Lakewood Literature Distributed by Paul Serwatka Surfaces

You can see the campaign literature of Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka, running for Village President against a write-in candidate, along with three candidates his Lakewood Tax-Fighter Team support below:

Outgoing Village President Erin Smith has reportedly sent letters to some residents endorsing everyone on the ballot and not on the ballot, but running as a write-in candidate, against Serwatka and his allies.

If anyone would care to scan and email it to me, I’ll be happy to publish it. (Or just drop it off at my house, which is on the corner of Lake Avenue and Meridian Street–the corner with the Gate 11 sign.)

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Do you have campaign literature that you would like published?

Email it to McHenry County Blog (email address button on the left hand side of the blog) or mail it to McHenry County Blog, c/o Cal Skinner, 275 Meridian St., Crystal Lake, IL 60014.


Lakewood Literature Distributed by Paul Serwatka Surfaces — 6 Comments

  1. That’s different than the one I received. But none the less Furey has to go! and Schrauf should never have come back!

    Smith’s endorsements tells us all we need to know about these two!

    You guys have done enough damage in our village we’re sending in the cleanup crew!

  2. John Schrauf, distributes flyers of his intent to maintain a low tax rate after opposing Lakewoods Property Tax Advisory Referendum?

    Then teams up with spend-thrifts Fury and Smith who ramrodded the $66 MILLION DOLLAR TIF subsidy and Sportsplex BOONDOGGLE THROUGH??

    And are hell bent on their new $4 MILLION DOLLAR Taj Ma Village Hall??

    Willing to trade in Police protection to save money for the Taj Ma Village Hall???

    Tell us more about that “Vision” of yours that you to promote!!

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