State Rep. Steve Reick Resigns from Jack Franks’ Appointments

Jack Franks

Steve Reick

McHenry County Board Chairman appointed State Rep. Steve Reick to two County Board liaison spots at the last meeting:

  • EMA Coordinating Council
  • Local Emergency Planning

The rumor mill has it that a number of Republicans were not too happy with their Republican State Representative’s having accepted the appointments.


State Rep. Steve Reick Resigns from Jack Franks’ Appointments — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you Mr. Reick!

    You have restored some of my faith in you!

  2. So Jack Franks reaches out to people that he wants to work with and conservative voter here wants nothing to do with it.

    Childish and a waste of a good opportunity for getting things done in a bipartisan way.

    Time to grow up folks.

    You can throw a fit, stomp your feet and whine all you want but to take a position like this is just plain childish.

  3. Jack Franks has no desire to be bipartisan unless it benefits Jack Franks.

    Jack Franks completely bypassed the County Board with the patronage hires of Oliver Serafini and Bridget Geenen.

    The positions were not established by the County Board.

    So there was no budget for positions which did not exist.

    The positions were not posted because they did not exist.

    There was no competition for the positions because they did not exist.

    Jack Franks convinced the County Administrator, which is hired by the County Board, to create the positions, and the County Administrator and his staff created the positions, without involving the county board which had hired the County Administrator and provided him with a recent 5 year contract.

    What a farce.

  4. Mark, how about staying on topic?

    So you are against Franks’ reaching across the aisle to appoint qualified people of both parties to be liaisons?

  5. Jack Franks is also trying to stack the Ethics Commission with his personal picks.

    A teacher from Cary that has had Jack Franks speak in front of his Political Science class?

    Franks’ old State Rep. District didn’t include Franks, or was it to promote Franks’ candidacy for County Chair.

    A Conflict of interest, you think?

  6. Did Jack Franks work in a bipartisan fashion in the hiring of Oliver Serafini & Bridget Geenen?

    Jack Franks cherry picked who he informed on the County Board of his desires to hire for these positions.

    Jack Franks did not work with the entire County Board in a bipartisan fashion to hire Oliver Serafini & Bridget Geenen.


    Members of the County Board discussed in at least one board meeting that it was the the intention and past practice to appointed County Board Members to certain positions.

    Did Jack Franks work in a bi partisan fashion regarding his desires to do otherwise?


    Jack Franks just did as he pleased without involving the full county board.

    There is a track record of Jack Franks just doing as he pleases without involving the full county board.

    His actions are the opposite of bi partisan.

  7. The smoke is beginning to clear and the Clans are beginning to assemble.

    Only God Can Help The Pretender who now sits on the throne.

    If the Republican party in McHenry County would ever get their stuff together they would sweep Lying Jack Franks away into the Dustbin where he belongs.

  8. To all you wishy-washy- Republicans on the board

    DO something about Franks instead of grabbing about him.

    If he is breaking the rules then tell him and stand up for yourselves.

  9. @Audry So you say Jack Franks wants to work across the isle huh?

    Well has 23 County Board members to work with across the isle with.

    Look at all the names that were not on any Liaison positions however you have Michele Aavang and Kay Bates with 2 Liaison Positions.

    So none of the other County Board Members are not qualified?


    Look at the people that he had outside of the County Board first.

    Remke, Paddock and Miller.

    Miller could have been replaced by Smith since he wanted someone in real estate.

    Board of Health should have been Wheeler since he is the committee chair of PHHS.

    McCann then could have been on the Fox Waterway Liaison.

    Gravel Advisory could have been Joe Gottemoller or someone on Transportation Committee.

    Now take Tom Wilbeck with the VAC.

    You have 5 Veterans on the County Board.

    Craig Wilcox could have easily been in that position.

    And if Jack says we need new eyes for positions then do it for all or put the best qualified that is on the County Board.

    The County Board has always filled those positions because they are liaisons to the County.

    When is Steve Reick going to be at those Liaison meetings?

    Is he going to come to the County Board Meetings at night to give updates?

    Is he going to leave Springfield to come to Board and Liaison meetings?


    From what I heard from County Board Members Steve Reick didn’t even give them a phone call or heads up he was going to do this.

    So why was it so secretive?

    Is there something going on behind the scenes now with Jack Franks and Steve Reick?

    When the County Board is in the dark about outside people that is a problem.

    Did Jack Franks tell the County Board he was going to look outside the board to fill some positions? Ask a County Board Member as I have they knew nothing of what was going on.

    Just like Jack Franks hirings.

    County Board was left in the dark. So why should any County Board Member trust Jack Franks? Maybe the selective few from the Republican Party he has in the hip pocket.

    Look at the ad hoc committees to figure that out.

    Good Luck County Board!

  10. Oh and final thought the Stormwater Commission is not a Liaison position it is a Committee.

    Plus Jack Franks got rid of Liaison positions from the past.

    Guess we don’t need any communication from those.

    Even if they did not meet much it is a way for the County to communicate with outside commissions.

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