Mailing Arrives from McHenry County College Candidates Diane Evertsen and David Schenk

Into local mailboxes came the following mailing from McHenry County College Board members Diane Evertsen and David Schenk.

Evertsen is a former County Board member who stepped down after two terms, as she promised when she first ran.

Schenk holds a doctorate in economics and a master’s degree in management.

For the past four years, a majority of the McHenry County Board has voted to keep its tax levy flat. As assessed valuation increases, that means people’s tax bills go down (assuming their one’s share of the total assessed valuation does not increase).

The back of this mailing from MCC candidates Diane Evertsen and David Schenk gives their background and some details about past performance of the two opponents who either are on the current board or served previously.


Mailing Arrives from McHenry County College Candidates Diane Evertsen and David Schenk — 10 Comments

  1. Finally a proven Fiscal Conservative in Evertsen and an Economist!

    Just what that board needs.

    Can we clone them for the School Boards, County Board and Township, State, Federal positions?

  2. Good point, Cal.

    I can’t say anything negative about Diane Evertsen, and this guy she’s running with has some serious chops.

  3. Ah, Ha, Ha, Ha

    Diane is Good For her No vote anyway..

    $20,000.00 dollars worth of “No” votes is what you taxpayers got while she is on the county board for 4years.

    That’s 80 thousand dollars of waste the way I see it.

    Thanks Diane, good luck to you on the school board!

  4. Diane wasted 80 thousand in tax dollars while sitting on the county board.

    I’m glad diane believes in term limits now all we need to do is get her to convince her other useless so called republican(Not) counter parts to do the same.

  5. It’s interesting that the Evertsen/Schenk camp point to Tom Allen as a “tax raiser”, specifically because he’s a former MCC Instructor and a Union Member.

    Interesting because Mr Allen was a teacher at a higher learning center (MCC), as was Dr Schenk “…taught at all higher levels of education…”

    So is Dr Schenk a tax raiser, just because he taught?

    Mr Allen’s Union association is that of the International Assoc. of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

    You know, those people you call when you really need help, like when your house is on fire, or you show signs of a heart attack.

    Mr Allen has served our community for over 30+ years as both a full time firefighter/paramedic, as well as a volunteer/paid on call.

    His association with “being a former MCC Instructor” was that of teaching Fire Science.

    Although paid, he was giving back to the community, in that he was training the people who protect us everyday.

    Ms Evertsen boasts 11 years on Harvard School Board.

    Where has that gotten Harvard.

    No where except, one of the highest taxed school districts in the county, and nothing to show for it.

    Also, what has she to show for her time as a County Board Memeber…..

    Nothing outstanding comes to mind….

    Oh wait, she had to run for both School Board and County Board, so she’s an established Politician.

    I for one am done with established politics.

    I will be voting for Tom Allen….

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