Jack Franks Threatens Effective County Board Opponent, Chuck Wheeler – Part 1

You might guess that having spent most of my government service in the legislative branch that I identify with it most closely.

(Yes, I know I was in the Executive Branch when I worked in the Executive Office of the President’s Budget Bureau and as McHenry County Treasurer, but my heart is with the Legislative Branch.)

Most of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ experience has been in the Legislative Branch, too.

All of it was spent under the protection of House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Madigan provided the leadership example for Franks.

A recent example:

When State Rep. Scott Drury refused to vote for Madigan for House Speaker, Madigan took money away from him by not appointing him as a committee chairman.

Madigan’s not so subtle message:

“Do what I want or you’ll be punished.”

Chuck Wheeler expresses frustration at the restrictions imposed by the Federal government.

Now we have Franks threatening McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler with criminal prosecution.

That’s what came out at the Human Resources Committee meeting this morning (1:28 minutes into the meeting; listen here) when Mike Walkup revealed he had found a letter from Franks to Wheeler in his Administrative Building mailbox.

In his “Dear Mr. Wheeler” letter, dated Monday, April 3, 2017, and addressed to his home, Franks writes,

I have been informed that you refused to vacate the meeting room during closed executive session on March 28, 2017 at the McHenry County Mental Health Board regular meeting.

As you know, Dr. Paula Yensen, the duly appointed liaison, was present to represent the County Board.

Jack Franks

You did not have actual or implied authority to represent the County Board or government at that meeting.

As such, your attendance was solely as a private citizen.

For you to make representations to members of the Mental Health Board that you were entitled to appear in a closed executive session because of your position as an elected official, despite clear legal restrictions proscribing your presence is inexcusable.

Nonetheless, you improperly and illegally attended a closed session where sensitive personnel matters were discussed.

Article 4, Section 1, Rule 1.5 of the McHenry County Board Rules state that “d]iscussions held in executive session are considered privileged and confidential.  Not County Board member shall breach the confidentiality of privileged information.”

As a result of your actions, the attorney/client privilege has now been compromised and the individuals who were discussed at the meeting may now be entitled to all  information discussed.

Pursuant to 5ILCS 120/3, you have now subjected both yourself and the County to potential civil action.

Please also be award that 5 ILCS 120/4 provides for violations of this kind to be prosecuted as a Class C Misdemeanor with a punishment of up to 30 days in jail and a $1,500.00 fine.

It will be up to the State’s Attorney or a special prosecutor to determine whether you should be prosecuted for your conduct.

Please be award that should you be sued civilly, it would be improper for the State’s Attorney to defend you, as you acted solely as a private citizen and not as a member of the County Board.

Please be advised that further actions may be taken.

Should you wish to discuss this matter, please contact me.

Very truly yours,

Jack D. Franks
McHenry County Board

cc:  McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office, Members of the County Board.


Jack Franks Threatens Effective County Board Opponent, Chuck Wheeler – Part 1 — 47 Comments

  1. What an ASS this guy is. Franks thinks he can push around everyone.

    My advice try to find something so he can be ousted

  2. Pardon me but how, if Wheeler was indeed attending the meeting as a private citizen and he is subject to prosecution as a private citizen, what the hell is Frank’s sticking his nose into it for?

    I mean we know the answer, right?

  3. Franks goes after the only black man on the board first.

    After just last week playing the ‘Holocaust ‘card.

    Thought you knew a guy?

  4. No such thing Fierabras.

    Let the chickens take care of all FOUR weasels!

  5. What the “round mound” is doing, is not a GAME for people’s lives he is impacting negatively!

    If it is, the main participant is one despicable character.

    Definition of GAME: “An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.”

    Screwing with people’s lives is not a GAME.

    When he had a state lackey go after IMRF at the County, that was not a GAME.

    Going after Chuck is not a GAME, it is the “round mound” being a ‘bully’.

    The “round mound” was born with a “silver spoon” and has developed the art of being a “bully”.

    I do hope a few County employees are keeping voice recordings of his ‘reported’ outbursts at the County building.

    If you want to see what the “round mound” is attempting to do in this County, read this story about his HERO, Mike Madigan who the “round mound” is attempting to emulate: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/the-illinoisans-who-vote-for-madigan/

    The voters in this County adhere closely to the motto: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

    Board members who in any way condone the activities of the “round mound” will face a voter backlash.

  6. Just a couple of points need to be thought about when one reads Cal’s post.

    Did Mr Wheeler know or request that Walkup bring this letter to Cal or the public in general?

    If not, sharing this letter letter is wrong on several levels.

    If Wheeler did want it shared, one would ask why?

    All of the points in the letter are factual.

    In one of my paths in life, I was involved in many many Closed Executive sessions as part of my job.

    You bet there are many regulations and expectations involving these meetings for good reasons.

    Cal knows this.

    That’s why only certain topics may be discussed in these sessions.

    Personnel issues are private.

