic vote on any question may be requested by any member.

    The “alternatively” portion should not be listed under 5.3.B, it should have it’s own subsection. Putting it under 5.3.B limits members’ requests for electronic vote to only the matters listed under 5.3.B

    1)A motion to adjourn;
    2)Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting;
    3)Adopting the agenda;
    4)Floor motions;
    5)Other items as determined by the Chairman

  18. 5.3
    Voting: County Board member votes shall be entered by members and recorded electronically upon the opening of voting by the Chairman, except as listed in subsections
    A and B of this rule

    –change to–

    Voting: County Board member votes
    shall be entered by members and recorded
    electronically, except as listed in subsections
    A and B of this rule

    5.3. B. A voice vote may be used in the following instances, the outcome of which shall be determined by the Chairman. Alternatively, an electronic vote on any question may be requested by any member
    1)A motion to adjourn;
    2)Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting;
    3)Adopting the agenda;
    4)Floor motions;
    5)Other items as determined by the Chairman

    –should be changed to—

    5.3. B. A voice vote may be used in the following instances
    1)A motion to adjourn;
    2)Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting;
    3)Adopting the agenda;
    4)Floor motions;

    5)Other items as determined by board members or the chairman

    (This portion MUST be put under it’s on section–Alternatively, an electronic vote on any question may be requested by any member and granted–)

  19. Sue,
    You’re wrong. Cal has even said on this blog that there was a budget. Get your facts straight.

  20. The patronage hiring by Franks included two positions which were not in existence before Franks took office.
    Because Franks hired these two personal assistants, local taxpayers must pay over $100,000 more than had Franks not created these positions( and awarded these jobs to personal friends.)
    Vacant positions within a budget are not paid. Money would have stayed in the bank.
    Filled positions are paid.

  21. Susan, the taxpayers already paid for the positions. Taxes were not raised because the positions were filled. You make it seem like there was an increased burden on the taxpayers. Not true. Quit lying and get back to attacking teachers.

  22. Moderate the budgets are available on the County’s website from 2009 to present. There is no budget for the Board Chairman in any of those years. By all means if you can find one please let us all know where it is so we can see it for ourselves. Or FOIA administration and request copies of the County Board Chairmans budget. It doesn’t exist.

  23. Regarding the proposed rewrite of board rule 5.3 Voting > B.

    The fear is that Jack Franks would like to limit the ability of board members to call a question to a vote, akin to House Speaker Michael Madigan controlling what gets voted on in the State House.

    And that the outside counsel Parliamentarian selected by Jack Franks, whose firm in which he is a Partner contributed $1,000 to the Jack Franks PAC one day before the November 8, 2017 County Board Chair election, will interpret any ambiguities to the advantage of Jack Franks.

    Note the words, “the outcome of which shall be determined by the chairman.”

    Exactly what does and does not that mean?

    What are the various ways in which that can be interpreted.

    If there are questions, don’t approve the “Resolution Amending the McHenry County Board Rules to Incorporate Electronic Voting” this meeting.

    It seems from above there are suggested improvements to that resolution.

  24. Filled positions cost taxpayers an increased burden.
    Unfilled positions were not already paid for by taxpayers.
    A budget line item does not equate to expenditure if the purchase (hire) isn’t made.

  25. Moderate the agitator attacks taxpayers.

    If budgeted positions go unfilled, taxpayers save money.

    If budgeted positions get reassigned to newly created positions to serve the County Board Chair, without knowledge of the County Board members, and those hired for the positions had no competition and it is clear they had the job before submitting their employment application, and those hired worked for Jack Franks State Representative District Office, and those hired were paid by the Supporters of Jack D Franks political action committee (PAC), and one of those hired worked in the House Democrat office run by Michael Madigan and worked on other Democrat political campaigns, that is patronage hiring, a lack of transparency, and hiring a Madigoon.

  26. This brings to mind a glaring weakness of the County Board.

    There is no Personnel Report included in the County Board Agendas or Agenda Packets.

    The County Board could approve hires recommended by the administration.

    The personnel report could including firings and resignations.

    Then the taxpayers and the board can see who is coming and going.

    The report could include names, job titles, departments, salary, benefits.

    It is clear from the Oliver Serafini and Bridget Geenen Hirings that more transparency is needed for personnel decisions.

