Lake in the Hills Village President Paul Mulcahy Ousted by Russ Ruzanski

The vote by which challenger Russ Ruzanski defeated incumbent Lake in the Hills Village President Paul Mulcahy was 807 to 489.

Ruzanski received over 62% of the vote against a man facing a domestic battery charge.


Lake in the Hills Village President Paul Mulcahy Ousted by Russ Ruzanski — 13 Comments

  1. This post has really nothing to do with this race but it is the newest, as of now, relative to last night’s election.

    Anyone else want to start campaigning for a new County Clerk?

    Petition circulation starts this fall!

    Parades start next month!

  2. And what do you feel are needed changes in the Clerk’s office?

  3. well said Cindy that about sums it up….we need a County Clerk that won’t close the office on election day..that won’t take more than 24 hrs to count a few write in votes…that won’t hire her unqualified husband at an outrageous salary… and thats just for starters

  4. we need a county clerk that will keep our vote tabulations here at home instead of out sourcing them to New Jersey….think of the money saved here….and who verifies the totals that New Jersey sends back? HUMMM

  5. Has not been a report about the the County Clerk found the money in her budget to fund Jack Franks’ electronic voting system for the County Board.

    That was yet another item to accommodate Jack Franks that was not budgeted.

  6. I think the clerk has done a great job.

    As far as write ins I have worked as election Judge it is a hand calculation so within 24 hours means the clerk stayed late and worked all day next day to get it done.

    Vote tabulation is done in Woodstock I have watched it myself so where do you get New Jersey.

    A lot of miss information on this blog.

  7. Knowledgeable voter? NOT! CLUELESS, would be more appropriate.

    Read the URL when you go to check election results!!

    See those words “” ?

    That website is NOT located in McHenry County!

    If you were paying attention to the County Board meetings and to other posts on this blog you would know that the County Clerk signed, AND TAXPAYERS PAID FOR, a contract with Clarity Elections to process our election results.

    Whether you vote Touch Screen (TSX) or Opti-Scan, your vote is recorded on a computer memory chip / card.

    The NWH even had a picture of the Clerk pulling those cards from the TSX machines.

    Those cards are read by a computer at the County and then transmitted over the internet to Clarity!

    This morning, the IP address the link above took me to is located in Ashburn, VA.

    You may think “no big deal”.

    It is a “big deal” because the software which runs the election machines and ‘tallies’ your vote is NOT public information!!!!

    The ONLY voting counts which occur in this County are the ‘write-ins’ which should be counted in each precinct.

    Insofar as “the clerk has done a great job. “, I can tell you after monitoring election results in this County and others, the current Clerk is a ‘head strong’, ‘know it all’ who has NO CLUE on how to run an efficient election.

    Want to see an efficient election? Go no further than Kane County – Jack knows what he is doing and does not close his office on election day!!!

    BTW if you seriously want to know more about Clarity Elections, do some research – if you are impartial and honest you will question why this County uses the machines it does.

  8. You are clueless Clarity is just a website with information you are truly clueless and really have no idea how it works.

    I do not think the clerk is head strong.

    I find her to be proficient professional and very knowledgeable.

    She has always been willing to listen to feedback and suggestions to make the election better managed.

    I worked last March and every election since and I can tell you she runs a tight ship.

    Really you have no idea how this whole process works.

  9. listed Lake in the Hills on the map of supporters for Jack Franks for McHenry County Board Chairman.

    Other Mayors that supported Jack Franks for County Board Chair (election was November 8, 2016), that lost their re-election for Mayor (election was April 4, 2017).


    – Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart

    – McCullum Lake President Terry Counley

  10. More accurately, listed Lake in the Hills on the map of mayoral supporters for Jack Franks for McHenry County Board Chairman.

  11. Actually , Mr Matteson and Conservative Voter are 100% correct.

    The election tabultion is outsources AND the New Jersey’s counts the. Ores and displays them on the website.

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