    Wheeler had no business being there and put people’s reputations at risk.

    Isn’t it Frank’s job to warn Wheeler of this potential violations and possible consequences?

    Seems Franks may have been both a good Chairman and perhaps friend.

    I know that all or most folks on this blog dislike Franks.

    I am no supporter of his either.

    These are just some thoughts that perhaps Cal could have thought of before adding this post to his obvious obsession with Franks.

  7. Like soon-to-be-gone Bill O’Reilly, compassionate conservatives never see race…unless it is convenient to justify their pointless point. Long life to our sunshine blog! Tic tock, tic tock…

  8. Of course it is not a coincidence our sunshine blogger can’t stop posting headlines that read “Jack Franks threatens…” right after a threat against Franks’ life was posted in our glorious sunshine blog. Is this an irresponsible and desperate twist of confusion and misinformation by our sunshine blogger? No alarm please, I am just asking. But rest assured that we all feel nothing but respect and admiration for our sunshine blogger. I’m sure he is working around the clock to provide us with an exclusive report and interview with the four counselors fired from MCC a month ago; only because he only cares about being fair and balanced…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. Re: “Seems Franks may have been both a good Chairman and perhaps friend. ”

    Sure never want the guy that states: “whether you should be prosecuted for your conduct”

    and: “Please be advised that further actions may be taken.”

    to ever be considered as my “friend”.

    If the “round mound” really had the best interest of Wheeler in mind, a phone call or private conversation would have been the proper communication – not threats in a letter.

  10. Mr. Wheeler is the Chair of Public Heath & Community Services Committee, he had the authority to be in closed session.


    Agencies of the: Board of Health (Health Department); Regional Superintendent of Schools; Valley Hi; Veterans Assistance; 708 Mental Health Board; Workforce Investment Board; Community Development & Housing Grant Commission and Senior Services Grant Commission.

    Stewardship/liaison for matters pertaining to the budget, expenditures, and new revenues received through grants for: Board of Health; Mental Health Board; Regional Office of Education; Valley Hi Operating Board; Veterans’ Assistance Commission; Senior Services Grant Commission; TB Board; Workforce Network and the Workforce Investment Board.

    The Committee recommends appointments to the Board of Health, Mental Health Board, McHenry County Housing Authority Board, Valley Hi Operating Board, TB Board, Community Development & Housing Grant Commission and Senior Services Grant Commission.

  11. Shame on you Leeeeery!

    Quit trying to confuse the “round mound” with facts!

    Your comment does not fit the ‘Indivisible’ narrative!

    I can’t wait to read the NWH slant on this story!

  12. Conservative voter: by defintions we use today, Cal is playing GAMES by having this blog.
    “You might be reminded here of my discussion of political analysis of games. I said there that what we focus on when we analyze games politically is the way people relate to each other, and specifically the powers they have over each other. And that’s the first clue as to what is a political game – it is a game that encourages, or requires, people to do stuff to each other. More specifically it’s a game where players stand in relations of power towards – they have specific things they can do to each other. Often, these powers are encapsulated in roles that are basically titles for specific game states that bestow powers on one or more players.”
    This isn’t 1950, try and keep up.

  13. Facts don’t matter Leeery.

    All that matters is Jacko is pissed at Wheeler for his pointing out Franks’ possible ethics violation having campaign materials at a Government sponsored expo booth.

  14. Being chair of that county board committee did not give Wheeler the authority to be in an executive session of the Mental Health Board.

    That board is a separate entity.

    It has one County Board rep and that is the appointed liaison.

    And the executive session was on personnel matters — not any of his business at that point.

  15. Wheeler broke the law. Franks has a fiduciary duty to the citizens to protect against additional lawsuits. Wheeler already has cost the taxpayers $25,000 for his previous open meeting act violation.

    This guy never learns.

    Now, he violated the law again exposing the taxpayers to more liability.

    And Franks is the bad guy for pointing it out to telling him to knock it off and to quit breaking the law?!

    The bottom line is he has committed both civil and criminal violations and people need to know that if they do that Franks will call them out. The good old boys are running scared because Franks is not allowing lawbreakers to get away with it anymore JUST like he stopped the IMRF rip off of our taxpayers.

  16. Please stop it!

    Jack Franks is no tax fighter.

    The only true and genuine tax fighter I know and care about is our sunshine blogger.

    Didn’t you read his his biography?

    Industry: Government; Occupation: Tax fighter; Location: all over this planet through the sunshine blog.

    Wait a minute!

    Perhaps we need an explanation about a person who works in government but spends every minute of his remaining life trashing it.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy the nonsense…Tic, tock, tic, tock

  17. “the attorney/client privilege has now been compromised ”

    How is there such privilege in such a meeting?

    What crap!

  18. Cal,

    Who provided you the personnel letter to Wheeler?

    Once again, this is something that should have never been shared on a blog.

