Letter Writer Endorses Republicans in McHenry Township

A letter to McHenry voters from John Nelson:

Dear McHenry Voters:

As a son of a former Nunda Township Supervisor, and as a concerned citizen residing in McHenry. I have major issues with the incumbents of McHenry Township.

Folks, for years McHenry Township has been under the yoke of Donna Schaffer, and her progeny Craig Adams.

He represents a by gone era of minimal governmental accountability to the electorate, and a steady increase in government spending amid attempting halfheartedly to make a case otherwise.

We stand at the precipice of real change for the township; an ability to declare once and for all that establishment politicians have served their own good rather than the individual taxpayers in McHenry Township.

They were able to raise their own wages while the quality of life, real wages and job opportunities of us all have been on the decline for two decades.

My friends, the struggles of our lives as far as government is concerned is and will always be on the local level.

A continuation of the present arrangement represents a status quo and acceptance of that sad state of affairs.

For that matter, six of the eight of them were appointed to their jobs to begin with.

How many people are actually are happy with this?

More importantly who likes being the highest taxed county in the state as a basis of per capita income?

Steve Verr holding the Republicans’ Tax Revolt sign.

Who likes the idea that the incumbents can run on the idea of cutting spending in their last year in office while steadily increasing spending all the way up to that point?

Well in excess of the so called cuts their campaign champions now!

The issue at present is quite simple. Do we fall for an election year gimmick by the incumbents, or do we lead to the fall of the incumbents altogether?

That is what is really on the ballot Tuesday.

We all can do this, the task is not insurmountable and the purpose is sound.

When the incumbents have to copy their insurgent opponent’s literature to include voter fliers in the Northwest Herald, and nearly identical messages on signs; it is the highest form of flattery.

An appreciation that amid an election cycle that no candidate can properly articulate gratitude for.

Therefore, I offer my endorsement of Steve Verr and his Republican slate for McHenry Township.

Together we can stop the excesses of the McHenry Township, offer assistance to the McHenry Senior Center, and continue the various other services that are the namesake and heritage of our community.

My sincerest endorsement for the the Republican slate,

John Nelson
A McHenry Resident


Letter Writer Endorses Republicans in McHenry Township — 11 Comments

  1. Um, for decades now the Republican party has been running this County.

    So how is electing more of the same going to change things?

  2. You may have thought the “Republican party” was running the County.

    Problem, was: They were NOT Republicans but Democrats and very selfish people hiding as Republicans.

  3. Al Jordan, the late architect of the McHenry RINO’s, was a Democrat in Chicago when he worked for his father’s meat packing house.

    He became a RINO Republican when he moved here and was the leader of the local George Ryan Culture of Corruption.

    The Independent slate was completely blessed by him over the McHenry Republican slate.

  4. For more than decades evil has been running the state of Illinois. Just about every really filthy evil liar has come from Illinois in recent history. Think about that and keep running that rep/dem paradigm.

  5. Cindy and Questioning,
    Tin foil is on sales at the dollar store today – please refer to the movie Signs for instruction on how to make your hat.

  6. Lol, Cindy, the conspiratard believe anything on the internet.
    Cindy, I heard today that Hillary is meeting with Russian hackers in the basement of a pizza chain. They are using communist Soros propoganda funded by Saul Alinsky to overthrow the Trump administration and create NWO where Christians will be persecuted and Muslim Obama the antichrist will bring about the rapture by nailing Alex Jones to a cross upside down while playing Stairsway to Heaven backwards!
    It’s true!!!!!

  7. ‘Questioning’ has it exactly right, ‘Audrey’.

    They knew they couldn’t run as Dems and win in this county so they just ran as Repubs and we’ve had to drain the swamp as best we could.

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