McSweeney Bill Banning Legislative Pay Hikes Passes House

A release from State Rep. David McSweeney:

House Approves Rep. McSweeney-Backed Measure Preventing a Cost of Living Adjustment Pay Increase for Legislators Next Fiscal Year

Cary, IL – Legislators would not be able to receive any pay cost of living adjustments in the upcoming fiscal year under legislation the House recently approved, according to State Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills), the chief co-sponsor of the bill.

The legislation (HB 643) prohibits lawmakers from receiving a cost of living adjustment pay increase for next fiscal year.

Representative McSweeney has been a leader in fighting to prohibit COLAS for General Assembly members.

David McSweeney

“It sends a terrible message to give legislators a pay raise when the State cannot pay its bills right now,” McSweeney said.

“Our focus right now needs to be getting a budget passed without raising taxes. We need to fix the State’s financial mess – not hand out pay raises to legislators.”

In addition, State Rep. David McSweeney has signed a letter written to Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza supporting the “No Budget, No Pay” policy of making legislators wait in line to get paid.

McSweeney has also filed HB 343, which would prohibit General Assembly members from getting paid until a budget is passed.

“Every day that goes by without a budget, we are driving our state deeper and deeper into debt,” McSweeney said.

“Our focus should be on getting a budget without a tax increase. Members should not get paid until we pass a balanced budget.”

House Bill 643, which was filed by Representative Katie Stuart, passed the House with 98 votes and now moves to the Illinois Senate for further consideration.

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To become law, it must be passed by the State Senate.


McSweeney Bill Banning Legislative Pay Hikes Passes House — 3 Comments

  1. Battaglia is right.

    I concur.

    Unlike the Althoff RINO in the room nobody wants to talk about!

  2. McSweeney is a guy who doesn’t need the legislative salary, so of course he’s going to file that bill. And when an average person can no longer afford to serve in office and the only people in Springfield are wealthy people with their own agendas you will wonder how that happened. Instead of going after salaries that are hardly extravagant why don’t you ask McSweeney when HE’S going to file a bill to do away with handouts to corporations.

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