Bill of Particulars re Jack Franks

From former McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster:

Residents of McHenry County, We have a problem!


Within the first 30 days after being sworn into office, this person proceeded to

  • cancel regular County Board committee meetings
  • rewrote the Board’s Rules of operation
  • took over assignment of the committee appointments
  • took it upon himself to eliminate a regular County Board meeting
  • made unauthorized purchases
  • lobbies and argues his case/agenda from the podium
  • hired a Legislative Assistant
  • hired a Communications Specialist
  • stepped between the county administrator/staff and the County Board
  • hired a Parliamentarian
  • among many other infractions

It appears this man has assumed the role as a “county executive” and as such, believes he has can interfere with the county board’s duties/responsibilities.

This could not be further from reality.

McHenry County voters rejected the executive form of county government by about a 2 to 1 margin.

A second referenda, orchestrated by this man with then Chairwoman Hill’s assistance, was successful.

By definition, the only difference between a chair being elected from among county board members and the chair elected at large is that voters established a new government office and elected a chair to a term of 4 years.

The elected at large chair has the same powers as the original position except that, in this new set-up, the chair can only vote to break a tie vote of the full county board. He/she is not a member of the county board.

The following costs incurred by the last 3 chairmen, extracted from the County Board Budget, were:

  • 2016 – $ 2,320.36 – Gottemoller
  • 2015 – $ 253 – Gottemoller
  • 2014 – $ 2,744.54 – Hill
  • 2013 – $ 4,818.77 – Hill
  • 2012 – $ 4,584.82 – Koehler
  • 2011 – $ 3,867.85 – Koehler

Additional and specific expenditure detail is available on the County’s website at the following link:

Within the first 60 +/- days your newly elected chairman has, without the authority to do so, increased cost to this office of nearly $200,000 in salaries and benefits for his new hires.

Add in the chair’s salary/benefits and looming additional expenses and you are already pushing $500,000.

McHenry County has no need for a “communications specialist…” nor is there a need for a “legislative assistant.”

These people have been hired to

  1. do the chairman’s job
  2. provide public relations to “promote” the chair

… pure and simple.

Committee chairmen are being sabotaged by having their meetings cancelled and agendas altered to meet the county chairman’s personal agenda.

This gross interference with “select” committee’s is inexcusable.

It is delivering gross lack of responsibility and transparency for those paying the bills.

Simply put, the county chairman, under State Statutes and County Board Rules, is the face of this county board.

He/she executes documents and directives from the board.

If these county board members are unable to see the big picture and where all this is headed, they do not deserve the positions they hold.

They are not representing anyone but their personal agenda.

As an aside, but of great importance… when setting the new salary for the next chairman’s term of office, the county board must reduce, by 2/3rds, the current salary.

This position has never been more than part-time and has always been grossly overpaid.

Contact your county board members by mail, phone or email. This information is available on the county’s website at:


Bill of Particulars re Jack Franks — 59 Comments

  1. so this Chairman is costing us over 3x the cost of Chairman’s in the past.
    How is that being decent at your job, let alone being a SELF-proclaimed ‘tax-fighter’.
    This guy is a con.

    Don’t let him con you, McHenry County!!

  2. Cal Skinner has cost the county more in FOIA requests than Franks ever will

  3. Ready access to all information resulting from the expense of taxpayer dollars via ‘the web’ would eliminate the need for FOIA.

    Every request for information would simply be answered with “it is available at URL _______________”.

  4. The Chairman has no control over FOIA or over how the county responds.

    Franks is not a FOIA officer and doesn’t administer the state laws that oversee FOIA.

    Cal is a recurrent request under the statute and the FOIA officer responded thusly.

    Cal, under state law, is not a journalist.

    He could, alternatively, spend his time lobbying in Springfield lobbying for a change given he has a Political Action Committee for the Attorney General to change the law the are enforcing.

    Let’s get to Ersel’s post:

    Ersel lied again.

    Franks does not have an expenditure account.

