Second Franks-Endorsing Mayor Defeated

Not that I remembered that the Village President of McCullom Lake endorsed Jack Franks for McHenry County Board Chairman, but reader “Swordfish” did under the article entitled, “Marilyn Shepit Elected Village President in McCullom Lake“:

Here is what he or she wrote as a comment:

Village of McCullom Lake President Terry Counley’s effusive praise in Franks puff piece:

“I don’t often get the chance to tell you how much I, and the Village of McCullom Lake, appreciate the hard work that you have done for us over the years.

“Between the brain cancer scare as well as the electric power outages that the village used to have, there was a very large black cloud over the village.

“When people heard the name McCullom Lake, they ran.

“Thanks to all the calls you made to the proper people, as well as the several town hall meetings that you had here, the black cloud has lifted. Things are very good here now.

“You know, I have been bugging you for years to run as Governor, and I understand why you wouldn’t, especially now days.

“But, we need you here in McHenry County.

“I think with the way you are relentless with your missions, you would make a great County Board Chairman.

“The same old stuff is getting very old.

“We need some new blood with some new ideas and the courage to chase those ideas.

“We would lose you in Springfield but we need you here in McHenry County more right now”


= = = = =
I know nothing about the politics of McCullom Lake since Jake Levesque days back in the 1960’s. He ran unsuccessfully for State Representative in 1966, the year I was elected McHenry County Treasurer. (He ended up Deputy Director of Aeronautics under Republican Governor Richard Ogilvie.)


Second Franks-Endorsing Mayor Defeated — 43 Comments

  1. On the topic of Franks, there is discussion elsewhere on this blog and at the NWH relative to perceived threats.

    There is a local Facebook group, ‘Cary-Grove politics’ which shows that Kevin Craver (NWH) is a member.

    It is a closed group.

    I have received information that the following was recently posted on that site:

    “Kill all the radicals”.

    I am told the following names appear after that lead-in:

    Andrew Gasser, Rachael Lawrence, Paul Serwatka, Philip Stephan, Richard Ritchie, Amy Fues Odom, Michael Rein, Scott Gessert, Kelly Liebmann, Steve Verr, Jan Riemann, Janet M. Szymkowiak, Erik John Sivertsen, Kevin Christopher McConville, Mark R. Jaeger, John Pletz, Donna Kurtz, Raphael J. Kamner, Scott Vetter, Barbara Gessert, Susan Handelsman, Diane Evertsen, and David Schenk

    Maybe Kevin can do an expose?

    Will local and County Police provide them “extra protection”?

  2. Franks is an idiot and one of the biggest weenies in the county.

    Words matter but guns hurt more.

    If you’re really afraid for you and your family because of words on a blog sweetie take responsibility.

    It’s foreign to you but responsibility for your own life and your family is core to what it means to being a “man”.

    If someone from this blogs comment section makes you poop yourself with fear what does the thought of actively working against Law Enforcement to allow Class X felons roam free do for you?

    Get a diaper on and hide in your closet idiot.

    Maybe your wife, who is one tough girl, will protect you from the bad words.

  3. Another glorious morning in beautiful McHenry county! As we enjoy Spring sunshine in our sunshine blog, we get entertained by moral lessons on tough love from no others than compassionate conservative ideologues. Remember the cry to discuss the issues? Me too, and all we get is insults and personal attacks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Tic tock, tic tock…

  4. Wow, Priest.

    I’m not even sure that is really you. I have never seen you so angry!

    [clap, clap, clap]

    Standing O!

  5. Go away, Angel. There are real people having a real discussion here. It will all be way over your simple head. Go tic somewhere else with your Tourette’s.

  6. Priest I agree with everything you said . . . Jackie boy must be feeling the weasel squeeze, and needs protection??

    What a waste of Taxpayer’s Money . . . Jack there are more important issues going on in the County.

    Put your Big Boy Pants On.

  7. The hallmarks of a liberal are their inability to take responsibility for themselves, their families, their communities, their society, their culture, their future or anything at all.

    They love the Law if they may use it in pursuit of some selfish interest and hate the Law if it works to protect The People.

    Jack Franks hates anyone in Law Enforcement who works in the interests of the community but desires the community and Law Enforcement to pay for his life, lifestyle and his lack of ability to protect himself from words.

    He lives right down the street in the community.

    This isn’t some sissified wailing weenie from California.

    He lives right in Marengo.

    He’s afraid of his own community and those who engage in their First Ammendment(lawful) rights to free public discourse.

    All because no liberal can actually take care of themselves in any way.

    It is exhausting hearing how awful those who do take responsibility are while those ducking their responsibility whine for ever more from the adults.