    It could also be claimed that employees were let go elsewhere in the county to make room for Mr. Serafini and Ms. Geenen…but unless one has specific knowledge or submits a FOIA, the current document transparency leaves the mainstream taxpayers and even board members with no visibility into what is happening with personnel.

  27. Mark!
    Your assessed tax rate isn’t raised for every hire the county makes because there are already allocated budgets. Get that through your fuzzy head

  28. Agitator, a dollar not spent is a dollar that does not have to be requested.

  29. Don’t spend a dollar in the budget this year, then next year that is one less dollar that has to be levied.

  30. Franks appears to be the second coming of Mike Madigan. Better shut this machine down in McHenry County before it spreads.

  31. Taxpayers would benefit if the position of County Board Chairman was eliminated.

    The voters created the position in error.

    Watch the County’s credit rating go in the toilet now that we have “round mound” Madigan running County Board meetings.

  32. I would say that an unfilled position can’t have any lawsuit against the county, work comp claims, special equipment needs, etc.
    Therefore it is money saved to leave it unfilled, right?

  33. And no long term IMRF liabilities means money saved on an unfulfilled position.

  34. Committee on committees. This whole circus is a huge jOkE! Doesn’t anyone on this board see what kind of nonsense this all is leading to? What happened to the chair doesn’t get a vote? What happened to common sense? We are being poisoned daily by the shadow governments like lab rats. The whole world is on fire and our county board is voting on ad hoc committees. What complete incompetence we are putting up with here. Pure Kabuki theater! Bring back public pillories!



  36. McHenry County Board

    Committee on Committee meeting

    February 21, 2017 at 5PM

    Listen to the audio.

    Not everyone can be heard.

    Please have everyone speak so they can be heard on the recorded audio.


    Members of the Committee on Committees:

    – Yvonne Barnes

    – Chuck Wheeler

    – Jim Heisler

    – John Jung

    – Mary McCann

    – Joe Gottemoller

    – Board Chair (Jack Franks)

    The purpose of the February 21st Committee on Committees meeting was to recommend assignments to the HR Committee.

    Board Chair Jack Franks voted on a tie breaker in the Committee on Committees meeting.


    The Agenda Packet for the February 21, 2017 Committee on Committees Meeting includes minutes from the January 12th, 2017 Committee on Committees meeting.

    There was also a Committee on Committees meeting on December 12, 2016.

  37. What disturbs me is that the Chairman is breaking or evading rules in order to fulfill an entirely self-serving purpose, and costing significant public funds in the process.
    When honorable leaders determine to break rules, it is to the benefit of their team, not themselves. Or it is because there is a violation of right v. wrong that no human of good character could ignore.
    In this case there is no social injustice being corrected or underdog being rescued. It was a hugely expensive act of flaunting the law, in order to either pay back owed favors, or to acquire flunkies to perform duties of office which ordinarily a leader would perform himself.

  38. Susan,
    You just don’t like to see a Democrat in office. This has nothing to do about good governance and everything to do with party politics.

  39. Agitator does not like it when anyone criticizes Jack Franks.

    Agitator is Jack Franks’ biggest supporter.

    Current McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks was a State Representative from January 1999 until January of 2017, for 18 years (9 terms).

    During the entire time he was State Representative, the leader of the State House of Representatives was Michael Madigan.

    For 18 years Jack Franks observed how Michael Madigan operated, and learned how he gained political power.

    A key way Michael Madigan gained political power was by changing the House rules.

    This is discussed in the free Michael Madigan movie available on YouTube, a link available from


    Jack Franks said on the campaign trail in 1998 he would seek office for a maximum of 3 terms.

    In 2014 wile pushing for two County referendums, Jack Franks said he would not run for County Board Chair in 2016.


    What Jack Franks said – What Jack Franks did

    Maximum 3 terms – 9 terms

    Won’t run for County Board Chair – Ran for and is County Board Chair


    Jack Franks is gaining political power through interpreting County Board Rules to his political advantage.

    Jack Franks hired as the Parliamentarian for the County Board outside counsel (Storino, Ramello, & Durkin) which contributed $1,000 to the political action committee of Jack Franks while Jack Franks was running for County Board Chair.

    The Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC reported a $1,000 contribution from Storino, Ramello, & Durkin on November 7, 2016.

    On November 8, 2016, Jack Franks was elected County Board Chair.

