Keely Cat Is Eleven Years Old

Keely wakes up to smell the roses.

Keely Cat had a birthday yesterday.

My wife says he is now 71 in human years.

Not as old as I am, but catching up.

On past birthdays, Keely has been thrown parties.

But not this year.

He prefers to lounge around.

Like most watch cats, Keely is ready to protect the household even as he rests.

But at night the real Keely emerges.

He will run across our bedroom chasing some animal outside.

A couple of days ago he leaped up to the narrow window sill behind our bed.

That’s about five feet off the floor.

The Mitten is in good shape for his age.

I think he’s listening to Guns ‘n Roses.


Keely Cat Is Eleven Years Old — 9 Comments

  1. So nice to get a Keely Cat update, Cal!

    It has been too long!

    Thanks for all you do to keep us updated in McHenry County!

    So many of these stories are completely unreported in NWH and DH.

    God Bless you!

  2. Thanks Sunshine blogger!

    I enjoy stories about low taxes, beautiful guns and our cherished second amendment.


    Who put that filthy feline next to the gun?

  3. Dear Angel, I was trying to be nice and polite…but now you have crossed the red line.

    Keely is not a filthy feline!

    Don’t ya have any critters?

    Maybe you should visit Cal’s house and meet Keely.

    I think Mark Twain said something about travel being lethal to prejudice.

    I think if you met Keely and Cal you might have a different perspective of both.

    Happy travels and have a nice day!

  4. Invitation accepted! Didn’t you read the nice line about the gun? What’s more important for our freedom? The feline or the gun? Make a choice and stand by it. Or wasn’t the story about the cat necessarily? Well, apparently my compassionate conservative friends are never happy even when praised by progressives…Tic tock, tic tock…

  5. Great!

    I need to travel as well, but I am happy now, knowing that we do have freedoms and opportunities and provision and safety (and highest taxes) more so than just about anywhere.

    Happiness is sometimes a choice, but when one has a full stomach, a hot shower and a good nights rest, the choice is somewhat easier.

    I’ve met many people that have reason to be bitter and angry, yet they are the opposite.

    The adage “Altitude is a matter of Attitude” is so true.

    By the way, I think Keely the cat would be a better home protector than the ‘gun’ in the photo.

  6. Yup……That appears to be either a paintball gun or some sort of pre-charged pneumatic air rifle.

    We right wing nuts notice these things.

  7. Keely Cat is a very nice looking kitty.

    Bagheera, my black feline rodent control specialist, sends belated birthday wishes.

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