    We’re sorry Jackie honey… If the bad person made you hurty in your insides with a comment in a blog pookie we can go get a boo boo bear out of the freezer to put on your ouchie.

    But in return for our ever higher responsibility for your weakness pumpkin can you just sit in the corner and shut your yap along with the rest of the idiot liberals?

  8. If priestess is so tough, why does he hide behind an anonymous name why doesn’t he come clean and tell us who he is? Perhaps people he disagrees with can meet him face-to-face…..

  9. Let’s explain this one time for the children…

    If you have been engaged here by us you may rest assured we have made it a point both to give you ample opportunity to engage in ideas here and we’ve observed/engaged you in person.

    If you are not being engaged again it is because you have failed to offer ideas, arguments or positions at all.

    In order to be engaged you must show aptitude for and understanding of your own positions.

    Without this fundamental ability we are perfectly happy to let you engage with those willing to lower themselves to do so.

    To date, the score is zero liberals capable of stating ANY position and arguing for it in years of engagement RW or in the ether.


    Believe when one wades into a sea of liberal protesters offering to engage in any way they choose and they are incapable, even in large groups, of even trying… To a person liberals are unimpressive puffs of air in a hurricane.

    Jack Franks is just willing to publicly prove over and over and over just how weak he is of mind, body and spirit while proclaiming he is the almighty leader of the Democrats in McHenry County.

    Please… Find a worthy liberal to gain our respect.

    Not one… In years of searching… Across the U.S. in every liberal den and spider hole.

    Not… One…

  10. Hiding like you Moderate?

    Well Moderate give priestess some time it took Jack a long time to admit he is a weasle.

    Hey Jacks it’s word and he is even trying to get the States Attorney to prove it.

  11. Try to be calm. Priest says that Franks is a coward yet Priest is the one who hides anonymously. Franks is the one who ran as a Democrat in McHenry County. Franks is the one who stands up for what he believes in publicly while priest hides in the shadows.

  12. And the Evil Rosa K hides behind the name Moderate. Do you not see how stupid your fallacious “argument” is? The thing about stupid is… they never get it that they are stupid!

  13. Unless there have been some credible threats made to Jack Franks that have not been made public, this is all a smoke screen.

    I don’t think even Jack is thin skinned enough to worry about these two blog posts. I see two major possibilities here:

    1) Jack is going for sympathy because he is starting to get more resistance from the Board than he thought he would. In particular, his patronage hires appear to be in some jeopardy.

    2) Jack wanted a security detail all along, and was waiting for the right time to ask for it. Jack has always viewed himself as a big shot, hence the patronage hires and attempted power grab, and big shots get their own security details.

    If there is any sort of incident in the next couple of months involving Jack Franks, the first person I would investigate would be Jack Franks.

    False flags are a favorite Demonrat tactic.

  14. Cindy and Billy Bob, Jack is taking the threats very seriously . . .

    Sheriff Prim should do what the schools do when such a threat comes in.

    LOCK DOWN, Jack and Family would be safe at home, until all threats are thoroughly investigated.

  15. Don’t be silly, another. There was no threat. Pompous people are always being paranoid. No one was even talking about the liar.

  16. Cindy, I was being silly . . . but the only way to stop Jack is a LOCK DOWN, and he asked for it.

  17. You do remember that your promised to reveal your identity if Gary Christ did, right?

    I won’t be holding my breath until you live up to the promise.

  18. You do remember that your promised to reveal your identity if Gary Christ did, right?

    I won’t be holding my breath until you live up to the promise.

  19. It’s your pal Rosa, Cal. She never misses a chance to spread ugly on you.

  20. I never said that.
    I also don’t make death threats on a blog to elected officials or facilitate that sort of discussion.

    Also, who is Gary Christ? If that’s his real name, then mine is Jesus Christ

  21. Cindy, I will say it. Moderate what an idiotic statement, are you trying to be a moron?

  22. BTW here is the content of a “round mound” letter Mark referred to with a link which was posted earlier on another item:

    “I am in receipt of a notice sent to you by Under Sheriff Zinke on June 13th. Please let this letter reflect that on behalf of myself, my family and my children, you are not welcome at any of my personal or political events. You are not a journalist and are not credentialed, and have no right to any access. Moreover, you do not have my permission to post any photographs of myself or my family in any medium. I trust that my position is clear.”

  23. Only a demon possessed evil person would blaspheme God. Which, would make them a complete moron. Case closed.

  24. Gary Christ is a long-time resident of Crystal Lake, living on Route 176 near Lippold Park.

  25. Gary Christ is one of the sweetest men anyone could be fortunate enough to know.

    He has helped so many in the Spirit of Christ… With zero expectation of any recognition.

