Bill Passes to Address Fox Lake Widow Pension Situation

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney:

House Approves Rep. McSweeney’s Measure to Eliminate a Pension Abuse  

Cary, IL – Last Friday, the Illinois House approved a bill State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) sponsored as a response to the Fox Lake scandal involving Lt. Charles Gliniewicz and the issue of what type of benefits his widow is entitled to receive.

The legislation (HB 350) would prohibit someone from receiving public employee survivor pension benefits if they’re convicted of a felony involving the service of their spouse.

In order to withstand court challenges, the bill would only apply prospectively.

David McSweeney

“This legislation would impact future situations involving spouses of public employees conspiring to commit felonies and cheat taxpayers.

“Taxpayers should not be on the hook for paying out benefits to people trying to cheat the system,” McSweeney said.

Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz committed suicide in Fox Lake and staged his death to made it look like a murder. His widow Melodie Gliniewicz, who has not yet been convicted, is facing charges for her alleged involvement in the embezzlement of public funds. She could potentially receive 50-75 percent of Gliniewicz’s salary, which was about $96,000 per year.

“The State budget is a terrible mess right now and the last thing we need is to reward people who have conspired to cheat taxpayers,” McSweeney said.

House Bill 350 passed the House 108-0 and now moves to the Illinois Senate for further consideration.  Senator Pam Althoff is the Senate sponsor.


Bill Passes to Address Fox Lake Widow Pension Situation — 16 Comments

  1. And I don’t think he is even dead. I think the whole thing was a complete psyop. That whole fiasco played the community like a fiddle. Illinois, the most corrupt state in the union!

  2. I call BS! on this, you can make this retroactive! why not submit it that way?!

    she does not deserve anything especially our Tax $$ !

  3. how about let’s get rid of every government pension, or work on future pensions being eliminated.

    This is such a random thing and difficult to prove that she know what was going on.

  4. **But it ain’t retroactive ……………**

    You can’t do it retroactively. It would never pass constitutional muster.

  5. For The Mrs.

    Did you even follow the storyline?

    She was at the base of everything.

    Her son is in on it, too.

    They are a whole family of complete crooks.


    Are you insane?


    You are a nut case. Keep drinking that fluoride.

  6. There is more to this story.

    I can only surmise the other victim was protected due to her age.

  7. The reason that Illinois is such a great state is that when something bad happens we pass a law, that not only doesn’t stop the bad thing from happening, it is literally prevented from stopping the bad thing from happening.

    The law then sits on the books until it is used in the most twisted way to keep any justice from happening during a future totally unrelated event.

    Illinois greatness!

  8. In the whole article no one bats an eye over the 96,000 police salary.

    Because we don’t have to pay for it, it is literally free money that comes from somewhere.

    Illinois greatness!

  9. If you ever worked for the government you would notice that a new rule is enforced every time something goes wrong.

    If somebody takes a crap in a hallway, then a new form shows up where you have to verify your bowl movement was in a toilet bowl and witnessed by a supervisor.

    I could go on but I won’t.

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