State’s Attorney Rolls Out New Seal for His Office

A press release from One Zero Charlie, a Woodstock design studio:

The new seal for the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Visitors to the offices of the McHenry County State’s Attorney will notice a freshly painted wall, cast bronze letters identifying Patrick D. Kenneally as our recently elected State’s Attorney, as well as a medallion bearing a meticulously crafted seal which now represents his office.

Reflecting Mr. Kenneally’s commitment to excellence, the latin phrase ”In Veritate Et Iustitia Ethica Actio” (Justice is Truth and Ethics in Action) has been incorporated as an integral part of the icon. In addition, representing the many communities in McHenry County, a consultation of stars encircles “Blind Justice”.

This handsome, appropriate and ageless design is sure to serve our county for many years to come.

Designer : James Westwood
Creative Director : Michael Stanard


State’s Attorney Rolls Out New Seal for His Office — 11 Comments

  1. Pack was a gigantic disappointment. He’s now in Florida ‘paroling’ around for yet another pension!

    Bianchi broke the crooked Good Ole Boys’ ring …. hence his phony indictments at the hands of shysters.

    Now Kenneally … I pray he’ll stay good …. and the new seal gives me hope!

    The bad old days of disfigured justice hopefully will never be reprised in Mchenry County

  2. What a waste of our money.

    Justice is Truth and Ethics in Action???

    Could Kennealley have a bigger ego?

    Were those who were prejudiced against blacks propping up Jim Crow Laws “ethics in action?”
    Were those laws just?

    Same could be said for many laws today.

  3. Xout 42

    I’m reminded of Steve Jobs’ response to a criticism from a Gauker Media troll…..

    “What have you done that so great? Do you create anything or do you just criticize others and question their motives? ”

    visit: to take a closer look at some of my lackluster design credentials.

    I’m doing my sincere best to contribute to my community, as in adequate as I maybe.

  4. Wow! Based on the grammar of the 8:03 am post, good thing James Westwood was the designer!!

  5. In vino veritas would have been a more appropriate motto for Mr. Kenneally.

  6. Doing the best to contribute to your community, Michael?

    Did you do the design work for free?

  7. Should have saved the money…..

    Being sued by Mari Casciaro for $$$$$$$$$$ !!

    Justice for Marlene ????

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