    He has taken down old barns, shipped the wood to Thailand and built buildings for people there who wouldn’t be able to do so themselves.

    While there he found out many people were still losing limbs to mines left from fifty years ago while they were merely trying to farm, hunt or walk from village to village.

    What was his response?

    Invent a walk behind machine to safely detonate these bombs on the small trails and fields inaccessible to larger machines…

    And donated the idea and the machines.

    This man loves God, follows Christ, serves his fellow man and displays the finest attributes of a caring human.

    He has done more but we won’t embarrass him further.

    Anyone demeaning such a person deserves exactly the treatment they offer.

  26. “Liberals this blah, blah, blah, liberals that blah, blah, blah…please learn courage and tough love from me…” Enjoy old fashioned, compassionate conservatism here in our sunshine blog. Tic tock, tic tock…

  27. Typical ‘indivisible’ / ‘progressive’ responses, change the subject.

    Ad daffy duck said: “despicable!”

    How about an apology to Gary?

  28. Now we can get back to the main topic:

    Let’s compare innocuous remarks relative to “round mound” to the death threat against twenty people?

  29. So as far as research shows me only one sitting mayor (past tense) didn’t support FRANK’S and that was Mayor Kownick of Cary.

    His opponent had ads on your blog….

    And lost.

    Lastly Walkup is and well is…Mike Walkup….

    If your going to write a story it’s the Republican party despite knowing better put its efforts like this blog….. behind… Mike Walkup.

  30. You forget the Hebron Village President and the Barrington Hills Village President.

  31. Walkup would have been a moderate as Chair.

    If Walkup were elected the Board wouldn’t be wasting time and money on each of Franks’ maneuvers and attempted takeover.

  32. Thank you Priest for the kind comments…but like everyone else, (except my dearly departed Mother and wonderful daughter)…you made a few errors regarding my past that need clarification.

    Actually I try to be a quiet guy, try not to say too much.

    But I do appreciate getting media on my side if it can help bring awareness to the plight of my friends in Cambodia.

    It was in Feb. of 2001 when I accepted the invitation of my dear pastor Ted Olbrich, to come to Cambodia and install septic systems at orphanages.

    My first three days I was basically in shock…

    I could not deal with or understand the poverty I saw, smelled or heard.

    I wanted to help, but my wallet became empty real quick.

    Going from below zero winter weather here to 100 degree tropical was nothing compared to the shock of seeing dozens of amputated people of all ages begging for food. It greatly affected me.

    The first orphanage I was asked to install a septic system was in BEAUTIFUL Siem Reap, the home of Angkor Wat.

    After digging in the hard clay looking for suitable soil, I just about started crying.

    The ground was not suitable for sub-surface drainage…now what???

    I came all the way here and I can do nothing to help provide a sanitary waste disposal system without proper soils, tanks, pipe, stone. Could not even purchase a GOOD shovel.

    All I could do was pray…

    Within minutes, 4 big Americans arrived to view the orphanage, and they see me on my hands and knees.
    When I told them my mission, these doctors hugged and congratulated me for helping prevent disease.
    These doctors came to provide medicine for the children to help recover from illness caused from sanitation issues. People die from diarrhea in poor countries.

    These doctors took me out to a fine restaurant, one that I would not think of spending money in, but the A/C sure felt nice.

    I was so encouraged from their wisdom and kindness.

    In addition I had a renewed spirit to figure out how to put a septic in where it made no sense.

    Without going into boring detail, I will just say a modified trans-evaporation chamber system was invented using old oil drums cut in half lengthwise to form concrete chambers.

    Capillary action and solar evaporation did the rest. The septic tank was made from concrete well casings, then installed baffles and a concrete bottom to make it work…I was one happy SEWERMAN!

    What made me the most happy was seeing the children have a private, sheltered sanitary toilet.

    When I go back now, the children are now grown adults, many serving the church. But they all smile and point and laugh and go through the motions of digging with a hoe…they remember me from 2001!

    I installed several more septics that trip before coming home to the most beautiful place I know.

    As much as I love going to Cambodia…I love coming home to the farm, with my loving Mother and silly dog, walking barefoot in the grass, enjoying the wonders of civilization without seeing the everyday reality of beggars in the street.


    When I came back I read about a barn that was going to be demolished.

    I immediately thought about how the Cambodians would appreciate the timbers since there is a “logging ban” in Cambodia, making wood very, very expensive.

    I thank God I was able to send the wood to Cambodia, (not Thailand)

    The church used the wood to build apartments for pastors in training at the headquarters in Phnom Penh.

    The wood was treated with used motor oil, then rebuilt very similarly to the original barn.

