Althoff Bashed by Robo-Call

Here’s what the robo-call

Pam Althoff

Boy, oh boy.

Lawmakers really messed up.

Get this: Sen. Althoff is pushing to divert local property tax dollars to Springfield for the budget crisis.

That’s money for local schools, for our kids.

Thought she was a Republican.

Althoff’s also pushing to bailout Chicago schools, giving them $215 million.

Who’s she representing?


Or us?

He wants to raise taxes?

Come on.

We can’t trust establishment Republicans like Althoff.

They say one thing, do another when no one’s looking.

Althoff let us down.


Paid for by Republicans for Fair Taxation.

= = = = =
No indication of what’s behind “Republicans for Fair Taxation.”

This is one of many robo-calls attacking GOP State Senators on Monday.

With regard to the charge “Althoff is pushing to divert local property tax dollars to Springfield,” read Cary Grade School Board Scott Coffey’s comment here or wait until tomorrow when it will be re-published as an article.


Althoff Bashed by Robo-Call — 11 Comments

  1. Here is part of a letter of protest I wrote in 2012 5 years ago

    Franks wants a County Executive, look at the underhanded trick used
    with the “Republicans for Lower taxes sign”..How bad do they want one of
    their people on our Board, or In our county. what is up with that……….

    I am not yet blaming Althoff…time will tell…but anything is possible with Franks in the mix

  2. McHenry County you really deserve better.

    Don’t screw it up in the primary which comes soon.

  3. @ Questions

    I’ve heard the same chatter.

    Were it even true in the least part, one would ask why; and more importantly by what right and based on what accomplishments.

    Sorry but I forget.

    The same heroes of our Republican Party which sat on their hands and brought you Lying Jack Franks as your Board Chairman now will appoint your new Queen as a State Senator.

    You deserve better.

  4. Who needs accomplishments now a days?

    You see the rhetoric on how people get in.

    He dropped his committeman position so he could back Jack Franks.

    Only time will tell.

  5. Has Althoff not already stated publicly that she is not running next year?

    Insofar as Sager’s accomplishments, he has now successfully obtained TWO public sector pensions!

    Just like retired teachers / admins run for Seats on School Boards, we are beginning to see retired public sector workers run for the State Legislature.

    Could it be they want to protect their pensions?

  6. Capitol Fax Reported on the exact same message, it was sent all over the state and just changed the name to fit.

    They aren’t registered with the Illinois Board of Elections either.

    Bunch of Idiots

  7. Probably the teachers union wanting to stop the recent proposals in Springfield

  8. she needs to GO!

    loser now….

    she has learned from the best maddakahn ways and knows nothing else in it to the end for her Pension! $$

  9. Finally I’m vindicated!

    According to the robo-call script ‘she’ IS a HE!

    I’ve been thinking that was one ugly tranny for awhile now.

    Regardless, the policy and morality of this….’official’ is all wrong.


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