NPR Station in DeKalb Ignores McHenry County

When I listen to National Public Radio I switch between DeKalb and Chicago.

During the fall election not a mention that I heard was made of the McHenry County Chairman’s race or the state rep. race to replace Jack Franks.

After Franks was sworn in, there was a long puff piece on his election and goals, as well as those of the new Republican Board Chairman in Winnebago County.

Yesterday the DeKalb station announced elections in counties in its listening area.

Dundee Township’s GOP primary election was mentioned, but nothing in McHenry County.

Over half of the population of McHenry County is in Grafton, Algonquin and Nunda Townships, but no mention of their elections.

McHenry County College pays Northern Public Radio (DeKalb’s NPR station) approximately $19,900 a year.

I’m told, “This amount covers a year-long effort to communicate programming information about the College to the general public. The program runs August 2016 through July 2017.”

Contracts come $20,000 and higher have to be board approved.


NPR Station in DeKalb Ignores McHenry County — 2 Comments

  1. Suppose the MCC Trustees passed something (a bill or resolution) saying that we will no longer give money to NPR.

    Does the bureaucracy have to respect the Trustees’ wishes?

    What if they made it crystal clear that they will fire any bureaucrat who participates in thwarting their express wishes?

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