    I was one happy recycler when I saw how well it all worked out.

    It is still a beautiful, useful structure.

    Of course, there was room in the shipping container to send many septic system supplies and a BUNCH of good shovels! Putting septic systems in was so much easier when you have the right stuff.

    In 2005, Pastor Ted requested my service to install another septic in Kampon Chuen, and for the first time, I turned him down.

    The reason was I met a double amputee that needed some help getting his organization off the ground, literally.

    When I saw his house and efforts to help other landmine survivors, I committed myself to helping him in lovely Siem Reap.

    I’m sure many of you would as well.

    I can not properly explain what I saw and felt, other than this man had a heart of gold, and a plan to help others while living it.

    One scripture in Proverbs says: He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor shall himself cry and not be heard.

    Bob Dylan says “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend he just doesn’t see?

    I just could not turn my back on this brave and dedicated man.

    Capt. Sem Sovantha lost both legs from a Khmer Rouge landmine, but he NEVER let his disability get in the way of his mission to help others.

    Pastor Ted informed me that a landmine was discovered at the orphanage I was asked to install a septic.

    I thank God I did not go and possibly end up like Sovantha.

    But that was the “flash of inspiration” that triggered a resolve to build a tool to help Cambodia get rid of landmines.

    Today, after roughly ten years of work, three prototypes and many more trips to Cambodia, I now have a most efficient machine that I believe will save many lives and limbs.

    My goal is to help make Cambodia mine free in my lifetime.

    Actually, if I save one person from getting blown up or killed, all my time and effort will be well invested.

    And Priest, if you are still reading, the machines I have made were not ‘walk behind’.

    I first used my families old 1947 Farmall H modified with an electromagnet and a homemade tow behind crane that could be backed into a minefield.

    A bit clumsy, so the next prototype was a track mounted crane.

    A 1000 pound assembly of steel hammers would safely eliminate any anti-personnel mine.

    Problem is it took so much power to maneuver in soft soils.

    Now I have a US patent on a very efficient steering system that will allow maneuvering in any type of soil with much less energy.

    My hope is to raise money to send this to Cambodia after a remote control system and other improvements are purchased.

    So sorry for the long comment everyone, I just try to clear things up a bit when I see or hear something that is not quite accurate regarding myself.

  33. Thank you, Gary, for the corrections.

    Forgive the slip of southeast Asian nations and machine type.

    There are many distractions in life and, although your story is incredible, the details are clearly mixed in with one or two other bits of minutiae picked up over time.

    There were also several Hollywood stars interested in helping fund your effort, no?

    Pitt/Jolie once upon a time among others.

    Fascinating stuff.

    You are wonderful in spirit, heart and action.

    Forgive the reaction we had to one very disturbed very immature individual who attacked you.

    We know you would love them through their problems.

    Know your Christian attributes are admired by those who’ve met you.

  34. Actually Priest, I had to correct a few minor errors in your comments to try and hide my elation at your overwhelmingly complimentary viewpoints regarding a simple guy. I would have to buy new hats if I took it all in.

    Thanks so much!

    The simple, and most honest answer is this:

    I realize how blessed I am and want to share those blessings with the less fortunate.

    Jesus says when you give to the Lord, he returns to you a full measure, pressed down and overflowing.

    I guess I am greedy, I want more of Jesus!

  35. There is a local Facebook group, ‘Cary-Grove politics’ which shows that Kevin Craver (NWH) is a member.

    It is a closed group.

    I have received information that the following was recently posted on that site:

    “Kill all the radicals”.

    I am told the following names appear after that lead-in:

    Andrew Gasser, Rachael Lawrence, Paul Serwatka, Philip Stephan, Richard Ritchie, Amy Fues Odom, Michael Rein, Scott Gessert, Kelly Liebmann, Steve Verr, Jan Riemann, Janet M. Szymkowiak, Erik John Sivertsen, Kevin Christopher McConville, Mark R. Jaeger, John Pletz, Donna Kurtz, Raphael J. Kamner, Scott Vetter, Barbara Gessert, Susan Handelsman, Diane Evertsen, and David Schenk

    Maybe Kevin can do an expose?

    Will local and County Police provide them “extra protection”?

    Being on the death threat list and having been described therein as a Tea Party member , being career politician, and having Big Money backing….none of which is true, paid for my one and only campaign toward an unpaid seat on Woodstock D200 school board….

    Should I seek police protection?

    Should I go for some Slander Bux?

    Could we put a survey in USA Today as to which posting presents a more credible death threat, this or the one Jack Franks is claiming?

  36. Call the State’s attorney’s office and get yourself some protection, pronto!

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