100+ Year Old Registered Voters in McHenry County

Today being an election day, it seems appropriate to let you know the people the Illinois State Board of Elections have identified as voters in McHenry County who are over 100 years old:


100+ Year Old Registered Voters in McHenry County — 7 Comments

  1. Amazing longevity, they even could of voted for Coolidge and Hoover.

    Cal did you leave your name off intentionally?

  2. …………….and they all ‘vote’ for Miller!

    As do many other long dead ‘voters’ still on the rolls!

  3. There are Bob Miller signs next to the Crystal Lake Cemetery on Lake Avenue.

  4. When I was a judge and they didn’t know someone’s birthday, there was an eighteen eighty something birthday entered. Did it for about 5 years and saw it every time. I’m not sure how many other things they got wrong.

  5. Cal, just a reminder that one of the Mchenry residents listed voted by absentee that put me over the top by one vote in my last election.

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