McHenry County Clerk’s Office Closed, Except for Elections

You probably can’t read what’s in the top red line on the home page of McHenry County, but it says,

“The County Clerk’s Office will be CLOSED for all regular business on Election Day, April 4th. All other government offices (including Circuit Clerk and courts) will remain open.”

I’ve never seen that happen before.

Guess if you want a marriage license today, you are out of luck.


McHenry County Clerk’s Office Closed, Except for Elections — 14 Comments

  1. What a pitiful excuse of a county clerk.

    They’re to provide service and just can’t seem to get the job done

  2. The Clerk seems to take every opportunity to use “I have an election coming up” as an excuse.

    She complains about her job more than teachers complain about having to go back to school after 3 months off!

    Time to find a more competent person for the Office.

  3. Had to go pick up their free cheese…. can’t work that 40hrs. this is what Rauner is facing…

  4. Hard to observe what they are doing if the office is closed.

    Would be interesting to see the personnel changes in that office since she was elected.

  5. Are they still being paid even though not in the office on a regular business day ?

    FOIA request to find out.

  6. Maybe she didn’t have enough people to run the elections seeing she fired most of them
    and even gave the long time election judges, workers and volunteers a hard enough time that they quit.

  7. She has closed the office for every election since she has been in office.

    This is nothing new.

  8. What Kathy Schultz could do with only the staff now requires the closing off the daily office duties and an full call service covered by non-staff people.

    HMMM, what has changed?

  9. I believe it’s against statute to close the office except for pre-determined holidays or the excuse of natural disaster.

    What about all the other services performed for citizens at the Clerk’s office?

    People that took the day off to go get their marriage license are out of luck, register a business-out of luck, etc etc?

    She keeps digging the hole that will soon bury her.

    2018 her term is up.

    Bueller? Bueller??

  10. Lake county Clerk is closed for Business on Election Day As Well as Many Others.
    Cal,Tell Us How It Feels To Reap The Taxpayer Funded Benefits Of Your Government Subsidized Retirement.
    AKA (Government Cheese!!

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