Cary Mayoral Candidate Jim Cosler Holds Successful Fund Raiser

Jim Cosler addresses those attending his Saturday fundraiser.

Winning 2015 write-in Cary Trustee Jim Cosler, now running for Mayor, held a fundraiser Saturday afternoon.

Cary Trustee Kim Covelli introduced Jim Cosler. She also won a 2015 write-in contest.

The American Airlines pilot characterized it as “very successful and brought in thousands of dollars.”

Some of those in attendance at the fundraiser.

Cosler reports he has deployed new campaign techniques.

Jim Cusler discusses issues after his speech.

One was using Facebook Live to stream his message to the people of Cary.

“I received a lot of good feedback,” he said.

“This type of openness is something most residents crave and I am proud to be THE candidate who is willing to go on the record with my stance on key issues,” he wrote.

Cosler has created a YouTube channel on which he intends discuss key issues.

Attending were Joe Tournier (Trustee Candidate), Jennifer Weinhammer (Trustee Candidate) and Jeff Kraus (Current Trustee up for re-election)

And, he will create an “Ask Jim” page on his campaign website.

“It will take questions from residents on key topics.

Cary’s 2017 ballot.

“The answers to those questions will be posted for all to see on my website and the I will be releasing the first grouping of answers in a day or so.

Commenting on the state of his campaign, Cosler said, “Overall I am very pleased with the trajectory of my campaign and have received so many requests for campaign signs that I had to reorder after 2 days.”


Cary Mayoral Candidate Jim Cosler Holds Successful Fund Raiser — 4 Comments

  1. So is he going to give up his six figure job as a AA pilot to become a Mayor?

    and if so how much will he be paid ?

  2. Pilots have spare time and more control over their work schedules than nine to fivers.

    Lots of public officials have been pilots, especially since United moved its headquarters to Chicago.

  3. Does any mayor give up his/her job to be mayor?

    Why don’t you check Jim’s attendance as a trustee?

    I can’t wait for a new Mayor in Cary.

    Time for Clowniak to go!

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