Eye Withness Tells of Attempts to Save Hit-and-Run Man on Route 14

From a comment under the Coroner’s press release on the death of Daniel P. Anderson.

I was at the scene that night.

The woman who saw him, and nearly hit him herself, did stop immediately, and placed the first 911 call.

He was then stuck by a second car (which left the scene, thus the investigation), which was was witnessed by a third car, who also immediately stopped.

There is a traffic signal at Route 14 and Lake Shore Drive in Woodstock.

The woman in this third car placed the second 911 call, reporting a pedestrian had been hit, after quickly turning her car around in the intersection, facing into traffic to light the fallen man and warn oncoming cars.

She was able to stop oncoming traffic and was on the line with 911 as we started CPR on the fallen man.

Please give your fellow citizens the benefit of the doubt rather than jumping to conclusions about whether or not people did all they could to help.

I was one of at least 4 people who took turns doing CPR on the fallen man as we waited for the ambulance to arrive.

A tragedy those who were there that night will not soon forget.


Eye Withness Tells of Attempts to Save Hit-and-Run Man on Route 14 — 14 Comments

  1. This is why we need this blog!

    Thank you for restoring some faith in humanity!

    I read all the news accounts I could find and posted what I did as a result!

    Kudos to the poster and to Cal for highlighting the post!!!

  2. Thank you vigilant citizens.

    I had an exprience many long years ago on Route 83 where I stopped to direct traffic around someone having some kind of a seizure.

    I didn’t know that people were still aware and trying to be helpful in these days.

    God bless all of you!

    It does the heart good to know you are out there.

    Your experience did not end so well.

    May God grant you the peace that passes all understanding for your horrific memories of that night.

    Thank you!!

  3. Hey, If He/She were a transgender,Liberal or Illegal would you the same?

    You Hippocrates Make Me Sick!

  4. WTF are you talking about stand!!!

    Only a complete moron devoid of any abiity to proces thoughts would come up with that tripe.

    Do you also go to funerals and make your snappy accusations?

  5. Answer the question!!

    You have lots of answers but avoid the truth of the matter in every post.

  6. Still haven’t answered the question!!

    You have lots of answers but avoid the truth of the matter in every post.

    If He/She were a transgender,Liberal or Illegal would you the same?

  7. I am the Aunt of Daniel and I would like to Thank all who helped trying to save his life.

    God Bless you all

  8. @ stand4truth,

    If I knew you personally, I would take you out to lunch and have this conversation with you, so that you would know I was sincere, and to help you personally to regain some faith in the humanity of your neighbors.

    Yes. I would help someone who, in your words “was a transgender,Liberal or Illegal.” Yes, I would do the same, which is the ONLY reason I even posted to the original thread.

    Multiple comments on the original thread were calling into question the humanity and compassion of one human being for another in need, and I felt like it might be helpful to the community to observe that what I saw that night was absolute disregard for who the afflicted was, and a willingness of every.single.person to help another in need.

    Cheryl, I was happy to help your nephew, and I am sorry for your loss. It brings me a lot of comfort to know he had family who loved him.

    I have watched this story off and on, and have been a bit surprised that one fact has not emerged about Daniel. Those of us at the scene of the accident knew immediately that he was someone who had been living in a very difficult economic and physical situation for a very long time.

    I have resisted being the one to make this observation, and I do so now for one reason, the same reason I spoke out in the first place. stand4truth, my message is for you, so I hope somehow you read this. I want YOU to know that people still care. And I don’t mean just about some people. Everyone.

    Daniel was not a clean cut, white Prodestant male in a business suit. He was someone who was in the throes of a VERY difficult economic situation, but I, a white, conservative mother of young children, did not hesitate in the least to help him, and neither did anyone else.

    “If He/She were a transgender,Liberal or Illegal would you the same?” Yes, without hesitation. I hope you can feel the sincerity of my words.

    I continue to believe that people are more good/compassionate/willing to love others than-not. If you have not felt that personally in your life, I hope you will have experiences in your life that show you this.

    If I could, I’d take you to out for coffee to show you it was true. Peace.

  9. I have a HUGE problem with anyone that is so insensitive and totally blindly ignorant that they would even pose a question like that. They did NOT deserve an answer. Bless you, Xxx for even trying.

  10. I knew Daniel or Danny as I knew him for many years.

    Unfortunately, I did not find out about his tragic passing until last week, when I came across this blog.

    Danny is someone I cared about for a large part of my life and he will always remain in my heart.

    Thank you to those who stopped to help him, it is good to know that he was with people who showed him compassion.

    From what I have been able to gather, Danny was living a difficult life but the people who truly knew him, in his heart, know how kind and gentle he truly was.

    I cannot express how very sorry I am to his family being left with such a loss, especially his children.

    I am sending this with all of the love in my heart, I am sorry for your loss and I pray that you all find peace. Danny, you were and are loved by many people. You were an amazing man.

    I wish I could have been there for you.

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