Bill Prim Sets Re-Election Fundraiser for April 20th

It costs money to run for countywide office.

Bill Prim, who won the Republican nomination for Sheriff by less than 100 votes in 2014, and beat back a challenge from an Independent backed by Democrats, is running for re-election.

On April 20th at the Cary Country Club, Sheriff Prim will hold a fundraiser from 5:30-7:30.

The cost is $60 per person, but the candidate has opportunities for larger contributions as you can see on the invitation below:

Sheriff Bill Prim’s invitation to his April 20, 2017, fundraiser at the Cary Country Club.


Bill Prim Sets Re-Election Fundraiser for April 20th — 15 Comments

  1. At least he waited until after the election this time.

    Should we expect Sandra to resurface because she’ll be campaigning to keep her job as well?

  2. Here we go with the negative comments already.

    I’m happy to hear that Prim will be running again.

    He has turned the Sheriff’s department into something we can be proud of.

  3. I was an avid Nygren supporter. Prim has done a good job, no controversy, I will support him.

  4. Bill has proved himself and done a great job for everyone in the county. Glad to see him run again!

  5. Prim is a big disappointment to the independents and conservatives so far.

    He’s completely forgotten who worked HARD to get him in.

    That’s a political mortal sin.

    I still find it almost incredible that he stabbed Gasser, who worked pretty hard and came to my very door on behalf of Prim (and others, not just Prim), in the back, when Prim publicly endorsed the kingpin of the Miller dynasty … if he didn’t like Andy, that’s one thing.

    It was a primary anyway, and he could just say ‘let the voters decide’…. but to endorse an unsavory rat like Miller WHO WAS ONE OF THE MAJOR ZINKE-Dogs, and who PERSONALLY ran down Prim …. that’s just retarded.

    Who’ll bother to work for Prim’s re-election now after seeing that???

    Miller??? Ha! fat chance for that.

    I sure won’t.

  6. Lets don’t forget that Sandra had an affair also with Matt. On tax payers money. That’s ok?

  7. Old Man. – maybe you need to learn a few things. Prim was not going to put an unqualified man in as a road commissioner. Sheriff’s police have to spend a lot of time on those roads and he has to think of the safety of those men. Maybe you are thinking too highly of people you shouldn’t.
    Helping someone unqualified for a job just because he worked for you is not ethical. He has to think of the safety of his men and the public NOT peoples personal grudges. It takes more courage than to go along to get along.
    He as done and will do a great job as a sheriff.

  8. Old Man is correct: “It was a primary anyway, and he could just say ‘let the voters decide”

    It was a primary.

    Prim would have been wise to not endorse anyone!!

    That said, Prim appears to be a political neophyte.

  9. First it was the shady political hire to run the patrol division and then the political backstabbing of Gasser.

    He showed loyalty to his friend with a criminal record while turning his back on a true conservative and straight shooter whose support gave him needed credibility that he wouldn’t have won without.

    Shady decisions and poor choices of loyalty.

  10. Sara, a bit dramatic don’t you think.

    Gasser will do a good job and save money.

    Miller was obscene with his spending and blatant nepotism (and grossly overpaying family members)

    Prim may be backwards in a few ways politically, he is our only choice at this point.

    That said, he is a decent man doing a good job.

  11. SamWinters – Prim needed credibility from Gasser?

    Sheriff Prim had a distinguished career serving in Des Plaines.

    He didn’t a guy who had been in McHenry for only a few years for credibility.

    Many of us helped Prim get elected because he was the best guy for the job.

    But, I am sure Gasser told you that he was the single biggest reason that Prim got elected.

    He likes to lie about his own importance.

  12. When one wins by as few votes as Bill Prim or Andrew Gasser in his race for Road Commissioner or my first primary (73 vote margin), pretty much anyone who did anything is the reason for victory.

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