    On January 17, 2017, at the Regular County Board Meeting, Jack Franks introduced Nick Peppers of Storino, Ramello, & Durkin to the County Board.

    The County Board did not participate in the selection of the County Board parliamentarian.

    In the past, the County Board has primarily or totally relied on the States Attorney’s office as its Parliamentarian?

    The Parliamentarian interprets board rules for the County Board.

  40. Gasser has done little to nothing while on the Board but prop up his run for Road Commissioner.
    Now the lap dog is stating he is working with Franks on a resolution to reduce the budget & levy in FY 2018.

  41. McHenry County Board

    Regular County Board Meeting

    Tuesday February 21, 2017

    The Agenda (1 page, download title of “Public Agenda”), Agenda Packet (812 pages, download title of “Full Agenda”), and audio (2 hours, 33 minutes, 10 seconds) for the meeting is located here:


    Minutes for the following County Board meetings included in the Agenda Packet for board approval:

    1. County Board – Regular Meeting – August 2, 2016 at 9AM

    2. County Board – Regular Meeting – August 16, 2016 at 7PM

    3. County Board – Regular Meeting – September 6, 2016 at 9AM

    4. County Board – Regular Meeting – September 20, 2016 at 7PM

    5. County Board – Regular Meeting – October 4, 2016 at 9AM

    6. County Board – Regular Meeting – October 18, 2016 at 7PM

    7. County Board – Regular Meeting – November 1, 2016 at 9AM

    8. County Board – Regular Meeting – November 15, 2016 at 7PM

    9. County Board – Regular Meeting – December 5, 2016 at 9AM

    10. County Board – Regular Meeting – December 20, 2016 at 7PM.

    11. County Board – Committee of the Whole – January 12, 2017 at 9AM

    12. County Board – Regular Meeting – January 17, 2017 at 7PM.

  42. I am in favor of any policy which is rational and systemically human-proof.
    Party politics has no meaning to me.

    It is not honorable for any politician of any party to exert extraordinary efforts for self-serving benefits at the expense of taxpayers.

    It is exceptionally jarring from a politician who ran on a budget-cutting promise.

    Two new public relations/personal assistants to a non-voting officeholder cannot possibly provide 6-figure value to taxpayers as a new expense.

    Mean and median property tax rates in McHenry County are above 3.6%
    That economic factor overshadows every other variable when we assess our prospects for survival of any political reign.

    An honorable leader –a man with respect for his people–would not behave this way.

  43. You’re thinking too small, Susan. This isn’t JUST about personal preferences for the king. This is a whole agenda that he would have you slide into. There is a much bigger agenda afoot. Drain the swamp is the correct process to remove all of this swill. The bored members don’t have a clue what they are up against. They will be systematically sucked into this vortex because they have no idea of the game being played and they are asleep at the wheel.

  44. Cindy is right. Franks is part of the NWO and is trying to imprison us so him and the other lizard overlords can enslave us.

  45. Moderate sounds like and is an agitator and Jack Franks’ biggest cheerleader.

    Moderate’s purpose is to promote Jack Franks and Democrats, slam the blog so people will not read it or take it seriously, slam conservative, discredit and slam anyone that criticizes Jack Franks.

    Watch the Michael Madigan movie to learn about Madigoons and their type.

    Madigan: Power. Privilege. Politics.

    Then Jack Franks and his friends run around telling everyone how Jack Franks is being attacked, as they let Moderate the Jack Franks operative do Jack Franks’ dirty work.

    A goon does the dirty work while the politician stays clean.

    Chicago style politics.

    Herb Franks, the father of Jack Franks, was a Chicago Precinct Captain.

  46. Moderate fulfills his role and lives up to his reputation as an agitator.

    The only reason Moderate is on the blog is to agitate.

    Anyone can read the blog going back years and see the history.


    Anyone can read Rich Miller of CapitolFax and see how he sympathizes with and skews stories to favor Demorats, although he has gotten better over the last few years.


    Learn more about agitators.


    Project Veritas

    Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

    October 17, 2016


  47. Why weren’t you up in arms over the hiring of Sandy Salgado as a patronage hire or Matt McNamara the man who beat women hired by our sheriff? Why are you not going crazy about Tirio’s patronage hires? How dare the states attorney hire his own staff!!!! Stoem the castle and make sure no one can hire anybody ever and that our county board that lead us to the highest property taxes in the entire country should get to run everything because they’re all geniuses! But not Franks he’s a dummy!

