Barb Wheeler Gains Attention with Drinking Age Increase Bill for 18-21 Year Olds, As Long As with Parents

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Phil Kadner, who was previously with the Daily Southtown, wrote an article about State Rep. Barb Wheeler’s bill to allow teenagers 18 and over to drink alcohol, as long as their parents are present.

It is rare that a state legislator gets any attention in a Chicago paper. Above is the top of the Sun-Times piece, complete with State Rep. Barb Wheeler’s photo.

That’s the law in Wisconsin, she points out.

He notes that the drinking age in Illinois was lowered from 21 to 18 during the Vietnam War.

Then notes it was raised back to 21.

Too many teens dying in auto accidents.

As I remember, the reason for the age increase was a Federal mandate.

Raise the age limit or stop getting highway money.

Kadner, from the South Suburbs, apparently doesn’t know the McHenry County angle for lowering the drinking age to 18.

Teens were getting killed on the way back from drinking in Wisconsin, where the the drinking age was 18 when Illinois’ was 21.

That’s why I voted to lower the drinking age.


Barb Wheeler Gains Attention with Drinking Age Increase Bill for 18-21 Year Olds, As Long As with Parents — 7 Comments

  1. Do we not have more pressing issues to deal with in this state
    for politicians to deal with than this waste of time ?

    Such foolishness is why people are abandoning Illinois at an ever increasing
    record pace.

  2. FYI the law in Wisconsin stops after 18.

    So from 18-21 you can’t get a drink for your child.

    But you could get your 10 year old hammered.

    Makes no sense.

    Bartenders can refuse to serve kids.

    I heard this from a bartender in Tomakawk WI so take that with as much salt on the rim as I did.

  3. I shall be hiding out at Bradly Park if things continue on as they are.

  4. this is more important then the TEXTING they do that KILLs us all! where are the parents then?

  5. Maybe she realized the budget negotiations are going nowhere, the school funding formula negotiation is going nowhere, and the state is going down the toilet.

    Might as well get a brewski for her kids.

  6. Ask people who work with HS kids and under 21 college kids how well the “I want my kids to drink at home so they don’t drink away from home,” method works out.

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