Operation Click Gives Away Three Cars

McHenry County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Muraski can be seen speaking to half of the Holiday Inn crowd.

Started in 1998 with the three high schools in Crystal Lake cooperating with the CL Police Department and the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce, Operation Click is now a robust two-state enterprise dedicated to keeping teens safe while driving their vehicles.

Lining up for the first car.

Ironically, Crystal Lake High School District 155 has dropped out of the peer-to-peer project for unclear reasons and, apparently, intends to recreate the wheel, but with emphasis on drug use.

Even so, the drawings for participating Illinois High Schools, including all located in McHenry County except those in District 155, was held in the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn.

Winners were

Jacob Cobb of Harvard High School

Jacob Cobb of Huntley High School was the first lucky student whose key started a car’s engine.

Francesca Buraro of Conant High School in Hoffman Estates

Operation Click wsinner Francesca Buraro of Conant High School in Hoffman Estates.

Daniel Bronfeyn of Mundelein High School

When Mundelein High student Daniel Bronfeyn inserted his key, the engine started and the light s started flashing.

The presentation of the day consisted of McHenry County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Muraski talking about the increasing drug use among McHenry County residents.

Heroin packaging in McHenry County. “Hits’ cost as little as $10.

He said that Sheriff’s deputies had become “pseudo paramedics,” having administered Narcan seven times in the last two years.

Sean McGrath, a Crystal Lake Policeman who in his spare time heads up Operation Click said that Narcan had been administered to ten people by his department in the last year.

“I’m not in the business to put heroin users in jail,” Muraski stressed.

Scotty Kunes and Sean McGrath talked after the event.

He said the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department had cooperated with Chicago Police to arrest members of a West Side organization selling to County residents.

Muraski told of a 14-year old having called his department because she wanted to get help for her parents.

Family members call “because they’re worried about their loved ones,” he said.

McGrath was effusive in his praise of the volunteer members of the Operation Click Board.

So was Beth Mosher, AAA’s representative at the event.

“”Sean says Board members are ‘dedicated.’  That just does not begin to describe how much time they put in,” she told the audience who were anxiously awaiting the final part of the program

Bill Hogan, spokesman for Good Shepherd Hospital, a big sponsor from the 1998 beginning of the program, told those attending,

“We have such a problem with heroin coming into our Emergency Room.  We don’t know what to do about it.”

Two cars were donated by the Kunes Country Auto Group of Antioch.

One was contributed by Black Diamond Plumbing and Mechanical.

Black Diamond owners Rick and Patty Sperando pose with car winner Francesca Buraro of Conant High School in Hoffman Estates.

Two more award ceremonies will be held in Wisconsin next week.


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