Tribune Writes Long Story about Detainees in McHenry County Jail — 37 Comments

  1. Did you ever think about this?

    There are MILLIONS seeking to enter the U.S.A. legally!!!

    Meanwhile there are literally MILLIONS who have either entered our country ILLEGALLY or overstayed their VISITOR / TEMPORARY STAY visas.

    Also, meanwhile YOU, the working stiffs of this country, are FUNDING ‘three meals and a cot’ for law breakers!!

    End the madness!!

    Secure the borders / ports of entry – deport those here illegally – start to process the backlog of those seeking legal entry!!

    Anyone in our country ILLEGALLY should never be given a choice relative to deportation!!

    In addition, demand an end to Sanctuary and jail those legal residents who knowingly hire illegal aliens!

  2. Defendamos a los inmigrantes contra actitudes de odio e intolerancia. Los inmigrantes, igual que otras minorias, siempre han sido explotados por parte de la clase economica poderosa. Necesitamos una reforma migratoria integral con legalizacion para nuestros inmigrantes indocumentados. Si se puede.

  3. Con respecto a las carceles, este es otro medio de explotacion para que unos intereses economicos se beneficien del sufrimiento de las familias inmigrantes.

  4. Thank you ‘Angel’ (not) for describing the root of the problem.

  5. Deport all illegals and their families. No welfare, food stamps, U.S. relocation, sanctuary cities, or public funded education. Immediate deportation eliminates the problem of hatred, intolerance or economic exploitation. 5 years of hard labor if reentry to the U.S. attempted.

    (Translation of Angel’s posts)
    “Defend immigrants against attitudes of hatred and intolerance. Immigrants, like other minorities, have always been exploited by the powerful economic class. We need comprehensive immigration reform with legalization for our undocumented immigrants. Yes you can.

    With regard to prisons, this is another means of exploitation so that economic interests benefit from the suffering of immigrant families.”

  6. Regarding Mr. Llavona the public school teacher, it’s Spring Break this week at Maine West High School (Des Plaines) in Maine Township High School District 203.

  7. In case there was any question, the statement: “Thank you ‘Angel’ (not) for describing the root of the problem.” is relative to the response being one of ‘hate’..

    ‘Hate’ for our laws.

    ‘Hate’ for our sovereignty.

    ‘Hate’ for those waiting in line to come here legally.

    Honest, law abiding immigrants are NOT placed in jail.

  8. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    It’s as simple as that. MAGA !

  9. Los inmigrantes son el blanco perfecto para el fenomeno conocido como “chivo expiatorio” mediante el cual se culpa a una minoria explotada y sufrida de un pais de ser culpables de todos los males que aquejan a una sociedad.

  10. Todos los estudios serios apuntan a que el indice de criminalidad entre los inmigrantes indocumentados es menor al que tienen los inmigrantes legales y aun al de los ciudadanos norteamericanos.

  11. Defendemos al inmigrante por razones morales no debatibles y por razones economicas que siempre estamos dispuestos a discutir; pero no bajo teorias conspiratorias ridiculas ni menos ante actitudes prejuiciadas y de intolerancia racial.

  12. Spring break; Hmmm, who is then writing during work hours? Just asking…Tic tock, tic tock…

  13. Instant Deportation solves your 12:11 post

    Legal immigration solves your 12:13 post.

    12:14 post. Please pass your thoughts of the lower crime rate committed by illegal aliens to the Kate Steinle family and to the parents and the fourteen year old girl raped by two illegal central american illegal aliens,who are 17 and 18 year old in a freshman class of 13 and 14 year students.

  14. The Chicago Tribune article profiles two individuals.

    One from Mexico and one from Ecuador (South America).

    The one from Mexico was previously deported for possessing cocaine.

    The one from Ecuador was detained because she was in the country illegally (stopped on a highway outside Indianapolis in an SUV with Texas plates due to suspicions of human smuggling).

    Both fear for their safety if deported to their native countries.

  15. El indice de criminalidad entre los inmigrantes indocumentados es menor al de los inmigrantes legales y al de los ciudadanos norteamericanos. Conocemos la tactica pero esto es un hecho.

  16. Here is the basic information about the article:

    Chicago Tribune

    Inside McHenry County Jail, Immigrants Prefer Detention to Deportation

    by Marwa Eltagouri, Tony Briscoe and Nereida Moreno

    March 23, 2017

    – The article contains 18 photos by Stacey Wescott

    “On an average day last year, about 1,055 people were in detention across Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky, according to preliminary 2016 ICE statistics.

    As of mid-February, the national average length of stay for a detainee was about 36 days.”

    “In 2016, 2,326 immigrants were deported from the six-state Midwest region, and 240,255 immigrants were deported nationally, according to ICE officials.”

  17. Mis amigos conservadores necesitan investigar pero fuera del universo comprimido de breitbart…tic tock, tic tock…

  18. Estados Unidos de America, pais de inmigrantes y orgullosos de eso.

  19. McHenry County Sheriff

    McHenry County Correctional Bureau Inmates

    Immigrations and Customs Inmates (ICE)

    “Included in the inmate population are Federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees, Federal U.S. Marshall inmates and Federal Bureau of Prison inmates.

    By housing approximately 325 – 380 federal detainees / inmates, the jail generates revenue for the county at a rate of $85 per detainee / inmate per day from the federal government.

  20. The cost to jail each detainee is not listed.

    The true cost would include operational costs, and an additional factor is the construction and borrowing costs to construct the facility with the capacity to hold those inmates.

