Governor Emphasizes Opposition to Hate Crimes

A press release from Governor Bruce Ruaner:

Illinois Improving Training Hate Crime for State Police Cadets

CHICAGO – Governor Bruce Rauner today announced the next steps to comprehensive plan to combat hate crimes in Illinois through improved training of law enforcement.

As directed by the Governor last month, Illinois State Police worked with the Anti-Defamation League to create a new curriculum for Illinois State Police Cadets to better identify, investigate and prosecute hate crimes.

“Hate crimes are designed to instill fear in a minority community — to terrorize someone for being a minority — and we have laws in place that recognize the uniqueness of these crimes and increase penalties for them,” Governor Rauner said. “However, having these laws on the books isn’t enough. We need to ensure our law enforcement around the state have the training to recognize, investigate and help bring perpetrators of hate crimes to justice.”

The focus and purpose of this training will strengthen the knowledge and skills of officers by providing up-to-date information and strategies for identifying, investigating, and prosecuting hate crimes. It will also provide officers with ideas on how to work more effectively to change community norms that foster tolerance of and indifference toward hate crimes.

“The Illinois State Police takes crimes of this nature very seriously, which is why we’re ensuring our new cadets will undergo this valuable training to enhance their understanding of the law,” said Captain Christopher Campbell, Commander of the Illinois State Police Academy. “We look forward to working with the Anti-Defamation League to help transform law enforcement understanding of hate crime statewide.”

“The Anti-Defamation League is happy to work with the Illinois State Police in providing training and enhancing their overall training programs,” said Jessica Gall, Associate Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League said. “Hate crimes and hate incidents have a unique and devastating impact in our communities. Training first responders to identify, investigate and appropriately respond to these types of crimes, will only serve to strengthen the relationships that law enforcement has in our community. The ADL commends the Governor’s Office and the Illinois State Police on taking a leadership role in working to improve their response to crimes of this nature.”

Governor Rauner announced last month that Illinois would not be silent on hate and is working aggressively with the General Assembly to strengthen Illinois’ hate crime laws and curb anti-Semitic boycotts of Israel, and improve anti-hate education in schools.

“Our agency is proud to be collaborating with our statewide partners to strengthen curriculum and training efforts to ensure that our responses to criminal acts of hate and discriminatory acts go hand in hand, “said IDHR Acting Director Janice Glenn.”Those who come to our agency for support are quite often the most vulnerable in our society and these measures put us in a better position to help those who come to the Department of Human Rights with a possible hate crime.”


Governor Emphasizes Opposition to Hate Crimes — 11 Comments

  1. As the “politically correct” war on whites continues, Gov. Rauner does his part.

  2. In the parallel un

    Sit back, relax, and continue to enjoy the nonsense that can only be found in our sunshine blog. Tic tock, tic tock…

  3. @OldManWinter – Llavona has just described his posts quite accurately.

    Drama queen and troll.


    From what I have been reading on the internet, talking about who created and owns The Federal Reserve is considered “hate speech”. I call it the largest PONZI SCHEME foisted on the world.

    I imagine discussing the HUGE amounts of molten metal found in the basements of ALL three buildings owned by Larry Silverstein that symmetrically collapsed on 9-11-2001 will be considered “hate speech”.

    Never before or since has a steel skyscraper collapsed from fire. But ‘Lucky Larry’ has three collapse in one day! If fire weakened the steel supports as the ‘commission’ published, the collapse would have been much, much different. The areas with the most extreme heat would slowly sag and lean the building. Instead, in near free fall speed, the super strong supporting steel columns offered no resistance. UNBELIEVABLE!

    The molten metal was discovered after millions of gallons of water was pumped on the debris. Pictures from this event are found on the internet, yet the 9-11 commission NEVER mentioned these anomalies or the “SMOKING GUN” Building #7.

    I forget which philosopher said, in effect. ‘You know who is in control when no one dares speak about them.’

    IS THIS THE REAL REASON for the “hate speech” discussion? A slippery slope to censorship.

    Never forget what George W. Bush told Tim Russert when Tim questioned George about the Fed.

    “Don’t you know Tim…. I CAN’T TALK ABOUT THE FED!” Mr. Russert died shortly after this interview

    I will because I AM AN AMERICAN! I am not afraid of the threat of being labeled for ‘hate speech’
    On the other hand I understand Gov. Rauner’s desire to repulse violence from ANYONE who promotes violence in their comments. No need for violence, ALWAYS need for the TRUTH!

    Already, Amazon is purging books that question historical events. Youtube is having videos removed.

    Wake Up America! Time is running out on your constitutional rights. Please research these topics and stand up for Freedom and Liberty.

  5. That’s not even the half of it, Gary. The libraries were debased years ago. Schools teach socialism and common core principles. Real art has been purged and replaced by worthless garbage. Music is not anything resembling music these days. All television is based on lies to program you. Technocracy is enslaving the masses and no one is the wiser. You’ve never had freedom or liberty. Just the mirage of a dream.

  6. Dear sunshine blogger: Despite deleting part of my previous post, I still have the highest opinion of you (not so much for your cat). For the billions of readers who missed it, here it goes again: In the parallel universe where my compassionate conservative friends live, they feel victims of racial injustice and oppression. Tic tock, tic tock…

  7. Funny thing my history classes never taught about the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

    Or the prohibition of the most valuable industrial and medicinal plant on earth.

    Not much about the genocide unleashed on the native population, or the genocide in Cambodia.

    It was when I had a math class and they taught us how bankers make money on interest.

    OK, but please tell me when, after 15 years of payment on a 30 year loan, the principal is roughly 80%, not half. (actually I did not reference an amortization chart, just guessed at the 80%)

    Or the fact of ‘fractional reserve banking’, creating money out of thin air, but charging usury on it. Could this be the reason that one penny in 1913 is equal to one dollar in 2017?

    USURY, not reasonable interest rates are what causes SO MANY FINANCIAL WOES. USURY use to be illegal in America and is still illegal in many countries.

    Sad part is, the US now goes to war where usury is illegal.

    And I might as well add,… could the upswing in heroin use be tied to US involvement in Afghanistan? Could the US government possibly be involved in bringing opium/heroin into the states?

    s questioning this possibility considered ‘hate speech’???

    All I can do is pray, and let off steam on this blog.

    God bless America and… THANK YOU CAL!

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