The Anti-Trump Walkers – Part 11

Former Congressman Joe Walsh warned Trump opponents in Woodstock March 4th not to ignore the Trump opponents walking around the Woodstock Square.

(See “Joe Walsh Warns Trump Rally That Anti-Trump Demonstrators Are Like 2007 Tea Party Demonstrators.”)

Opponents outnumbered Trump supporters in Woodstock that Saturday.

There was no way to get more than a fraction of those expressing opposition in one picture, so I took photos of folks and their signs as they crossed the street next to the Opera House.

“Resist, Organize, Vote” says the back of the sweatshirt put out by “Turn Out.”

After getting close-ups of lots of signs, I climbed the Old Courthouse steps where I stood in line in the cold morning when I filed for McHenry County Treasurer in the spring of 1996 and took the photos below of the protesters.

Two children can be seen carrying a sign saying, “The First Gay Marriage in McHenry County Was In Woodstock.”


The Anti-Trump Walkers – Part 11 — 6 Comments

  1. Nice hats, but they didn’t have an airplane.


  2. What is wrong with these people! Jesus is about to return and they insist on sticking their thumbs in God’s eye. Galatians 6:7

  3. Try Matthew 25 and then come back to pontificate…Tic tock, tic tock…

  4. Do you suppose these folks had a “permit” to… obstruct local merchant traffic?

    Oh… I forget… they don’t need such things.

    Tell you an awful lot about them… doesn’t it?

  5. Cal, it’s anti-Trump “WANKERS” not walkers!

    all imported from Chiraq!

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