Harvard Referendum Passes — 6 Comments

  1. The public education system in our country fosters a voting public which votes to increase taxes and then they complain about high taxes!

    Go figure!

  2. Contrary to the tea party crowd, many the majority of Americans like quality public services and are willing to pay for them via taxes.

    Great news for Harvard parks!

  3. Sure Prairieburner, Harvard is in disrepair, and many families are low income, but hey, let’s have parks where the homeless, vagrants and vandals can hang out.

  4. We need to quit having all of these off year elections.

    Motivated true believers show up in far greater proportion than their percentage of the population, and bad things happen.

    We end up passing bond issues that most of the public doesn’t support, and and we end up electing school boards filled with union-backed commie stooges.

    It wouldn’t be that hard to schedule things so that we only have a primary and a general election every two years.

  5. I always cringe when I see a ballot question like this.

    Cash is fungible, so this is simply an increase to the general fund.

    The City of Harvard wanted more money, and they thought that they would have the best chance of getting it if they said it was for parks.

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