    That was proven to be false after a commenter on the blog claimed ownership for deliberately misleading Cal in an effort to prove he will post literally anything negative about Franks. (Also further delegitimizing his credibility – or what’s left of it.)

    Ersel lied again claiming Franks seized power.

    The board voted on all rules changes.

    She seems to forget that.


    Ersel’s number are also wildly exaggerated and made up.

    This probably explains why she failed in business and politics.

    She is a bitter, old woman who should get therapy or go to church.

  5. Moderator… once again you are missing the point.

    So… if he does not have an “expenditure account,” why is he spending money he does not have???

    You confuse facts with your oft repeated drama that people are “lying” then proceed with personal attacks that have nothing to do with the issue at hand…

    Would love to have you document your accusations.

  6. The expenditures for the County Board Chair position for the 6 year period from 2011 – 2016 were $18,589 per the above figures.

    Where’s the budget that was stripped Moderate?

    Moderate produced nothing.

    Ersel produced something.

    Moderate calls Ersel names.

    Would that be because the expenditures do not paint Jack Franks in a positive light.

    Where is the “zero based budgeting” process on which Jack Franks campaigned?

    Zero based budget for Oliver Serafini?

    Zero based budget for Bridget Geenen?

    Zero based budget for electronic voting?

    Zero based budget for printing Jack Franks campaign logo stickers?

    Zero based budget for Jack Franks nail files with two Jack Franks political markings (JF logo and Franks wave) and the words Jack Franks McHenry County Board Chairman?

    Once again Moderate lives up to his agitator role.

  7. Mark is your clerk.

    Also stand4thetruth, and loose whales.

    Is Mary and eddie

  8. There are 3 committee meetings this week that were supposed to discuss the patronage hires, yet nothing on the agendas.

    When will the residents be heard???

    We want these employees fired and Austin and Franks put in line.

    No more dictator of McHenry County!

    No more Chicago politics!

    End this game now board members!

  9. I’ve got to agree.

    Moderate FOIA’s are meant to be available freely to the of the public.

    Cal is using his rights.

  10. Rules about hiring, and creating new positions or reclassified old positions can be found in the salary administration policy:


    I. Purpose
    The purpose of the Salary Administration Policy document is to state McHenry County’s
    compensation processes and procedures that have been established to ensure that the policy is
    administered fairly and consistently.

    II. Statement of Policy
    It is the policy of McHenry County to establish and maintain competitive salary ranges consistent
    with the economic/budgetary requirements of the County which will allow the County to effectively
    compete for qualified personnel, retain productive employees, and ensure that salaries are
    equitable and commensurate with the duties performed by each employee. This policy is
    implemented through the following sections:

    A. Position Analysis
    For each position, the appropriate Position Analysis form will be completed describing all the
    pertinent factors relating to the position. The department head must sign the form and submit
    it to the Human Resources Department, where it will be evaluated using the McHenry County
    Job Classification System. The Human Resources Director will notify the department head of
    the final rating.

    B. Position Descriptions

    1. Position descriptions shall be maintained by the Human Resources Department for all
    positions (full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary). Position descriptions will be
    developed by the Human Resources Department, in consultation with the Department
    Head, from the completed Position Analysis form.

    2. Position descriptions will contain a summary description of the position and essential
    duties performed by incumbents, as well as list the knowledge, skills, and abilities an
    employee should have in order to succeed in the position. Examples of duties listed in
    the position description are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work
    performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the
    work is similarly related or a logical assignment to the position.

    3. The position description does not constitute an employment agreement between the
    County and the employee and is subject to change as the needs of the County and the
    requirements of the position change.

    C. New Positions

    1. A Position Analysis Form must be completed and a position description developed for
    any new position (not already contained in the current Job Classification System).

    2. The completed Position Analysis must be submitted to the Human Resources
    Department. The information provided will be applied to the established McHenry County
    Job Evaluation System to determine the appropriate classification of the position. When
    necessary, the consultants will be utilized to assist in determining the appropriate
    classification of the position.

