A GOP Precinct Letter from Algonquin — 9 Comments

  1. Go stand behind Angel where you really belong, Nob.

    You are one sicko to link to that type of tripe.

  2. Cindy, it’s quite common for Boomer gen and younger women to go to strip clubs before a wedding.
    Getting a picture documenting that fun isn’t so smart though.
    I actually like the fact she is human like the majority of us.
    Less normal would be more like you in fact.

  3. Nob,

    I own my story. I own everything I said and did all those years ago in my foolish younger years. Yet I also own all of my accomplishments over the past decade, too.

    I paid my debts, I learned from my mistakes, and I live a sober and productive life now– filled with family, God, friends, and fellowship.

    A life where the Secret Service granted me the highest staff access clearance to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. I’m not the same person I was in 2005.

    I’m proud of the transformation I achieved and I hold my head high knowing who I am and what I stand for today.

    It reminds me of how far I’ve come, and how far I can still go in life.

    Lastly, if anyone would like to address the real issues of this township, I’m happy to discuss them. I’m prepared and ready to hit the ground running.

    Feel free to call or message me through my page or [email protected]

    PS–Mark your calendars for April 11th at 7pm for the Algonquin Township Annual Town Meeting, where we, the electors, will be able to set and vote on policy and rules for all future Annual Town meetings. Very important!

    You can find the Agenda on my page

  4. Rachael, Policy is not part of the Annual Town Meeting, we can’t vote on that.

    Policy is set by who we elect not by the vote that night, which seems wrong to me also.

    Also if you wanted to make something a issue at that meeting, you’d of had to had paperwork in over 30 days
    before had so it wil be on the agenda.

    Lots of BS in gov don’t ya know.

    Good luck with the election, if elected you should be in for some interesting times at least in the beginning.

  5. Actually, the deadline was March 1st, not “30 days.” Otherwise, you’re right, we (electors) can only vote on items already on the agenda, which can be viewed on my page by clicking on my name above.

    However, if fifteen people at that meeting want to add agenda items, they can give a written request to the clerk to order a new, “special town meeting” with additional specified agenda items.

    A second chance, if you will, that meeting must be held between 14 and 45 days after their request.

    For what that’s worth.

  6. Tell the Grafton Township Trustees whose plans for a new Township Hall were killed at a Town Meeting that policy decisions were not made there.

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