Trump Rally Signs

At Saturday’s rally in support of President Donald Trump former Congressman Joe Walsh delivered an impassioned speech telling conservatives not to ignore the electoral impact those walking around the Woodstock Square could have.

He compared the walkers to the Tea Party demonstrators of seven years ago after President Barack Obama won his first election.

Just as I took photos of signs of the walkers, around the Square, I also captured messages of those supporting Trump at the rally.

“U.S.A. 45” read the shirt of this woman who arrived at the rally way early.

For those who do not know that Donald Trump is the 45th President, the back of the woman’s shirt gives some help.

This “Gun-Toting Trump Supporter” advertised that he wanted to “Make America Safe Again.”

On the front of his shirt, this man let people know he was a Veteran.

A man was wearing a blue post-election Trump cap.

Feelings ran high among the rally attendees, just as they did with many of those who walked around the Woodstock Square.

A smiling picture of Donald Trump in front of an American Flag with the message, “America – Under New Management,” is on this tee shirt.

More coming.


Trump Rally Signs — 4 Comments

  1. The odds Hilliar will got to jail is about the same as eliminating ISIS.

    Signs like that are rock throwing, I believe the idea is to try and get along at this point!

  2. Want to see / listen to “rock throwing”?

    Check out the TubeVideos from demonstrations at Berkeley and the Minnesota state capital.

  3. Where are the Liar in Chief Hats or T-Shirts?

    I am seeing more and more Red hats with the world “Suckers” showing up 🙂

  4. Hate?

    There was NO hate at the Spirit of America Rally supporting our country and our President!

    None whatsoever!

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