  48. The Chairman of the McHenry County Board is not a department head, and is not entitled to full time staff. It’s a part time job, and its function is to serve the Board, not to rule it. Lying Jack was resoundingly rebuffed by the voters when he tried to establish an executive form of government in this county, and now he is resorting to backdoor means to try to do what the voters said they did not want.

    I watched a “Leave it to Beaver” rerun this morning, and I could not help but notice that Eddie Haskell’s mock sincerity act is very similar to the behavior of Jack Franks when he addresses the Board. They must be related somehow.

  49. Moderate please tell us about Tirio’s patronage hires in detail. Maybe Joseywhales can explain if you decide to duck and run.

  50. Moderate is most certainly an active member of the Democratic party. Drop it with the act — nobody thinks you’re moderate. Or rational. Or intelligent. You use ad hominems against anybody who doesn’t tow the DP line. You tell people to quit lying and then when they use facts you say they’re boring. You have some nerve calling good people “hacks.” You are the biggest shill and jerk on this blog. You are probably a miserable person in real life too.

  51. In the 2016 campaign for County Board Chair the Walkup campaign was distributing flyers on cars in the parking lot of the Crystal Lake Park District.

    Moderate commented on the blog about that incident.

    Mike Walkup in a subsequent comment concluded that Moderate was close with the Jack Franks campaign based on the information in, and timing of, Moderate’s comment.


    The Democrats have agitators throughout the country.

    Learn about them in the Project Veritas Rigging the Election series.

    Here is the 2nd video in that series (warning, the series contains vulgar taped language):


    Project Veritas Channel

    Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

    published on October 18, 2016

    Democrat operatives included in the video:

    Bob Creamer – A partner in Democracy Partners, a political consulting firm who at the time of the incidents was contracted with the Democratic National Committee (coordinates at the local, state, and Federal level). Husband of IL US Rep Jan Schakowsky (Evanston).

    Scott Foval – At the time of the incidents was based in Milwaukee as the National Field Director for American United for Change, a progressive non-profit.

    The series poses the question based on taped, comments, did Democracy Partners, Americans United for Change, and the Democrat National Committee operate in a daisy chain fashion to avoid Federal campaign violations.

    “Bob Creamer is diabolical.” – Scott Foval discussing Bob Creamer in the undercover video expose.

    “We talk about lots of things we don’t talk about.” – Scott Foval discussing his relationship with Bob Creamer

  52. Give it up Moderate. We all know if Cal really did those things, he’d be in jail.

    But nice duck and run from the question about Tirio.

  53. For careful readers, please know that whenever someone accuses another of a crime, I unapprove the comment.

    Moderate is this/close to being banned.

  54. Also, I call BS to your claim that you remove comments when someone accuses another of a crime. Susan accused Franks of breaking the law earlier and you let it fly. You just hate your past being aired.

  55. Jack Franks is the best politician in McHenry County!

    Probably one of the worst persons but best politicians.

    He is great at finding loopholes especially since the county board doesn’t have the understanding nor resources i.e. lawyers etc.. they have.

    The States Attorney’s office can’t even match him!

    He always gets someone else to do his dirty work even though they don’t know it.

    I like how he said I am working across the isle when filling a liaison position.


    Steve Reich now has become a puppet of Jack Franks and he doesn’t even know it.

    I heard Steve Reich didn’t even reach out to County Board Members to let them know Jack approached him to fill the positions.

    Again you have now another State Rep. metaling in County Board Affairs!

    Now if this starts going on across the State now you have politicians cross breeding into governments.

    The State is a laughing stock as it is!

    You have a Union guy in a liason position.

    LOL Look at all the County Board Members that are not on a Liaison Position.

    This is nothing but favoritism at its best!

    The County Board Chair position is being misused by Jack Franks!

    If Joe Gottemoller, Ken Koehler, Tina Hill or even Mike Tryon was in that position they would not be doing what Jack Franks is doing.

    And if they were I would bet the Republicans on that board that are upset with Franks would be upset with them as well.

    But Jack Franks doesn’t work across the isle unless it can benefit him.

    If things keep going the way they are your County will be gone.

    Keep hearing that Jack Franks is going to run for Secretary of State and get Jessie Whites backing?

    He doesn’t need McHenry County either to win.

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