Tribune Puts End of Miller Dynasty on Front Page

The upset victory of McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser over incumbent Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller was featured on the bottom of the Chicago Tribune’s front page on Monday.

What appeared on the internet about the article on the Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s race.

Reporter Robert McCoppin noted, “His victory represents a backlash against traditional politics at the most local level, in an election cycle also marked by the victory of President Donald Trump, an outsider at the highest level of government.”

The internet headline quote pulled from the story was in this paragraph:

“I won because voters said no to nepotism,” Gasser said. After his victory shocked political insiders, Gasser said, “Now everybody’s freaking out.”

The best quotes came from former State Rep. and McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon, who supported Miller’

“We’re seeing a redefining of the political system for both Democrats and Republicans,” he said. “There’s a huge split among voters. It’s a dynamic I haven’t seen. You’re in for an era of unhappy voters.”

Miller reveals in the article that he had resigned as President of the Township Officials of Illinois after his loss and that his wife Anna May will retire when he leaves office.

You can read the article here.


Tribune Puts End of Miller Dynasty on Front Page — 14 Comments

  1. People can say what they want but Andrew Gasser stepped up to challenge Miller.

    The old guard has no one to blame but themselves.

    They embraced everything that is wrong with Miller and local politics and allowed someone as flawed as Gasser to win.

    They allowed Anna May to chair Transportation.

    They allowed Bob carte blanche.

    Gasser will do a good job and it will leave everyone who endorsed Miller scratching their heads.

  2. Maybe the ‘angry voters’ don’t represent any other dynamic than people sick of tax-pigs like the Miller mob.

    Townships are passe and an easy mark for uselessness in the 21st century.

    The Millers and their kind hasten the end of townships.

    TOI poster boy Miller to the toilet.

    Please flush twice to preven any backwash!

    The Miller gang will soon be overeating on a Caribbean cruise courtesy of the taxpaying chumps who’ve supported these work-shy blood-sucking parasites for decades.

    Perhaps they will find in their gin-fueled voyage a new locus for their parasitism …. like Mustique or Cayman Brac.

    But I don’t think the natives there will be docile, welcoming or dumb as taxpayers of Algon. Township who endured decades of all the predatory, ravening freeloading of the Millers.

  3. That district got rid of Mrs Bob Miller for her conflicts of interest on the county board.
    Were they really so narcissistic and entitled that they didn’t see this coming?

  4. Having his two sons-in-law working for him would likely not have brought an end to Bob’s political career yet.

    Having his spouse paid close to $100,000 per year for doing next to nothing was more than the voters / taxpayers were willing to put up with.

    Bob Miller himself was not the real problem.

    The attitude displayed by his spouse on the County Board, her dictator type style displayed while MCDOT Chair and the attempted conveyance of her superior self was what created the environment to which Andrew Gasser and his loyal supporters put an end (in my humble opinion).

  5. Who will the Algonquin Republicans put forth to replace Gasser on the County Board?

  6. Hey Cal,
    Remember that time I unearthed no one cares about your stupid blog?

  7. And we unearth daily what an insignificant scab on the nose of society you are, Moderate. You Call this blog insignificant yet you check in several times daily to post your temper tantrums. When do you turn 12?

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