From the Land of Fruits and Nuts

A son of a former McHenry County resident wrote this on his Facebook page yesterday:

“[My daughter]¬†told me a story today that had me laughing and thinking.
“Her school was conducting a multicultural education session for the entire school during an assembly.

“The guest speakers were Africans from Kenya (I think).

“During their presentation two of Beau’s friends/classmates were goofing around.

“The two boys involved were both African American/ Black.< "A White teacher confronted the boys and told them to pay attention, saying, 'This is YOUR culture!' "Beau's friend responded to the teacher saying, 'I'm not African and I don't know anything about Kenya. I'm an American.' "BOOM!! "He's right. "Skin color and culture are totally different."


From the Land of Fruits and Nuts — 7 Comments

  1. “Multicultural Education” = indoctrination by reeducation – psychological child abuse.

    The Evil of the left knows no bounds.

  2. Correct! The white teacher was clueless…tic tock, tic tock…

  3. I’m sure it was a cook county school district.

    We all know they hire nothing but the best. LOL…

  4. Sickening ……………White cultural genocide on display …. and the serfs are payin’ for it!

    When does the multi-cultural sex education of these girls start …. but it already has!

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