    3. All new positions should be planned for and submitted to the Human Resources Director
    and the Associate County Administrator of Finance during the budget process. Priority
    will be given to requests presented in the context of a reorganization that enhances
    customer service and/or reduces the cost of doing business. Mid-year requests for new
    positions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and must be approved by the
    Page 60
    Susan on 02/17/2017 at 9:50 am said:
    Liaison Committee, the Human Resources Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee
    and the County Board.
    New position and reclassification requests submitted during the budget process must be
    position specific to be considered for funding. If funding is approved during the budget
    process and the department wishes to use the funding for positions other than the
    approved position, a resolution authorizing the change will be required by the County
    Board prior to the change taking place.

    4. Sections C-1 and C-2 must be completed before any new or reclassified positions can be
    presented to the appropriate board committees and County Board for approval.

    D. Position Evaluation: Classification System
    The County maintains a job classification system (Resolution R-200802-12-058) which
    contains an inventory of jobs, designated by title, within the various classifications existing at
    the County. The Classification System consists of a grouping of similar positions into
    categories of substantially similar complexity and responsibility and general qualifications. All
    positions will be evaluated and classified in order of their relative value, utilizing the approved
    evaluation techniques of the McHenry County Job Classification System.

    E. Salary Structure
    The County is committed to maintaining a salary structure, consisting of position grades and
    salary ranges that will allow the County to effectively compete for qualified personnel and to
    ensure that salaries/wages are equitable and commensurate with the duties performed by

    1. Salary Ranges –
    All position grades will have a salary/wage range that indicates their minimum,
    midpoint, and maximum monetary value. Salary ranges should be broad enough to
    provide salary/wage growth for competent personnel.

    2. Maintenance –
    Salary Ranges will be reviewed from a competitive standpoint based on prevailing
    trends (salary survey data and economic indicators) and the County’s ability to pay
    on an annual basis by the Director of Human Resources. Appropriate changes will
    be recommended by County Administration and approved by the County Board.

    3. Starting Salaries –
    All new employees will normally be paid the minimum rate in the appropriate salary
    range. However, the County recognizes that department heads may need flexibility
    during the hiring process to recruit qualified candidates. The recognition of
    extraordinary experience or qualifications, labor market demands, or other
    qualifications of the candidate may justify a higher rate of pay, subject to the following
    Hiring Range Approval
    Minimum of Salary Range Department Head
    Minimum to 1st Quartile Dept. Head & Dir of Human Resources
    1st Quartile to Midpoint County Administrator
    Over Midpoint County Board
    In no event shall the salary offered exceed the salary range of the grade.
    Page 61
    Susan on 02/17/2017 at 9:51 am said:

    4. Vacant Positions
    If a position becomes vacant, steps must be taken to fill it within 90 days.
    Failure to take the appropriate steps to fill the position within 90 days will result in the
    position being eliminated. If a department has difficulties filling a vacant position, a
    request for an extension can be granted by the Director of Human Resources.
    Budget is allocated based on position, and not the employee in the position. If
    budget savings from an unfilled position occurs and is used in any other manner
    without board approval, the unfilled position will cease to exist and will need to be re-
    established as a new position in the next budget process.

    5. Promotions

    a. A promotion is considered movement into a job classification that is at least one
    (1) salary grade higher than the employees’ current position.

    b. At the time of promotion, an employee is normally eligible for a salary adjustment
    based upon the following considerations:
     The employees’ performance history;
     The amount of additional responsibility, including education and
    training required for the new position;
     The location of the employees’ current salary in the new salary
     Internal equity;
     Departmental budgetary constraints.

    c. A completed performance appraisal will be required anytime an employee is

    d. A promotion normally results in a salary increase not to exceed 6% of the
    employees’ current salary. If the minimum of the new salary range is higher than
    the proposed promotional increase, the employee shall be moved to the new
    minimum of the salary range. In no case can the increase exceed the budgeted
    amount of the position the employee is being promoted into without approval of
    the County Board.

