Mark Shepherd Endorses Mark Morgan for Hebron Village President

The Hebron Village Board. From left to right, Fred Canfield, Andrew Georgi, Mark Morgan, Steve Vole, Clerk Rose Smith-Miller, John Jacobson, Susan Ritzert and Mark Shepherd.

From Hebron Village Trustee Mark Shepherd:

“I officially withdrew from the Village of Hebron President race back in January.

“I felt I did  not have enough time to do the job right, right now.

“I have decided to endorse Mark Mogan.

“He has been on the Village board for 10 years,

“A police officer for the Lake in the Hills for 23 years, a hard working family man that has done a great job as trustee for the Village.”


Mark Shepherd Endorses Mark Morgan for Hebron Village President — 6 Comments

  1. Isn’t he facing prison time for allegedly mowing down a pedestrian while driving drunk.

  2. NO!!

    No alcohol or drugs were found in his system.

    The pedestrian step into traffic.

    This was an accident it could have happened to any one.

    I still pray for everyone that is involved with this sad event.

    The Northworst hearld will post any crap to sell papers,

    Lets see what they post after this court case is over.

  3. Why did Mr Mogan refuse all tests?

    If sober, you take the tests.

    Every cop knows that.

  4. The correct names in the picture from left to right Peter Canfield, Andrew Georgi, Mark Mogan, Rose Miller, Village Clerk Rose Smith-Miller, John Jacobson, Village Attorney Michael Smoron, Steve Vole, Susan Ritzert, Mark Shepherd

  5. Morgan needs to be in jail.

    If you have nothing to hide….. take the sobriety test.

    Hopefully his conscience (if he has one) drives him insane.

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