The Anti-Trump Walkers – Part 6

As pointed out in Saturday’s article, Trump opponents outnumbered Trump supporters in Woodstock on Saturday.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh issued a warning not to ignore them.

There was no way to get more than a fraction of those expressing opposition, so I took photos of folks and their signs as they crossed the street next to the Opera House.

The sign in front says, “May the power of love be stronger than the love of power.”  Behind is a big equal sign flag.

The most visible sign says, “Immigrants make America great.” Behind is one that says, “This land was made for me and you.”

Didn’t catch all of the sign with the drawing of earth. Maybe it says, “I love people.”

“Health Care is Life” is what the sign says.

Here’s the message Keynote Speaker Joe Walsh was urging Trump rally participants not to ignore: “I am a beautiful snowflake.  The blizzard is coming in 2018.”

More tomorrow.


The Anti-Trump Walkers – Part 6 — 3 Comments

  1. Mindless useful idiots of the Left on parade, nothing to be proud of here.

    They have neither shame, nor embarrassment, for their foolishness.

    Nor do they have any appreciation or respect for the great country they happened to be born in,
    or those who sacrificed to protect America and Americans.

    Yes, Liberalism is a mental disease.

  2. Thanks for capitalizing the word Left. Well deserved. We know this country and its history too well. Thank a teacher! Tic tock, tic tock…

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