Joe Tirio Cuts Payroll 11%

A press release from McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio:

Recently Elected County Recorder Cuts Office Personnel Costs by More Than 11%.

WOODSTOCK, IL – Recently, the County released the first “County Administrator’s Report” during this fiscal year.

As part of that report, the newly elected County Recorder, Joe Tirio, announced a savings of over 11% in departmental personnel costs.

Joe Tirio speaking to supporters.

“Through attrition, organizational restructuring, re-scoping work duties, reduction of supervisory positions and salary adjustments, we’ve managed to save in excess of 11% of our annualized salary expense.”

“We have been busy laying the foundation for my transition out of this role, creating a more
process-driven, accountable, efficient and effective department for the benefit of the people of
McHenry County.

“A good deal of the credit goes to my team.

“I came to them with a lot of change, and not one of them flinched.

“I am very proud to work with this group of outstanding people.

“I am more convinced now than ever before that we can do all that was promised, and more.”

During his first three months in office, Tirio also implemented new knowledge management and metrics systems as well as the Honor Rewards program.

Honor Rewards provides veterans with discounts and other incentives when they patronize participating local

“The first quarter was very exciting, but I believe the best is yet to come!”

Tirio ran with the intent of eliminating the position of County Recorder and merging the functions under the County Clerk to reduce the size and cost of government.


About Joe Tirio:

Born in Chicago and raised primarily in the western suburbs, Joe lives with his Wife, Karen in
Woodstock where he has lived for 13 of the 16 years he has Lived in McHenry County. He and his wife own Monarch Senior Care, located in Woodstock just off the city’s historic square. Joe is also the co-founder of Voters In Action (, a citizen activist group focused on increasing public involvement in government with an eye toward reducing taxes and corruption and increasing transparency.


Joe Tirio Cuts Payroll 11% — 31 Comments

  1. That is what needs to happen.

    What most don’t understand is that in the government world, supervisors are allowed to overstaff as this makes their job much easier with assignments etc.

    So, when someone retires or leaves they scream for a replacement even when the workload has decreased dramatically.

    I applaud Mr. Tirio, but truthfully, it is criminal that supervisors are not called to task for wasting millions of taxpayer dollars.

    This has been a big issue in the Sheriff’s dept for years.

    Sheriff Prim has helped but the same supervisors are still yelling for more help.

    This ensures they can sit in their office and play on the computer undisturbed.

  2. Nothing to do with “Cut 10”.

    Everything to do with the election of an honest conservative.

  3. Glad we both agree that Franks is conservative given he wants to cut the tax burden.

  4. Local leaders are working to cut taxes and I’m glad to see Tirio also see value in cutting taxes by 10% to save taxpayers money.

    Well done Joe!

  5. Finally a true Republican in as Recorder!

    Tirio for Governor!

    Bravo, Joe!!!

  6. Actually, I believe the Recorders Office provides net revenue to county government.

  7. I thought he was elected on his promise to dissolve the Recorder’s office.

    So where’s our 100% savings, Joe?

    Not seeing it…

  8. So lets get the story straight.

    Phyllis Walters fired 6 people and then when Tirio gets office Joni Smith Quits.

    So the savings go to the prior administration not Tirio.

    When he took office the budget was set last year.

    So for him to boast this is his success is just like him saying I will erase the recorders office but when asked if he would support putting the consolidation issue of county clerk/recorder on the ballot he said. “I said I would do this in next 4 years”.

    This translates to I want the paycheck for 4 years and I did not really mean what I said in a campaign promise.

    Joe Tirio is an imposter at best and has been absent more days than worked in his first three months.

  9. The Taxpayer paid more then 11 percent in computer upgrades in the Recorder I over heard someone’s conversation that the county paid for Joe and Karen trip to Mexico
    More spending in the Recorder Office coming soon !

  10. Tirio consistently said the only savings that could be guaranteed was that of the elected official–salary & benefits.

  11. Also this is a reduction in payroll per the article, not the entire budget.

    More Kool-aid anyone?

  12. Robert:
    – Can’t dissolve the office until 2018
    – Already saved nearly my salary so far and we’re just 3 months in. Stay tuned.

