College of Lake County Characterized as “Cesspool of Opinionated Leftist Politics”

After President Donald Trump’s first try at restricting immigration, Lake County College President Jerry Weber sent out the following email:


In light of the recent immigration ban signed by President Trump late last month, and the temporary restraining order issued Feb. 3, I want to assure you that CLC is inclusive and values and respects the diverse opinions of all students, faculty and staff. Our core values of equity and inclusion have not changed.

Student Life has joined the national campaign, #YouAreWelcomeHere, and there will be additional reminders communicated about the list of safe spaces on CLC’s campus that can support you or give you resources. Should you feel very concerned about the possible impacts, remember that you can always talk to CLC counselors.

Please know: you matter to us and we celebrate you.

Jerry Weber Ph.D., President, College of Lake County

The recipient of the email said it was the first to have been sent from the President for 5 or 6 years.

How the student, who attended the Saturday Trump rally in Woodstock, characterizes the campus:
CLC “is a cesspool of opinionated leftist politics.”


College of Lake County Characterized as “Cesspool of Opinionated Leftist Politics” — 16 Comments

  1. So far left it borders on communism.

    A political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

  2. Too many people in LA la land.
    Very different when you’re in line at the store after working all night scraping up the price of a gallon of milk and you’re behind a non-english speaking couple filling the cart with free groceries.
    Then you trudge out to your 20 year old car and see them getting into their new one.
    They qualify because of the child or children born at Centegra, again at no chsrge.
    This is the reality.
    I cannot blame them but this is why we are fed up.

  3. God forbid that people exercise their right to free speech. LOL! You know, the more one is educated, the more liberal they become.

    And CP, If you have trouble scraping up the price of a gallon of milk, apply for food stamps. Don’t be ashamed, most people on food stamps and “welfare” are white.

  4. Yes, Audrey, let’s all game the system. What happened to this country? What happened to personal integrity and responsibility. How dare you castigate this man for trying to upstanding! You are in the wrong and should be very ashamed.

  5. And he should be Fired ! immediately, along with no funding he and the Chicago mayor can sit around wondering why they don’t have any funding at all anymore…! may be educate each other ..

  6. Seriously Cindy and LTR, you’re both having trouble formulating a statement today.

    Cindy, if you’re talking about CP, do you really think that it’s better for him to struggle to pay for a gallon of milk than to get a little help if he needs it?

    Everyone needs a hand once in awhile.

    And LTR, who should be fired? CP?

  7. Please understand some of my compassionate conservative friends know no limits in justifying their irrational hatred to immigrants. 2018, don’t delay…and the 1%? Fine, thank you.

  8. You will never get it, Audrey. There are proud people who will NOT take a handout they don’t feel they have earned or deserve. It is a matter of principle. That would be totally foreign territory to you.

  9. Agel? You are quickly turning into an idiot. Nobody said any of the things you accuse of others. You are a bigoted loon with huge chips on your shoulders. God save those children that you have influence over.

  10. Much rather live in Lake County than McHenry.

    Lake is a microcosm of the United States in its diversity (ethnicity, religion, income, politics & education….).

    McHenry is still very homogenized.

  11. Trump said he loves the uneducted.

    Sorry, but I’d rather have educated people running things.

    It’s freedom of thought and the freedom to speak and assemble that built this country.

    Perhaps the student in question would rather be scraping gum off the sidewalk for a living.

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