“Spirit of America” Woodstock Square Rally Planned for March 4th

A press release about a local “Spirit of America” rally:

“Spirit of America Rally ” planned for March 4th on the Woodstock Square

Former Congressman and now WIND Talk Show Host Joe Walsh will be the featured speaker.

In the interest of healing our divided country, supporters of our President have created a positive, family–oriented gathering scheduled for March 4, from noon until 2 o’clock, on the Woodstock Square in Woodstock, Illinois.

Among the keynote speakers will be Congressman Joe Walsh.

The event has been scheduled to coordinate local efforts with similar “Spirit of America” rallies taking place across the nation on the same March 4th date.

The purpose of the organizers is to contribute to healing the divide that exists within our country,

while demonstrating support for President Trump, our troops, law-enforcement officials, supporters of right-to-life and patriots who are concerned about the future of our children and our nation.

According to organizer Teresa Kopec, “Our rally will be inclusive, non-partisan and open to anyone and everyone supporting President Trump and his efforts to bring back manufacturing jobs, put the security of our nation ahead of political correctness, improve our infrastructure, revitalize our inner cities and secure our borders.”

“Our event is a grassroots and sincere .” Kopec said.

“Everyone is welcome. The afternoon promises to be a family-friendly, peaceful and uplifting patriotic experience. ”

For details contact Teresa Kopec at : 815.261.6169
Or, by email :teresakopec@aol.com


“Spirit of America” Woodstock Square Rally Planned for March 4th — 16 Comments

  1. With the counter march going on things could get a tad exciting.

    Hope there is another bar stool available.

    With Joe the lip leading the chorus it could be very entertaining.

  2. Na, that place is too loud and a bunch of long hair types hang out in there.

  3. I can’t decide whether I’m going to wear a Confederate kepi or a “Make America Great Again” hat.

    IDK which one would annoy the liberals more.

  4. **I can’t decide whether I’m going to wear a Confederate kepi **

    Go with the Confederate kepi. Wear your racism loud and proud.

  5. Why are you conflating the Confederacy with racism?

    Were you perchance taught history in a public school by ignorant unionized teachers?

  6. Correct!

    The confederacy was about states’ rights…only that it wasn’t.

    Take a look at South Carolina’s letter of secession.

    You may be shocked to find there the right of slave-owning states.

    Nothing racist there.

    Or is it?

    Ignorant unionized teachers?

    Or is it that you can’t handle the truth?

    The 2018 wave is coming our way.

    Can you gear it coming?

    Take a listen…

  7. Hello Mr. Skinner! (Tax fighter-in-chief).

    Why the 2 posts?

    Not ready for a variety of opinions?

    Can’t stand a dissenting point of view?

  8. Angel Llavona …. are you a fallen angel?

    The rally was a great success! The LGBTQXYZ criers need to accept reality now …..

  9. A couple of points, Angel.

    Massachusetts and South Carolina were the two hothead states that made war inevitable, but your argument pretty much loses all of its credibility when one considers the facts that:

    a) Four slave states remained loyal to the Union, and Lincoln did not force them to outlaw slavery.

    b) Slavery existed as a legal institution in the US after it had been outlawed in the former Confederacy.

    As far as teachers go, yes, a great percentage of them are ignorant.

    Everyone who has ever been to a university knows that an education degree at any level is about the easiest degree that you can get.

    Ride that wave, Angel.

    You will all either drown or get eaten by sharks.

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