    e. For departmental promotions within the same grade, due to increased
    responsibilities and job duties, the normal salary increase will be 3% but not
    greater than 6% of the employee’s current salary. In no case can the increase
    exceed the budgeted amount of the position without approval of the County

    f. In the event the promotion is into a position that is two grades or more above the
    employee’s current position, salary will be determined by the department head,
    the Director of Human Resources and the County Administrator.

    g. For internal promotions into a salary grade 15 or higher, the annual salary
    amount (not to exceed the budget for the position) will be determined by the
    department head, Director of Human Resources and the County Administrator.

    h. In the rare event labor market conditions warrant considering internal equity for
    an internal promotion into a professional position (Grade 10E to 14E), the annual
    salary may be allowed over the normal increase as set forth in Section 5C, but
    Page 62

    It seems there were no extensions granted for 90 day old vacancies (which were then reclassified)


    there seems to have been no Position Analysis Form submitted to the HR department.

  11. Cal Keeps deleting my posts.
    Nice job addressing none of what I said. Because you didn’t respond, I’ll post it again.
    Mark lies, twists words. Let’s first start with Mark’s claim “many taxpayers read the blog.” That is false. How do we know? Exhibit A: Cindy’s YouTube channel from the top billed comment in Cal’s coverage of Joe Walsh’s protest. How many people viewed her video in the last two days since it was posted? 158 Let’s for a moment be very, very generous and say that all 158 came from Cal’s blog. That’s .0005% of the population of McHenry county viewed Cal’s blog. Let’s be very generous again and say that people actually come to the blog to read the diatribes of a twisted and disgraced former State Rep and not the comments so the viewership is triple that figure… That’s stil .0015% of the population! For 1% of taxpayers to actually give a crap about this blog, Cindy’s video should have about 3,000 views and it is NO WHERE CLOSE TO THAT despite there being 66 comments.
    Mark the Liar, the reason Cal dabbles in this drivel anymore is because he has you, Ersel, Yvonne and the rest of his band of misfits along for the ride to ban together in your forgotten misery to strong arm and bully the local GOP because THEY are that 158 amount of people.
    If you don’t believe me, Cal, what’s your average click per post? 40-120 right?! How many UNIQUE visitors did you have last year? Less than 1,200? If you were a newspaper, you would be bankrupt. And you aren’t even that great of a PAC either because you’ve raised less that Franks did last quarter!
    So, Mark, why do you enforce the recurrent requester law?
    Because a washed up, delusional, alleged pedophile with a following smaller than The Music Man’s band tries to obstruct and grind government to a halt by weaponizing FOIA.
    That is wrong.
    And it is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

  12. “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”
    – Harry S Truman

  13. Wow, Moderate is as dumb as they come. She doesn’t even know that youtube is totally controlled and ALL numbers ar faked. Up as well as down votes, too. Now there is a really good place to start on a diatribe to attack the truth tellers that are outing Franks. Attack Cindy for a post somewhere else that has absolutely zero to do with the Franks problem. Way to go you, idiot!

  14. @Xout42 You asked “when will the people be heard?”

    Let’s start…

    I’ll go to the meetings.

    But, if they are anything like the past years, you get 3 minutes to speak and then the board moves on.

    You are made to feel pretty petty.

    Something is better than nothing.

    I would guess that if there became a heavy citizen presence speaking/questioning during public comment, the security will be beefed up and he will take public comment off the agenda!

  15. I’m sometimes not sure is Cindy is just an elaborate trolling attempt to discredit the McHenry County Blog. She has repeatedly asserted that MLK was the antichrist, Obama was the antichrist, Ghandi is in hell, the election was rigged (except trump won lol), Obama is not a natural born citizen, and now we can add to the list that Google manipulates views on videos and upvotes!


    What Cindy hates is that her tribe is small.

    Please note: Each post Cal makes has less than 40 unique clicks. Do you know how I know? I posted links with click trackers last summer that showed less than 40 people view or post per article. That is!!! So, Cindy, your BS argument hold zero water.