  21. Excellent job by our sunshine blogger! Every now and then dumping a story to feed the worst instincts of intolerance towards immigrants. And my compassionate conservative friends every time jump right in to trash immigrants. Again, every serious study concludes the crime rate among undocumented immigrants is lower than the rate among legal immigrants and even US citizens. Those are the facts. That does not mean one group of human beings is inherently superior to any other. The only reasonable conclusion is that scapegoating is never acceptable, regardless of the demagoguery and racial hatred used very effectively by our president tronald dump and displayed here by some (not all) of my compassionate conservative brothers and sisters. 2018, are you here yet? Tic tock, tic tock…

  22. El exito de nuestra ecomonia ha dependido por muchas decadas de la mano de obra barata provista or nuestros inmigrantes indocumentados. Todo el odio racial que aqui se exhibe no cambia esa realidad.

  23. Llavona, I do not believe the people here have a problem with immigrants, it is illegal aliens that creeped during the night into this country of immigrants, knowing that they are breaking our laws. When these criminals get caught, they cry and make false accusations that legal American immigrants are racists.

    As for the words you speak, Ba Ba Ba to you as well.

  24. Until Cal designates his blog as being multilingual, I will not respond to comment posted in other languages.

    The comment “the worst instincts of intolerance towards immigrants” is one of hate.

    U.S. citizens are NOT intolerant toward immigrants.

    U.S. citizens are, for the most part, intolerant toward illegal aliens.

    Those who are tolerant of the lawbreakers are filled with hate of their fellow American citizens to the point where they are willing to deny legal access to the millions who are waiting in line.

    The comment “the worst instincts of intolerance towards immigrants” tells me the writer is an extreme bigot.

  25. Until the sunshine blogger designates this blog as monolingual, I will not respond to comments posted in English…or perhaps I will. Estos amigos fanaticos conservadores tienen la audacia de decir que los que defendemos la dignidad de los inmigrantes indocumentados lo hacemos porque odiamos a los Estados Unidos de America. Conocemos la tactica de confusion. Consiste en acusar previamente al punto de vista contrario de la actitud negativa que se tiene.

  26. In the minds of compassionate conservatives, trashing immigrants is patriotic; defending immigrants makes you a bigot. We know this confusion tactic too well. Tic tock, tic tock…

  27. Angel you are an idiot if you think telling the truth is a confusion tactic. Sociopaths have more moral compunctions than the likes of you.

  28. Classy commentary from my compassionate conservative friends. And they have the audacity to call others bullies…but I look forward to continue the dialogue with my conservative brothers and sisters…tic tock, tic tock…Hello? Is this 2018?

  29. The time has come to end this nonsense and move on to matters that will accomplish the goals of humanity.

    Caring for the poor, old and downtrodden should be my goal, hopefully you may find some wisdom in these following ideas to amend the recently failed AHA proposal.

    Pres. Trump needs to go into family counsel, surrounded by only his immediate family and pray for God to lead his decisions. Then consider these simple solutions in a most humble manner.

    I make these suggestions in all seriousness, to help the poor and the farmer.

    #1: With a stroke of his pen Pres. Trump could end prohibition of the worlds most useful and valuable plant, cannabis hemp. Since the 1937 Marijuana Tax act was imposed on domestic hemp, production has became a crime without the exorbitant tax stamp. The farmers suffered financially.

    Today, a much more fair tax of $.01/lb of hemp biomass would provide billions of dollars of revenue from an organic source, NOT from the taxpayer. This would create more jobs than the coal industry.
    Call it a “health care revenue hemp tax “, and the rewards would be huge.

    #2: With a stroke of Pres Trump’s pen, millions of Americans from ALL walks of life could be free to consume cannabis derived medicine as an option to pharmaceuticals. This would save the system billions, while creating good jobs. Most of all, cannabis can reduce the side effects from opiods, namely constipation and death from OD. Last thing a sick person needs is that.

    Cannabis derived medicines have been used for millennia and have been proven safe and effective for many ailments and conditions. Nixon’s Schedule One classification of hemp could be changed overnight. BTW, DEA head Rosenberg considers medical cannabis “a joke”.

    Makes no sense, indeed a travesty that veterans who are afflicted from injuries might be put in jail if they so CHOOSE to self medicate with herbs instead of pills.

    #3: I am aware that this proposal will effect the profits of the BIG PHARMA corps. and subsidiaries, but the common person will benefit. That is why the much needed and desired Democratic vote will be garnered with this proposal.

    Thank you for reading this.

    If Rachel Lawrence is reading, I would much appreciate her sending this ‘up the ladder’ of the Republican Party. Or please evaluate and improve this proposal if inclined to.

    Thanks! Gary

  30. Gary? I don’t think you are going to get natural anything until Jesus returns. Until the deep state is eradicated nothing good will come to the people.

  31. Jesus is here. Have you heard about the sunshine blogger? And about his discipleship? Tic tock, tic tock…

  32. Good Morning all,

    My belief that the Truth shall set us free, is paramount to pursuing a mission to help the farmers, sick, poor and other minorities.

    It is the “1%” who benefit from laws that prohibit the aforementioned
    groups to be blessed by natural medicines, regional biomass energy and/or thorium reactors.

    One just needs to study the history of the Rockefeller dynasty to understand why prohibition of natural alternatives to fossil fuel, pesticides and pills exist today.

    I just invested one hour watching a interview with David Cay Johnston and his book “The Making of Donald Trump”. I am more concerned now that Pres. Trump will not consider the ‘common’ person in favor of the powerful 1%. All I can do is pray and write these little comments on this much appreciated blog.

    I do believe in prayer, but I also know I am not THE TIMEKEEPER!

    Have a great day!

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