Kenneally Endorses Serwatka for Lakewood Village President

A press release from Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka:

McHenry County State’s Attorney, Patrick Kenneally Endorses Paul Serwatka for Village of Lakewood President

LAKEWOOD – March 10, 2017 – McHenry County State’s Attorney, Patrick Kenneally, announced today he is endorsing Paul Serwatka to be the village of Lakewood’s next President.

“Paul’s tireless activism toward good government is to be commended.” Kenneally said.

“Watching him work in recent years, it’s easy to see he is passionate about his efforts in bettering local government.

“Paul has a very straight forward, sincere and honest approach, whether dealing with elected officials or the residents he serves.

“Paul tells it like it is. The good, the bad, the ugly – and he’s not one for mincing words.

“I have no doubt the people of Lakewood will be well served with Paul as their next village president.

“I fully endorse Paul Serwatka.”

“The endorsement of State’s Attorney Kenneally means a lot to me.

Serwatka stated. “Not because of the office he holds, but because of what he stands for and the kind of person he is.”

“I have listened to him speak, read of his work since taking office and even watched his interactions with citizens.

“He is humble, down to earth, very sincere about serving – and when he speaks of justice, he speaks not just of convictions, but of fairness.”


Kenneally Endorses Serwatka for Lakewood Village President — 9 Comments

  1. Paul Serwatkwa was able to get searchable board agenda packets added to board meetings.

    How about searchable board agenda packets in every property taxing district in McHenry County.

    That would be a victory for the taxpayers.

    What’s a board agenda packet?

    One pdf document contains all documents to be discussed and voted upon at the board meeting.

    The public has access to the same agenda packet as the board.

    No more clicking here, there, and everywhere to obtain documents….the documents are all in one place.

    What does the searchable portion of searchable board agenda packets add?

    The ability to use the “find” feature in adobe to locate information by keyword, then, if on desires, copy and paste information to another document to consolidate information.

    All key aspects of taxpayer transparency.

    All basic transparency measures.

    Make it a campaign issue.

    Searchable board agenda packets.

    Make it easy for taxpayers to access information.

  2. Way to go S.A. Kenneally!

    Paul is most worthy and we are counting on him to drain this Lakewood Swamp.

    It’s time to Make Lakewood Great again!

  3. The good people of Lakewood thank You Mr. Kenneally!
    And we thank sheriff Prim also.

    Our village has been in desperate need of a “Paul Serwatka” for a decade.

    These power hungry control freaks in Lakewood have tried everything to tear this man down, but Paul, he is a fighter!

    In the end, we know Paul will be the one standing and the people of Lakewood will be standing right there with him.

    Thank you to Mr. Kenneally and sheriff Prim for standing with us!

  4. Paul Serwatka is the only candidate on the ballot for Lakewood Village President.

    He is a current Village Trustee.


    Ken Santowski is a write-in candidate for Lakewood Village President, per the McHenry County Clerk website.

    He resigned as a Village Trustee effective December 31, 2016.

    He registered to be on the ballot for Lakewood Village President, but withdrew, then subsequently registered as a write-in candidate.


    Northwest Herald

    Lakewood Trustee Ken Santowski Resigns, Withdraws From President Race

    December 29 2016

    by Kevin Craver

    “Trustee Ken Santowski submitted his resignation Tuesday effective at the end of the year, and said he will pull out of the race for the presidency.

    Once he submits the official form, that would leave Trustee Paul Serwakta the sole candidate to succeed Erin Smith, who is not seeking re-election.”

  5. As the elected Precinct committeeman of Chemung 2…. which is on the lowest rung of the McHenry County political ladder, I firmly and enthusiastically endorse Paul Serwaka for Lakewood Village President

  6. Paul has done several noteworthy acts in politics.

    Chief among these would be fearlessly standing up to do the least enviable job in all the world…

    Fight for others against entrenched Power.

    What Paul may teach everyone is these supposed “powers” are pie crusts if one has the smallest amount of courage.

    He’s only been exposing them for a relatively minuscule period of time and he’s winning.

    There is nothing whatsoever to fear from those who would use government to their own benefit as long as the Paul’s of the world still exist.

    He’s on an amazing learning curve and he’s handling it.

    Well done, Paul.

    More to come.

  7. I have it on good authority that Paul Serwatka is in fact Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino from Jesery Shore fame.

    This was an FBI witness relocation assignment.

    Would have worked except for the hair.

    I mean that is the only explanation for the bad haircut/dye job and the records that seem to come and go and the mystery packets landing up on driveways.

    2013 “The situation” is indicted on tax fraud.

    Later that year well tanned guy with a bad haircut enters McHenry County Politics. #truth.

  8. Fight for others against entrenched Power = Courage of Lion

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