Dems Refuse to Allow Rauner to Cut Budget

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Governor’s Office Statement on Democrat Opposition to Authorizing Spending Cuts

SPRINGFIELD – The Rauner Administration today released the below statement following the Senate Executive Committee voting down legislation to give Governor Rauner the authority to cut spending and balance the budget:

“Governor Rauner has said from the beginning that if the legislature is unwilling to fulfill its constitutional obligation to pass a balanced budget, he is prepared to balance the budget on his own.

“We are deeply disappointed that the Senate majority voted down a bill to give the governor the ability to make spending cuts and balance the budget.

“If Senate Democrats are unwilling to let the governor balance the budget on his own, they have no alternative but to work with him to achieve a bipartisan balanced budget that makes structural changes to our broken system.”

The Unbalanced Budget Response Act, introduced as part of the governor’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget, would provide the executive branch authority to reduce government spending in all areas except

  • K-12 General State Aid
  • early childhood education
  • debt service

If the General Assembly enacted the governor’s introduced appropriations bills with the Unbalanced Budget Response Act, he would be able to balance the budget on his own.

The governor’s preferred path remains working together with the General Assembly on a comprehensive approach to getting Illinois back on track.


Dems Refuse to Allow Rauner to Cut Budget — 5 Comments

  1. federal, state it does not matter.

    The democrats are the problem.

    Federal you have schumer and Pelosi, Illinois you have Madigan and cullerton.

    Just in case you are wondering


  2. LOL – I sure hope Rauner doesn’t actually believe the lies that he puts out in press releases.

    Rauner refuses to tell anyone what he would cut.

    He introduced a budget with AT LEAST a $4.5 BILLION hole. His agency directors went in front of Senate committees last week and refused to name any significant cuts. His budget director – in the committee that Rauner mentions in his press release – refused to give any cuts that the Governor would make.

    Of course the Dems are not going to give Rauner free reign to make whatever unnamed cuts he wants to make.

    Rauner needs to do his job. Introduce a balanced budget. Tell us what taxes he wants to increase, and what programs he wants to cut.

  3. Oh eat it.

    We haven’t had a truly balanced budget in 25 years.

    Rauner is not the problem and everyone not brainwashed by a union knows it

  4. To The Mrs: Do you admit that Bruce Rauner has not submitted a balanced budget in his three budget addresses?

    Bruce Rauner wants almost unlimited authority to make whatever cuts he wants. But he refuses to speak to what those cuts would be.

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