CL District 155 Teachers’ Slate Leading “Tax Cutting” Candidates

Voter turnout right before the polls closed was only 13.3%.

With voter turnout being so low it is not surprising that those with the most at stake in Crystal Lake High School Board elections were able to turn out their supporters.

The results from in-person voting in Algonquin Township Precincts 7 & 19 for the District 155 School Board follow:

Ron Ludwig – 116
David Secrest – 109
Jason Blake – 108
Nicold Pavoris – 104
Donna Kurtz -99
John Pletz – 77
Raphael Kamner – 64
Scott Vetter – 63
Ann Somers – 26


CL District 155 Teachers’ Slate Leading “Tax Cutting” Candidates — 8 Comments

  1. Looks like all the Teachers came out to vote,

    if that is the case, your taxes will be going up.

  2. so sad. anyone who voted for the teachers union

    representatives has absolutely no room to complain about their taxes.

  3. Probably a lot of folks voting for the first four people named on the ballot if they didn’t have a clue about them.

    I sure hope it turns around!

  4. More typically an undecided person, especially female, votes for the female.

    But hopefully if someone does not know anything about the candidates, they don’t vote.

  5. Mark, I agree and would take it a step further.

    It that should be advertised at the polling place: “You don’t have to vote for each part on the ballot. Only vote for those you know are deserving.”

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