McSweeney Says Senate “Grand Bargain” Is “Code Phrase for the Largest Tax Increase” in Illinois History

State Rep. David McSweeney is playing the role of Paul Revere.

But, it’s not the British that’s coming; it’s the tax eaters.

In an interview, McSweeney said,

David McSweeney

“The Senate’s ‘Grand Bargain’ is not dead.”‘Grand Bargain’ is a code phrase for the largest tax increase in the State of Illinois.

“Taxes would be raised even higher than Patrick Quinn supported.

“It includes an income tax that will hurt families and kill small business and jobs.

“It includes a service tax expansion that will drive even more people out of the State of Illinois.

“Any Republican who supports this massive tax increase is a tax collector for the Chicago Democratic Machine.”

The most recent version of John Cullerton’s tax increase plan can be found in Amendment 3 of Senate Bill 9. ┬áIts content has not yet been posted, but, when it is, it will appear on the web page in the previous sentence.

McHenry County has three State Senators

Both district and Springfield office phone numbers are on the web pages linked to the Senators’ named.


McSweeney Says Senate “Grand Bargain” Is “Code Phrase for the Largest Tax Increase” in Illinois History — 11 Comments

  1. Maybe Trump’s recent railing of Obama’s adopted home town Chicago, will lead to him declaring Illinois a Federal Disaster Area.

  2. Senator Dan McConchie (R) 26th District, has made numerous promises he would not vote for a tax increase.

    I will hold him to his word and activily work against him in the next election if he does break that promise.

    I’ve never heard that same promise from the other two Senator’s from this county.

    This apparent effort to raise taxes to some how make up for past mistakes justifies the need to allow we the voters the right to vote on all changes in taxation.

    Since most legisaltion has also passed as the wind blows, a 2/3 vote from us should be required to change any taxation.

    If it’s worth it, let the elected prove it, 2/3 vote isn’t impossible, it’s happened locally in the past.

  3. Kind of a long list voting list to type here Cindy!!!!!

    It would take some time to accumulated all my comments here, LTE’s and with other voters also.

    I voted against tax enablers, tax increasers, and over spenders like BO, W, BC, HW, RR, Hillary, Richie Durbin, Pat Quinn, and also yet to adding to the debt The Donald.

    More, but you just wanted to give me smit because you can anyway!

    THX Friend.


  4. None of those names you mention are being held accountable for ANYTHING!

    Most of them still collect big tax dollars.

    So what are you ranting about, again?

    Your not voting FOR is holding them accountable?

    You had better look up the meaning of the word.

  5. To Sum Up Senators If you even consider voting in tax increases you should just take a knife to your political career,

    We The People Are Not going to stand for it anymore and if you have not gotten that message YET your gone!

  6. One person one vote, tell me how you are doing it better, I’m listening?

  7. I think you need to read that sentence again, Mrs.

    It’s actually correct as it stands.

    It is showing possession.

    As in his not voting.

    Your way it doesn’t even make any sense.

    Learn to read for content.

    But kudos for trying to pay attention.

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