Rauner Speaks to $100 a Plate Dinner for McHenry County GOP

Governor Bruce Rauner’s announced schedule for Saturday.

The McHenry County Republican Party held its annual Lincoln Day Dinner last nigth.

I had planned to attend, but had not fixed the date in my head.

When I received the information about Governor Bruce Rauner’s schedule for yesterday and it did not contain a Crystal Lake appearance, I joined my wife in watching Ironman.

The Northwest Herald wrote an article about the demonstration, barely mentioning that the Governor was at the Holiday Inn.

Except for the meeting at the Woodstock Opera

House to push his turnaround agenda during his first year in office, I don’t remember his being in McHenry County.

McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado.

The NWH reporter said there were about 50 Democratic Party protesters–far fewer than the number who came to protest the Woodstock Square Trump rally the Saturday before.

One Republican wrote,

“The sheriff’s department did a magnificent job of containing the protests

“They kept them all off site out on the public right-of-way along the edge of the street.

“Inside you couldn’t even tell if they were there.

“Had you entered from a different direction you would have not known there was any protests at all.”

Some Friends of McHenry County Blog sent the following photos, but none of the protesters (if protesters would send me some pictures of their demonstration, I would be happy to post them):

Governor Bruce Rauner and McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio greet each other.

Governor Bruce Rauner poses with Nunda Township Clerk Angela Koscavage and Dorr Township Republican Committeeman Cynthia Hermauer.

District 155 Board candidate and GOP Precinct Committeeman John Peltz poses with Governor Bruce Rauner.

Governor Bruce Rauner greets former County Board member and currect candidate for McHenry County College Board Diane Evertsen (far right) and Anne Brettman.

Congressman Peter Roskam poses with McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser, who recently won the GOP nomination for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.

Former McHenry County Board member and Precinct Committeeman Lou Anne Majewski chats with Governor Bruce Rauner and her daughter and Precinct Committeeman Mary Cardelli and son Jerome Majewski.

GOP Vice Chairman Steve Rooney, Debra and State Rep. Steve Reick, plus Tamera Valentine-Garza.

Governor Bruce Rauner addresses the McHenry County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner.

Former Carpentersville Village President and his wife Anne listen to Governor Rauner’s speech.


Rauner Speaks to $100 a Plate Dinner for McHenry County GOP — 29 Comments

  1. Joe Tirio is just like Rauner a guy who has campaign promises but once he gets into office he is nothing but constipation.

    Fat Cat livin off the system.

    Rauner cant even pass a budget and Tirio cant even do the job.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  2. You’re right, Pacco.

    Rauner can’t pass a budget.

    That’s the General Assembly’s job.

  3. Pro-Abortion Pro-Illegal Immigration Billionaire RINO Bruce Rauner took time out for this event?

    Doesn’t he have a busy schedule in Springfield privately threatening Republican lawmakers behind closed doors?

    Doesn’t really deserve the “Governor” anymore, if he ever did…

  4. **Rauner can’t pass a budget.**

    That’s true. But he could (as he is required to by law) actually introduce a balanced budget proposal.

    He’s introduced three budgets so far.

    All three have been significantly unbalanced.

    This year’s budget included a hole of *at least* $4.5 BILLION.

  5. Nothing like money in politics, like the millions Madigan makes fighting the property taxes he helps create?

    Champion of the people Pelosi?

    a millionaire even dear Bernie has millions.

    You have to have money for high level politics.

    You’re a hypocrite Angel

  6. I would have liked to attend, but due to the oppressive property taxes
    I must pay to support the Democrat controlled public sector unions,
    I just could not afford it.

  7. Abe, you can’t attend because they don’t want you to attend.

    If they did, they would make it affordable for you.

    After all, Rauner and his billionaire friends personally funded the last general election and are funding much of the tea party wing campaigns this time around too.

    So why do they need to charge sooo much money to go to the dinner?

    Think about it. They don’t care about you.

  8. I have a question for y’all – why does Sandra Salgado get a $950 a year wardrobe allowance?

  9. And Peter Roskam must be worried – he’s hanging out with the Tea Party riff-raff.

  10. it sounds like something in the sheriff’s office, not a GOP expenditure**

  11. It was a such an awesome event.

    Captain Frosh gave such an excellent speech on leadership and the Blue Angels.

    “I’ll fix it for next time and happy to be here boss.”

  12. Re: “funding much of the tea party wing campaigns this time around too. ”

    More fake news? What tea party wing campaigns?

    When it comes to funding, the Progressives outspent the Republicans $2,037,810,085 to
    $1,551,245,980 in the recent general election.

    Much of that more than two billion came from union dues and prevailing wages paid with taxpayer dollars.

    Re: “why does Sandra Salgado get a $950 a year wardrobe allowance?”

    Same reason teachers get paid to enroll people in Medicare?

