Jack Franks Made Robo-Call for Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart

Don Lockhart

Jack Franks

Coming after the election is information telling me that McHenry County Board Chairman made a robo-call on behalf of his Republican Precinct Committeeman ally Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart.

Lockhart supported Franks in his run as a Democrat for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Election results by precinct for the Marengo Mayor’s race in Jack Franks’ hometown,


Jack Franks Made Robo-Call for Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart — 24 Comments

  1. So it appears that Lying Jack Franks may have shorter coattails than many would have thought in his own hometown.

    Given his current misbehavior with patronage hires at the County level, and assuming the right candidate, anything is possible in 2020.

    Be still my beating heart!

  2. …. and Franks got burned!

    PS. the section of Coral 1 incorporated into Marengo almost had a non-secret vote! Clerk McClelland take note.

  3. Firerabras- Why do you care? You live in Lake County.

    And That’s literally disgusting Winter

  4. Glad to see John Koziol win ….it looks special effort was put in in Marengo 2 & 4 good job people

  5. Bot – you do not make any sense. Koziol HAD TO REPORT TO ZINKE. IT WAS REQUIRED that he report to his superior about this. He was very upset that Zinke told the owner.

  6. Honestly, saying that Jack Franks endorsement cost Lockhart the Mayor of Marengo position.

    Is an overkill. What cost Lockhart the Mayor position are the following:

    (1) The increasing cost of water. Koziol posted on local FB pages the increasing cost of water/sewer for Marengo residents. The rates have continued to increase and people are sick of the increasing water/sewer rate.

    (2) With the increase in the rate of water, the quality is rather poor. Again their are a lot of yellowish/tan water pictures residents have posted on FB.

    (3) the NWHerald, within a week of the election had an article related to a decrease in the credit rating for the city.

    All 3 of these primary issues Koziol posted on FB and said that he would change all of them. People are sick of their water rates and water quality.

    I don’t believe Jack Franks robo calling the area played any part in the downfall of Lockhart.

  7. Is this Cal’s attempt to passively associate Franks with losing?
    Susan Handelsman, Kelly Liebmann, Serwatka, Reick, Franklin, O’Neill, do we need to continue to detail how ineffective an organizer you are.

    You lose, big league and constantly.

    Why ANY GOP leader sends you press releases is beyond me given how small your readership is.

  8. False flag!

    Nobody would post that.

    Not only that, but Cal would have put an end to it before it got started.

    Someone is out for revenge.

  9. “Cindy” you are delusional.

    Stop watching Fox commentary and do something constructive.

  10. All press is good as long as they spell your name right.

    I’m curious how much blog readership will

    rise after ‘Crying Jackie Franks’ and his police escort service make some news.

  11. Do the members of the police escort service have to wear pink hats like all the rest of Jack Franks minions?

  12. Northwest Herald

    McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks Says Life Threatened on Blog Post Comments

    April 7, 2017

    “After being notified of the threats, McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally coordinated with McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim to provide Franks and his family protection, and started an investigation, the release said.”



    Where is the release on the County Board website?

    Currently there is no such release in the press release section of the County Board website.

    The Northwest Herald receives special press releases before the County makes them available to the public?

  13. Here are the two comments from the March 23, 2017 McHenry County Blog post (the link to the post is in a comment above).


    Comment 1:

    “LTResident on 03/23/2017 at 12:28 pm said:

    48 hrs.

    I’d say if each weasel is a 24 hr. bug… or…call lizabeth (from swamp people) & schoot’em would be faster quick and easy for all.”


    Comment 2:

    “Klaatu Barrada Nikto on 03/23/2017 at 5:27pm said:

    Dear Pat Kennedy:

    I know a fellow who specializes in terminating weasels of all kinds.

    His prices are very reasonable.

    $5,000 each.

    If you need it to look like an accident $10,000 each.

    Let me know on this blog.”

  14. Obviously Franks doesn’t understand word problems.

    Kenneally and Prim?

    You guys look like idiots right now.

  15. Jack Franks may be upset McHenry County Blog reported the so called “Weasel, Chicken, and County Government” public comment from the Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Regular County Board meeting which began at 7PM.

    The audio for Patricia Kennedy’s comment begins at about 34:20:



    The Northwest Herald did not report on the comment.

  16. Oh for gods sake.


    Can we say paranoia and let’s take a shot at cal at taxpayers expense?

  17. “Round mound” is now playing the ‘victim’ role.

    He knows his political future is in the toilet.

    He has helped expose many so-called Republicans who are being removed from office, one by one.

    While in Springfield he had enough ignorant Republican voters at home to support his antics which were totally despised by most Democrats from Cook and Lake.

    Now his antics have been exposed to the whole County and those ignorant Republicans have found the “emperor has no clothes”.

    What time does the movie start?

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