  16. No one ever said anything about any antiChrist. What are you really smoking, Moderate? YOU are the liar. And not very smart. All elections are rigged. Until we go back to paper ballots it is reality. Oblahblah is nothing natural. Google IS your enemy. You truly are really really stupid. Your brain holds zero intelligent cells. Why don’t you ever make comments on Cal’s articles instead of attacking me? The subject is Jack Franks – NOT ME! You are so stupid that you don’t even see your venomous attacks as exposing your stupid agenda. (Me, me, me I’m so smart. No you’re not!) Get a clue, Moderate. You are dumber than dirt. (Even dirt doesn’t waste its time digging up inconsequential particulars during it’s lunch hour just to feel like it burned personal “enemies”.)

  17. Many taxpayers read the blog.

    Enough that Moderate posts on the blog as an agitator and to discredit.

    If not many people read the blog, Moderate would not be here.

    There are lots of blogs on which Moderate can post.

    Moderate, the biggest Jack Franks cheerleader on the blog, chooses to post here.

  18. Cindy, rants again – just one confused poster.
    “Google is the enemy” “Elections are rigged.” “Me, me, me, I’m so smart.

    Cindy is a lost cause. She’s north of 70, immobile, and lives only to surf the web for any article she agrees with. Imagine the characters from Wall-e, but racist.

    Cindy has said in the past that:
    -Ghandi is in hell
    -MLK was the antichrist
    -9/11 was an inside job
    -Obama wasn’t born in the US

    Cindy will respond to this post and, Audrey, she assuredly will:
    -Deny ever saying these things
    -Call me VERY stupid or other names

    I have, in the past, tried to provide her with links to posts showing the exact things thing she has said on this blog. She won’t even listen to herself!

    What’s sad is she isn’t mentally ill. The mentally ill don’t normally act out in the ways she does and it would be an insult to the mentally ill to characterize Cindy in that nature. No, simply put, her politics and media habits are based on bigotry, racism and divisiveness. She has little time left on this world because of how poorly she has taken care of herself. We ought to pity her for how misinformed, angry and divisive she is. Pray for Cindy.

    Here’s the link to where Cindy said Ghandi was in hell:

  19. It seems there were no extensions granted for 90 day old vacancies (which were then reclassified)


    there seems to have been no Position Analysis Form submitted to the HR department.

    What is the criminal amn/or/civil recourse for taxpayers against a riogure County Board and County employees who refuse to abide by Rules of the Couty Board?

    Can we citizens have the head of Human Resources Department fired for refusing to enforce the Rules?

    Will the Chair of the County Board, or the County Executive stand up for her, in that they put her in the position of violating the rules/ or refusing to insist that rules be enforced?

  20. Moderate, you disgusting fool? Here is the exact piece you are referring to. You seem to misunderstand everything. OR you are just a plainly an out and out liar. It was said to your asking stupid questions trying to corner me into something. You quoted a source I left for you to peruse as the origination of these things you cherry picked. DO you even know how to read for context? Follow the conversation. It is NOT what you seem to think. Here, for all to see is what you seem to think is the deadly post that you are retreading over and over and over again in your stupid little mind:
    “…Cindy on 06/12/2016 at 9:19 pm said:

    Yes, Ghandi is in Hell.

    He was a lawyer (you do know that, right?)

    Do you even know what an antiChrist is?”…

  21. Susan,

    Have you contacted HR Committee members regarding your questions?

    The HR committee meets again this week.

  22. The salary administration policy has historically been included in the County budgets.

    The salary administration policy is in the Fiscal Year 2016 County Budget (covering the period December 1, 2015 – November 30, 2016) which is located on the county website. > County Government > Departments A – I > Administration > Budgets / Finance

    The policy was posted above by Susan.

    Following is an excerpt.

    “4. Vacant Positions

    If a position becomes vacant, steps must be taken to fill it in 90 days.

    Failure to take the appropriate steps to fill the position within 90 days will result in the position being eliminated.

    If a department has difficulties filling a vacant position, a request for an extension can be granted by the Director of Human Resources.

    Budget is allocated based on position, and not the employee in the position.