  13. Liberty PAC Goes Local Attacking Bob Miller’s Candidacy for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner

    Posted on 02/27/2017 by Cal Skinner

    Pro-Life PAC Endorsements in Algonquin Township

    Posted on 02/26/2017 by Cal Skinner

    Bill Clinton is worth about $75mil, Hillary $30mil, BO about $16mil, even Chealsey is worth $15mil.

    Gates, Buffet, 3 out of 4 four of the super rich go Dem with their $$$$$.
    Sandra doesn’t need a wardrobe allowance, her pay is excessive all by itself.

  14. Pete maybe smiling now, but in a year will he be when the Tea Party from Space gets done with the knife?

  15. The North Worst Herald’s coverage was shameful …. only featuring the pathetic loons protesting ……

    Pshaw Communications must go …. SOON! T

    he NWH’s days are NUMBERED …. and its not a 4 digit number!

  16. Tirio has 4 yrs to fulfill his promise of getting the functions of the recorders office rolled into the Clerks.

    That was his promise.

    He’s a tax fighter and I see was the only one willing to grab the governors hand not to pose for a picture but to talk turkey.

    Go Joe!

    Heh heh ‘Pacco’ must be a former opponent (who couldn’t WIN the job)

  17. Why does these anti trump opus organize and recruit in schools and churches? Why hey are doing is partasin political activity.

    I think these churches involved should be investigated for violating the not for profit violations.

    The Mchenry county college should be investigated for being involved and any federal funding they receive being looked at closely.

    Both the churches and college provide space for these groups to organize, meet, make signs, recruit, promote and plan for there partaisin political activities.

    I’m sure the churches and schools poster board, ink, paint, stencils, computers, phones and other things owned by them are used to advance these partasin political activities.

    They must be investigated immediately and appropriate actions taken.

    Another thing I see is there appears to be many staff members involved in anti Trump activities in the crystal lake school system.

    Superintendent, school psychologist, and many teachers.

    My question is do these people use any school district paper products, ink, paint, phones, computers, copiers or anything else paid for by the school district to advertise, promote, recruit, plan or in any other way to advance these partasin political activities.

    This should be investigated by officials outside of the school district for criminal activity, something that may affect federal funding and perhaps even firing staff members acting inappropriately.

    There are also staff members at mcc involved with this partasin activity and they meet in room 102a on Sundays.

    I wonder if this space is paid for or donated to this partasin political group by the college.

    Perhaps a staff member is covering up what the room is being used for at this time.

    You also have to ask yourself what kind of people do we have in our classrooms?

    These people involved in this anti Trump activity are radical.

    Imagine your kid being on the opposing side.

    Imagine the agenda these people push in there classroom every time they have a chance. Why is nobody looking into this.

    I’m sure this is happening nationwide.

    Hom much are these groups costing taxpayers nation wide?How any school children are affected nation wide by radical anti trum school staff?

    I demand the IRS, the federal government and all entities that have authority over those involved start investigating this problem nationwide.

    Look last Sunday the ACLU gave traingnation wide on how to resist and this took place many churches nationwide.

    I believe every church involved in that violated the not for profit IRS policies and hound be disqualified from not for profit status.

  18. The Arrogance of taking a clothing allowance, tells you all you need to know.

  19. Questioning, you’re almost as wacky as Cindy. Where are you getting info to back up your claim that “Same reason teachers get paid to enroll people in Medicare” and what would that have to do with Salgado getting almost a thousand dollars a year clothing allowance?

  20. Audrey you must like to report false information.

    Salgado doesn’t get a clothing allowance. l.o.l.

  21. And While I’m Here, That Gasser might look for a better Dentist, Because those chompers at best resemble a row of Corn!

  22. Gee stand4truth, you must be perfect.

    By your personal comments you must be a real loser

  23. I Am Perfect, That’s a given However you Voter are the real Looser while supporting idiots is like trying to save a burning building while trapped inside.

  24. Stand4truth the only problem I see with the republicans in Mchenry county is they lack a little willingness to push back. I certainly hope they listen to me and find that willingness. It’s time for these republicans to organize and get out there to let those like you know there realy is more of us then there is of you. You people use terms like nazi and insult people any way you can that does not agree with your thoughts. Let me tell you something your hippie tree hugging associates won’t tell you, nobody cares about your thoughts on someone’s teeth, appearance or insults except you. I’m sure you are a real tuff guy when you are posting but I’m willing to bet you are not so tuff and ready to insult face to face. Thinking you are perfect means you are very young or very sheltered from reality. No man lives without mistakes. From what I have read about gasser you should atleast respect him for his naval service even if you disagree with his politics and choice of dentist. I sure hope you don’t run around calling people idiots because they don’t see eye to eye with you while thinking your perfect because at some point you are going to run into a person that will not tolerate that and it will be very painful for you. Its ok to disagree even loudly disagree but afterwords you should be able to sit down with that person and have a few beers and get along. That’s American.

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