    – The savings have been since I took office. Phyllis had nothing to do with it.
    – I work a full day, at the office, every day, save 3 days I’ve taken off.
    – Joni and I worked well together. She was an asset to the office and I wish her well in her new position. Nothing bad to say about her or her daughter. Both are fine people and do good work.
    – Putting three referenda on the ballot for questions that had already been essentially answered in the November election might have prevented another, more worthy referenda item from getting on the ballot… but you knew that… didn’t you.
    You win for most ridiculous post.
    – I’ve spent $1,300 in computer upgrades in order for the office to be able to efficiently and accurately scan oversized (and often disintegrating) documents. By the way, we’ve made a lot of improvements and done them for nothing or next to nothing. In fact, our primary software vendor has committed to doing weeks of work for us at no cost whatsoever.
    – Neither my wife nor I have been to Mexico. No do we have plans to go… but I hear it’s nice.

    To all the rest: Thank you for your support. I promise I am doing what needs to be done in order for me to fulfill my primary goal of eliminating the role. In the meantime, we have some great things in store. Stay tuned.

  13. Oh, I forgot to mention Honor Rewards.

    It cost $63 (if memory serves) to implement that program and it benefits veterans and local businesses.

  14. Never ceases to amaze me that people will spread blatant lies.

    Politics in this country has become disgusting.

    We all deserve better.

  15. Love the movie reference Phen. Good one.

    Tirio does this in just a few months?

    And he didn’t even make CUT 11% a campaign promise.

    Major Pwnage

  16. Joe you can say what ever you want but that does not make it true.

    Where is the substance of your statement where is the 100,000 savings.

    Show me exactly because I dont see it.

    As far as the referendum you said no because it would cost tax payers 20,000 dollars.

    Again clueless in McHenry.

    You then said to Northwest Herald letter to editor “I said I would do it within 4 years”.

    What I bet you like the pay check and the health and dental benefits you and your wife are receiving.

    You say you want to erase the recorder but I would put money on that you still will be trying to feed at the trough come the end of your term.

  17. I think “Pacco” is worried.

    Maybe Joe should run for County Clerk (because we know what a McClusterfurk that is) or
    County Board Chairman (seeing Franks tripled the cost to the county for his office – thanks but No Franks)

  18. Above and beyond his campaign promises, he did one better than ‘Cut 10’ .

    He did 11%, and in record time!

    (did two better, if you count the program that helps our veterans at no cost to the county)

    Go Dynamo-Joe!

  19. I bet Karen gets used to this better lifestyle Fast!

    Hey Karen, moving up I see!!

    Karen went from her usual Biscuit, Beans and Franks every night to eating out at all the Fancy joints in town.

    Karen, Please!

    Don’t forget all us little o’l Taxpayers while your dining and rubbing elbows with all your liberal friends.

  20. I really see no reason for a commentor to use a ‘handle’ such as ‘standfortruth’ when he/she expels such false innuendoes.

    Karen and Joe are some of the finest folks I have ever met.

    Never ate beans with them either.

    If you really stand for truth, you should have no reason to stand up and give your true name!


    Gary Christ

  21. Gary,I will gladly use my real name when you do!

    As for Tirio, both Karen and Joe for that matter are living a Big lie that will soon catch up with them.

    Joe has been in office for about three months and has spent less time in his office than he has worked.

    How is that fair to the taxpayers of McHenry county? Please explain!!

    Joe would prefur to fly under the radar, I’m sure but is being watched very closely.

  22. I didn’t see anything on the ballot to consolidate Joe! OR THE LAST 2 Balots for that matter.

    Why wait til “2018”??

    Lies and deceit

    Paycheck feels pretty good right now I suspect.

    At least you finally got a job that pays Joe unlike the job at monark senior care!

  23. That will make two of us glad when you use your real name, maybe more.

    I do realize some people think my last name can’t be Christ, but it is a common name in Germany, pronounced with a short i. Even got me out of trouble with the nuns at St. Thomas.

    And your name please?

  24. Stand4Truth, you’re a lying sack ‘fill-in the blank.

    Tirio’s in that office every day.

    Ask his staff!

    That’s how he’s been able to do this in 3 short months!

    He WORKS and works well with the team there.

    I’m thinking Stand4truth couldn’t tell the truth if their life depended on it.

  25. Gary Christ Told everybody that standforthetruth is Mary and Eddie.

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