    If budget savings from an unfilled position occurs and is used in any other manner without board approval, the unfilled position will cease to exist and will need to be re-established as a new position in the next budget process.”


    The Fiscal Year 2017 budget (covering December 1, 2016 – November 30, 2017) is posted on the County website in draft form.

    That draft budget does not contain the salary administration policy.

    Why was the salary administration policy omitted from the draft budget?

    Does the final budget contain the salary administration policy?

    Why has the final budget not been posted?

  23. At $18,589 total expenditures by County Board Chairs for 2011 – 2016 averages to $3,098 per year.

    Jack Franks has already spent far more than $3,098 with his two patronage hires and contracting with the law firm that contributed to his PAC for Parliamentarian services, when in the past the County State’s Attorney’s office was and remains the County Board parliamentarian.

    Apparently it’s more important for Jack Franks to hire the law firm (Storino, Ramello & Durkin) from Cook County that contributes to his PAC (Supporters of Jack D Franks), rather than rely on the already paid for by taxpayers County State’s Attorney’s office for Parliamentarian services.

    Jack Franks has not given a reason why he hired an outside firm for Parliamentarian services.

    What budget is that funding coming from?

    Where is the zero based budget for County Board Chair parliamentarian services?

    Where is the cost justification for hiring outside counsel as County Board Chair parliamentarian?

    Jack Franks does not have confidence in the County State’s Attorney’s office for Parliamentarian services?

  24. Mark,
    No one cares. Less than .001% of McHenry County reads this drivel.

  25. Know fact (except by morons that know nothing): NINETY-FIVE percent of readers NEVER comment. Someone cares. Just not the morons.

  26. Susan, your FOIA responses:

    In response to your FOIA Request, I have attached the job description for the Utility Coordinator. Since the Temporary Project Manager was a temporary position for a specific project, a job description was not created. I have attached the posting for the position however.

    Holly Eddy | Human Resource Analyst

  27. McHenry County Division of Transportation

    (Rev. 10/13)

    Job Title: Field/Utility Coordinator
    Classification: Pay Grade: 9N
    Department: Division of Transportation Position:
    Reports to: Design Manager Exempt __Non-Exempt X _
    Hours per week: 37.5


    Responsible for overall support to the McHenry County Division of Transportation (MCDOT) functions of design, construction, and permitting. Works with staff to monitor, physically locate and clear all JULIE tickets for underground assets via field inspection and/or other means within the State JULIE timeframe of 48 hours or 2 hours for an emergency. This position is required to be on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Other duties include reviewing and approving permits for utility companies needing permission to locate facilities within County-owned right-of-way, assisting design and construction staff with various field work including inspection of work being performed by contractors working for the County, as well as field work such as surveying, site condition review, and other inspections of County owned assets as needed. Works with contractors, engineers, consultants, townships, municipalities, state and federal agencies and other professional staff.

    1. Monitor JULIE tickets via e-mail daily. Print , clear by phone call or field inspection and file daily.
    2. Physically locate MCDOT facilities in the field using underground technologies, that might be in conflict with extent of ticket locate. File these daily. These must be located within State JULIE timeframe of 48 hours.
    3. Monitor changes of key facilities in the MCDOT rights-of-way by daily communication with engineering and construction sections.
    4. Monitor emergency JULIE locates via e-mail when on call and locate those affecting DOT facilities within JULIE timeframe of 2 hours.

    1. Review and approve permits for utility companies desiring to place facilities in the County’s right-of-way.
    2. Assist design and construction staff with various field work including inspection of work being performed by contractors working for the County.
    3. Perform field work such as surveying, site condition review, and other inspections of County owned assets as needed.


    Previous locating experience or ability to obtain certification from an accredited locating institution within six months of beginning employment. 2 years related field experience in working with utility companies, construction layout and construction inspection.

    High school/GED.

    Valid Illinois Drivers License.

    1. Good oral and written communication and presentation skills.
    2. Manage multiple tasks located in different areas of the County at the same time.
    3. Ability to stand, walk and/or otherwise work in inclement weather for extended periods of time.
    4. Time management.

