Woodstock Home Rule Bogeyman Crawls Out from Under the Bed with 100% City Sales Tax Hike Proposal

Got to hand it to the folks on the Woodstock City Council

I thought the Crystal Lake City Council was bold when it proposed and passed a 75% sales tax hike in 2007.

Crystal Lake hiked its tax from one percent to 1.75%.

Now, the Woodstock City Council, according to the Northwest Herald, plans to double its one percent sales tax.

That’s a 100% increase for those who don’t remember junior high school math (or is that taught in elementary school now).

Reading the NWH article, I see the reporter did not realize it was a 100% increase.

She reported that it was a one percent increase.

What will the money be used for?

Citing a staff memo (see memo from Paul Christensen, dated 3-1-17 in the council packet), the NWH reports it will go for street maintenance and police pensions.

According to a report filed with the Illinois Department of Insurance, Woodstock’s Police Pension Fund is funded at 63.7%.

(In 2012, McHenry County Blog reported Woodstock’s Police Pension Fund in 2011 was funded at 68.5%)

As some compensation for the 100% city sales tax hike, the Council proposes cutting its property tax levy by 10%.

The City Council meets tonight at 7.

If the City Council passes the 10% real estate tax cut, the $9,239,366 that is expected to be collected this spring will decrease to $8,315,429.

The annual estimated new revenue from increasing the city sales tax from one percent to two percent is $2,337,000.


Woodstock Home Rule Bogeyman Crawls Out from Under the Bed with 100% City Sales Tax Hike Proposal — 8 Comments

  1. I am shocked, just shocked, to learn that a NWH reporter doesn’t understand math.

  2. Woodstock City Council members:

    – Mayor Brian Sager

    – Daniel Hart

    – Maureen Larson

    – Mark Saladin

    – Joseph Starzynski

    – JB Thompson

    – Michael Turner

  3. Did Sager fail to get his ‘husband’s’ permission to run for re-election ….. I don’t see any Sager signs up?

    Will Sager’s doting Mama have to find a new do-nothing Woodstock municipal job if the a new Mayor is elected?

    These are questions I need answers for ….. for my many friends who are Woodstock taxpaying-slaves.

    My prediction: Pshaw Enterprises scraps the rotten NWH within the next 2 years. No more biased and/or fake local news!!!! Yippie …….

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