Early McHenry Signs for April Election

With McHenry Township Republicans having used the caucus method to select candidates and the incumbent Republicans running as independents, there is no February 28th primary election there.

All the contests will be decided on April 4th.

Signs have started popping up for the incumbents.

Below are the big signs for the incumbents:

Current office holders, plus some newcomers not nominated in the Republican Party Caucus are listed on these signs.

In addition, appointed McHenry Township Road Commissioner James Condon has the four by four foot sign you see below:

James Condon is building name identification with signs like this.


Early McHenry Signs for April Election — 3 Comments

  1. If you are with Sue Draffkorn then you need to vote the other way!

    Was terrible on the County Board and will only get the same with the Township!

  2. These are the gnawing rats who jumped ship from the Republican Party when they’re salary increase votes and tax levies were exposed and the Party pulled the nomination away from them.

    Although I live in Nunda, I knew Draffkorn from Church.

    She didn’t start out bad …. but she sure finished bad, and that’s why she got booted from County Board?

    How’d Adams vice Donna Shaffer from her job?

    They are the incumbents ….THEY MUST GO!

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