    1. Physically operating hand held equipment in both hands while being mentally alert to your surroundings is required on every locate to locate the asset and document the locates that were performed. Can be multiple times per day or night.
    2. Proficient in entering data or taking field notes when construction activities are being performed.
    3. Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

    Combination of office work and site construction work areas, including working near heavy motorist traffic and heavy construction equipment.

    Construction zones.
    High speed traffic.
    Steeply graded earth embankments.
    Working near and around electrical equipment.

    This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by supervisors or managers to perform other instructions and duties. You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance on the tasks listed in this job description.

    Management has the right to revise this job description at any time. The job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reason.

    Date Prepared: October 2013
    Approved By: Joseph R. Korpalski, Jr., P.E.
    Title: Director of Transportation/County Engineer

  28. McHenry County Administration is seeking a collaborative professional individual with strong project management, communication, technical, analytical, and writing skills, as well as a professional interest in public sector accounting to join its team as a Project Manager for the implementation of a new ERP Financial Software System. This position will work with the core management team overseeing the selection process, contract process, and full implementation of the ERP Financial Software System.

    This is a three-year, fixed-term position with full benefits. The position offers an unparalleled development opportunity for a skilled professional who is excited to be involved with a challenging project in a public sector setting.

    Essential Job Responsibilities may include:
    • Defining project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders.
    • Set and continually manage project expectations in collaboration with project team members and other stakeholders.
    • Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion.
    • Plan and schedule project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools.
    • Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, project documentation, and presentations in a format approved by project team members.
    • Proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential crises, and devise contingency plans.
    • Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.
    • Define project success criteria and disseminate them to involved parties throughout project life cycle.
    • Hands on approach to ERP System implementation tasks such as: business analysis, requirements definition, system configuration, and user acceptance testing.

    • Ideal candidate has five to seven years of direct work experience in a project management capacity, including all aspects of process development and execution.
    • Strong familiarity with project management software, such as Microsoft Project, Adobe Acrobat, MS Office Applications and Basecamp software.
    • Demonstrated experience in personnel management.
    • Experience in Public Sector Fund Accounting required.
    • Experience with KPMG Performance Series Fund Accounting desirable.
    • Project Management Certification required.

    Position is considered Exempt with salary range of $90,000 to $110,000 DOQ
    The Deadline to apply online is Friday, January 29, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.

    Interested candidates should apply online via the County’s website at Please attach a resume including three professional/business references and a listing of major public sector ERP projects in which you served as project manager within the past five years with your online application. McHenry County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

  29. No Cindy,
    By my estimation, there are less than 140 unique visitors to this blog per month. People outside of the gung-ho republicans don’t care. You are on an island.


    Previous locating experience or ability to obtain certification from an accredited locating institution within six months of beginning employment. 2 years related field experience in working with utility companies, construction layout and construction inspection

    This accreditation, not 2 year work experience was listed on Serafini application if I remember correctly.

    This hiring sounds like a fireable offense by human resources director who failed to enforce salary administration rules.

    Wonder if Austin will stand up for her, or throw her under the bus?

  31. Moderate …. please move on. Your ‘Tracking Census’ is poor nonsense ……

  32. Winter,
    You aren’t who I want to talk to. You’ll click anything or post racist pictures.

    To the GOP central committee – isn’t it funny that Cal removed the share feature for social media? It’s because no one ever used it! Isn’t it funny how quiet he has been while I bomb throw about readership It’s because it’s true. This blog is a repository of the crazies and, like Cindy, won’t get out and help your cause.

  33. The thing about Cindy is she doesn’t know what a click tracker is!

  34. The thing about Moderate is they do not realize they are being used by demons. The reason she gets so over the top arrogant and annoyed is because I bind those demons at last once a day. Just watach the filth that comes from her and you will see it plain as day. You can rage all you like but we all know who wins in the end. Click this, Satan!

  35. Is the
    Salary Administration Policy
    considered an ordinance, or part of the County Code ?

  36. RealityCheck posted above:

    – The job description for the Utility Coordinator position that was filled with the Oliver Serafini hire.

