District 200 School Board Endorsement

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Northwest Herald and is re-printed with permission of author Kelly Liebmann, who lives in Wonder Lake:

They Fight for Taxpayers

The choices for overtaxed Woodstock D200 School District residents on April 4th are Barbara Gessert and Susan Handelsman.

Gessert and Handelsman both understand that needless spending and tax breaks for developers directly and indirectly increase our taxes. In recent years Barbara and Susan have fought on behalf of taxpayers by addressing issues including the

  • 2014 Lakewood TIF district
  • 2015 artificial turf boondoggle
  • 2016 impact fee waivers for developers
  • 2016 school clinic
  • a 2016 administrator bonus without public notice.

Incumbents running for the board sat quietly by or supported these tax increasing issues.

We don’t need more of the same.

We need School Board Trustees that will be stewards of our tax dollars while also making decisions that improve our schools.

Vote Barb Gessert and Susan Handelsman for D200 School Board.

Kelly Liebmann


District 200 School Board Endorsement — 2 Comments

  1. Indeed, Kelly. They seem to be the only one’s that know the issues of those who are newly running. The only one’s who know and say the truth, and two that have no conflicts of interest.

    Schroeder’s husband works for the school district. She shouldn’t even be able to run. She’d be voting on his pay and benefits!!!

  2. Other than the fact that Susan Handelsman and Barb Gessert are actively suing the school board.

    That would be a conflict

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