Tax Deductable Money Finances Kane County Forest Preserve Referendum

A referendum is on the ballot in Kane County to borrow $50 million to finance the purchase of land for the Kane County Forest Preserve District.

Committees have to file with the State Board of Elections when they raise or spend $5,000.

In 1999, a committee with the same name spend about $55,000.

In 2011, $22,906 on an open space referendum.

$23,629.34 has been reported contributed to passing the referendum this year.

This mailing has been sent financed by the group:

A mailing made by Kane County Neighbors for Open Space, Clean Water & Clean Air,  c/o The Conservation Foundation,  2550 Dickson Road, Montgomery, Illinois.

This not-for-profit entity receives contributions for which contributors are allowed deductions from their Federal and state income taxes.

Foundations like this are allowed to spend somewhere between 10% and 16% of their money on “lobbying” activities.

The Federal tax code allows referendum campaign expenditures to be defined as “lobbying.”

It is the only tax break of which I am aware for campaign contributions.


Tax Deductable Money Finances Kane County Forest Preserve Referendum — 3 Comments

  1. PTA’s and PTO’s are other examples of non profits whom can lobby on bond referendums, within the legal limits.

    The PTA/PTO is required to hold a vote prior to contributing to bond referendums.

    Not many parents know that PTA’s/PTO’s can contribute to bond referendums.

    The PTA’s/PTO’s typically see nothing wrong with such contributions because it is legal.

    Parents contributing to the PTA/PTO and voting against the referendum see it differently.

    Something to keep in mind before contributing to the local PTA/PTO.

    Your money might be used in ways other than you envision.

  2. Notice the flyer does not state:

    Lousy transparency by Kane County Neighbors for Open Space, Clean Water & Clear Air C/O The Conservation Foundation, 2550 Dickson Rd, Montgomery, IL 60538.

    – How many years would a homeowner would have to contribute $2 a month / $22 a year?

    – Is $2 a month / $22 a year for the first year only?

    – Would any subsequent years be more or less than $2 a month / $22 a year?

    – What is the value of the house that equates to $2 a month / $22 a year.

    – What is the bond interest rate?

    – The taxpayer would have to hunt and peck for such information, instead of just being told upfront.

  3. 50 Million !

    that is near as bad as the 14 million gravel pit we have here!

    don’t do it, I would lobby Mr. Trump to sign off a park parcel as a national park.

    No cost of 50 million !

    If it was good enough for Roosevelt it should be good enough for trump to do…

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