    The date the job description was prepared was prepared was October 2013.


    – The posting for the Temporary Project Manager position that was filled with the Bridget Geenen hire.

    “Since the Temporary Project Manager was a temporary position for a specific project, a job description was not created.”

    “Position is considered Exempt with salary range of $90,000 to $100,000 DOQ.”

    “The Deadline to apply online is Friday, January 29, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.”


    Can the posting for the Utility Coordinator position also be obtained?

  37. Cal does McHenry County have an Administrative Adjudication Policy in effect?

  38. Could call the HR Department and ask them if the Salary Administration Policy is considered an ordinance or is part of the county code.


    Resolution Establishing the Guidelines for the Fiscal Year 2011 Pay-For-Performance Adjustments and Authorizing an Emergency Appropriation to the General Fund Fiscal Year 2011 Budget:

    “Effective February 19, 2008 (R-200802-12-058), the County Board established the McHenry County Classification and Compensation System for all non-union McHenry County employees, including department heads.”


    FY 2016 (December 1, 2015 – November 30, 2016) Budget:

    “All employee positions within the County organization are assigned a grade/range/and rate of pay by the Human Resources Department (R-200305-12-113).”

  39. Look at 55 ILcS 5/5-43010 thru 43035

    If the Department of Human Resources director failed to enforce County Code, she should be subject to charges under Administrative Review.

    Will County Exec and Chairman make her take a bullet for them?

  40. Beats me.

    File a Freedom of Information request and you can find out.

  41. Mark,
    HR responded they do not have a posting on file for that position. (Utility Coordinator)

  42. So Oliver Serafini was hired for the Field/Utility Coordinator position.

    But McHenry County has no job posting for the Field/Utility Coordinator position on file.

    So the job was not posted at the time Oliver Serafini was hired.

    There is more information supporting the allegation that Oliver Serafini was hired by McHenry County to a position which had no job posting.

    The County HR said they do not have a posting on file for that position (Utility Coordinator).

    Taxpayers should be concerned.

    The County hired a Madigoon to a position that was not posted by the County.

    This person was formerly employed by the State of Illinois and deployed:

    – in both Jack Franks’ 63rd District State Representative office, and

    – in Michael Madigan’s House Democrat organization.

    That person was also paid by the Supporters of Jack D Franks political action committee (PAC).

    That person was paid by PAC’s and organizations whose purpose was to elect various Democrats to office:

    – Rafael Vargas, Chicago 43rd Ward Alderman in 2010

    – Paul Basta, State Representative 14th District in 2012

    – Dee Beaubien, State Representative 52nd District in 2012 (Personal PAC in kind contribution)

    – Michelle Mussman, State Representative 56th District in 2012 (includes Clean Energy Illinois in kind contribution)

    – Jenny Burke, State Representative 45th District in 2014

    – Jack Franks, State Representative 63rd District in 2014.

    The purpose of the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC is to elect Jack Franks to political office.


    “Purpose: Support and encourage the candidacy of Jack D Franks for State Representative in the General Assembly in the 63rd District of Illinois.”

    The PAC has not bothered to update it’s purpose, as apparently funds were expended from the PAC to elect Jack Franks to County Board Chair.

    The Chair of the PAC is Thomas D McTavish (Tom McTavish).

    The Treasurer of the PAC is Linda L Dikun (Linda Dikun).


    Oliver Serafini & Bridget Geenen are on flex time, meaning they come and go to their desks at the County.

    How convenient for patronage hires.

  43. So the County reclassified the “Utility Coordinator” position to hire Oliver Serafini.

    Yet the County Human Resources Department does not have a posting on file for “Utility Coordinator.”

    So the County apparently reclassified a position for which there was no job posting.

    Was there an existing budget for the position which was not posted?

    If there was not an existing budget for that position which was not posted, yet a position and budget created, and neither a county board committee nor the full county board approved of the new position and budget for the position, and the new position is in a different department than the “existing” position, how likely is it some policy was not violated, given all the information that is surfacing.

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