  19. Can’t wait for part II, and part III, and part IV, and keep going forever…Tic, tock, tic, tock

  20. Here’s a pix of the fulsome Cuban llavona …. it’s an invasive species …. watch out for its toxic sting and bite … and all the scary diseases it carries.

    Here’s some other warnings:

    Don’t dare attack, even verbally its queen ….

    Don’t try and handle it with your bare hands … try and get a cat pet-carrier, and bait the carrier with filth … that’s what the llavona feeds on …

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  21. As you can see, a copy was given to every County Board member.

  22. Why is Franks so threatened by Wheeler being at the closed session?

    I think folks need to keep an eye on what is going on with the MHB.

  23. If you switched the players you would all be crying foul.

    Mr. Wheeler broke the rules.

    The head of that board should be counselled for failing to have him removed before starting the meeting.

    These are not opinions but clearly stated rules- executive session.

    If I went to a city council meeting or school board meeting or non for profit board meeting and attempted to stay during executive session I would be told to leave.

    If I refused- it is likely the meeting would be called off. This is not debatable. You people are cracked.

    Cal- shame on you.

    You KNOW what was done was correct.

    You can not claim to be a legitimate media source if you choose to publish clearly biased and inaccurate information.

  24. Chuck Wheeler: damed if he doesn’t, damed is he does.

    All because he’s up for election next.

  25. Stop trashing my favorite tax fighter! He is a true journalist, giving it all to honor true journalism with no political agenda. Sunshine blogger, when are we getting the next cats & guns story? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  26. Perhaps all the Board should have seen the letter, but it is still a private matter for Board members.

    This is not the type of internal communication that should appear on this or any public blog, Cal.

    You know this and yet you keep this between you and the leaker.

    You, Cal, you should never pretend that you are here for anything but stirring the pot.

    Inish, is correct in his/her comments on who is to be in Executive Sessions.

    As it states, “Shame on you, Cal”.

  27. Mr Wheeler was reported to have been invited by the MHB Director to attend this meeting.

    If that is the case, he did nothing wrong.

    Someone should have ascertained if that was true or not before firing off letters.

    Now there could be action taken against the county if he was slandered without any investigation.

  28. Thewizard,

    A big difference between General Session invitation and Executive Session.

  29. I know that other County Board members have attended Executive Sessions of other bodies appointed by the McHenry County Board.

    Can we expect Jack Franks to dictate more letters to his patronage hire?

  30. If it was inappropriate for Mr Wheeler to sit in on that executive session, and I don’t know if it was or not, the fault lies with the Mental Health Board for allowing him to remain while confidential matters were discussed.

    The people who are entrusted with confidential information are the ones responsible for ensuring that it remains confidential.

    If Mr Wheeler really “refused to vacate the meeting room”, as WeaselNumberOne asserts in his letter, the Mental Health Board could have had him removed or else postponed the executive session.

    This letter reads like yet more bs from an out of control Chairman.

  31. Where in the Illinois Open Meetings Act does it provide for the ability to exclude a duly elected member of the public body from attending a meeting (open or closed) of the public body?

    And, as a duly elected member of the public body, is he not considered a client of the aforementioned attorney for ALL matters relating to the public body?

    Or has the HR Committee somehow separately contracted the services of this attorney and only the HR Committee members are seemingly covered by attorney/client priviledge?

  32. HOW is a County Board Member “not allowed” in a County Board Executive Session?

    Based on what, “Jack Franks’ Rules Of Order” or something..?

  33. Good to know I’ll never be sued by any of the commenters in this blog because none of them are lawyers seeing as they have zero understanding that Wheeler broke the law.

    You have a real group of winners here, Cal.

  34. Illinois lawyers like Jack are why IL has over 7k gov agencies.

    Call it job security as each agency needs a lawyer as a mouth piece.

  35. I’m sure you’d say the same thing abou Steve Reick too right?

  36. Regardless of all the pontification, Cal should not have used this letter as a post until he checked the circumstances and appropriateness of the information.

    When I say nothing involving Executive Sessions should be made public until a general board action takes place, it is not public.

    Wheeler had no business in the ES unless he had business related to the specific agenda items.

    If this has occurred, per Cal, it’s wrong and most likely an issue that needs to be looked into.

    Cal needs to correct his bad “reporting”, and perhaps think before he allows his personal hate for Franks to taint his blog more that it has already has been tainted.

    Cal, you are continuing to make yourself look like an individual who can’t separate your “feelings/hate” for appropriateness.

    The more you hang on this particular individual the more foolish you become.

    As we age, we need to reflect on our relevance to new “stuff”,before we “go off”.

    We start to look goofy.

  37. Sunshine blogger: It is time for the overkill. Post Part 2 without delay. I respectfully suggest the heading “Threatening Franks strikes back.” Tic, tock, tic, tock

  38. “Tom”, last time I checked, Cal didn’t answer to you. Go whine somewhere else.

    Glad Cal brought it to our attention that the current county board chairman is doing more campaigning and bullying that doing work in his newly elected role.

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