McSweeney Passes Resolution Opposing NetFlix Tax

David McSweeney

The so-called “Grand Bargain” being cooked up by State Senate leaders of both parties contains a new tax on┬ávideo and streaming services.

It is contained in Senate Bill 9.

State Rep. David McSweeney has passed House Resolution 192, which opposes such an expansion in the sales tax.

There was no roll call.


McSweeney Passes Resolution Opposing NetFlix Tax — 2 Comments

  1. Another meaningless bill from McFreeky for the brain dead masses of worshipping synchopants.

    Has McFreeky ever had a bill with any real meat in it?

    Sillycorky and Gassy breathe the same rarified air.

    Funny… Serwatka has done more for reform than any of the bozos above.

  2. the answer Huey is ‘yes’, McSweeney has had bills with meat in it.
    i.e. He stopped colleges from being able to use alternate revenue bonds for capital projects and others.

    McSweeney’s the real deal.

    McFreeky? really? what are you, 10 yrs old?

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