Comparing This Spring’s Tax Takes with Last Year’s

The night before last I put together the numbers from the 2015 tax bills for pretty much each tax district in McHenry County with those for 2016.

Because the tax year is one year behind the year in which taxes are collected, what you see below compares taxes collected last year with those which will be collected this year.

If you would like to peruse the source documents, you can find 2015’a here and 2016’s here. ┬áIf you find any mistakes please let me know so I can correct them.

Tax District 2015 Extension 2016 Extension % Change
McHenry County $76,289,016.00 $79,424,610.97 4.11%
McHenry County Conservation District $19,583,206.46 $19,511,341.32 -0.37%
Elgin Community College $4,283,998.62 $4,351,239.69 1.57% McH Co only
McHenry County College $26,861,784.02 $26,774,324.69 -0.33%
Grade School Districts
Richmond-Spring Grove Grade Sch Dist 2 $12,531,532.35 $12,531,543.44 0.00%
Fox River Grove Grade School Dist 3 $5,725,348.87 $5,876,302.74 2.64%
McHenry Grade School Dist 15 $51,869,079.30 $53,272,645.86 2.71%
Riley Grade School Dist 18 $3,908,792.30 $4,015,842.24 2.74%
Cary Grade School Dist 26 $23,202,091.91 $23,063,008.87 -0.60%
Wonder Lake Grade School Dist 36 $3,723,494.96 $3,245,773.88 -12.83%
Prairie Grove Grade School Dist 46 $10,599,998.44 $10,615,011.94 0.14%
Crystal Lake Grade School Dist 47 $73,706,965.92 $74,958,784.60 1.70%
Marengo Grade School District 165 $7,032,802.44 $7,102,381.81 0.99%
High School Districts
Marengo High School Dist 154 $10,334,461.81 $10,445,513.38 1.07%
Crystal Lake High School Dist 155 $72,207,718.78 $72,260,935.22 0.07%
McHenry High School Dist 156 $26,680,079.89 $26,990,105.15 1.16%
Richmond-Burton High Sch Dist 157 $11,570,898.22 $11,570,913.82 0.00%
Unit School Districts
Johnsburg Unit School Dist 12 $22,941,186.58 $22,908,159.51 -0.14%
Alden-Hebron Unit School Dist 19 $4,334,380.49 $4,388,566.85 1.25%
Harvard Unit School Dist 50 $15,010,438.10 $15,405,994.46 2.64%
Wauconda Unit School Dist 118 49,948,610 6,723,377 -86.54% McH Co only
Huntley Unit School Dist 158 $54,292,472.26 $56,878,251.59 4.76% McH Co only
Woodstock Unit School Dist 200 $59,100,507.28 $57,689,156.13 -2.39%
Barrington Unit School Dist 220 $5,400,548.73 $5,732,388.26 6.14% McH Co only
Carpentersville Unit Sch Dist 300 $54,939,784.00 $5,732,388.26 -89.57% McH Co only
Fire Protection Districts
Alg-LITH FPD $7,821,097.10 $8,702,041.62 11.26%
Barrington Country FPD $362,527.82 $413,460.46 14.05% McH Co only
Cary FPD $3,813,386.70 $3,979,179.26 4.35%
CL Rural FPD $1,579,676.97 $1,634,846.02 3.49%
FRG FPD $1,278,219.78 $1,299,896.64 1.70%
Harvard FPD $1,040,959.44 $1,040,961.50 0.00%
Hebron-Alden-Grnwd FPD $432,168.61 $436,990.97 1.12%
Huntley FPD $8,466,886.01 $8,467,066.81 0.00%
Marengo FPD $1,031,421.37 $1,086,158.56 5.31%
Marengo Rescue Squad $625,174.98 $650,181.56 4.00%
McHenry Twp FPD $7,025,008.53 $7,306,019.55 4.00%
Nunda Rural FPD $953,999.89 $965,803.29 1.24%
Richmond FPD $677,903.06 $710,501.91 4.81%
Spring Grove FPD $1,501,000.86 $1,519,005.30 1.20%
Union FPD $189,662.67 $196,918.23 3.83%
Wauconda FPD $837,777.75 $837,757.28 0.00% McH Co only
Woodstock FPD $6,000,008.84 $6,145,008.84 2.42%
Wonder Lake FPD $949,369.99 $958,006.82 0.91%
Alden Town $115,698.88 $115,698.40 0.00%
Alden Road $172,564.32 $175,431.07 1.66%
Algonquin Town $1,800,417.20 $1,640,025.38 -8.91%
Algonquin Road $4,049,030.71 $3,926,154.18 -3.03%
Bruton Town $155,643.04 $155,643.14 0.00%
Burton Road $217,577.02 $221,928.22 2.00%
Chemung Town $190,423.88 $192,658.64 1.17%
Chemung Road $532,537.40 $546,521.46 2.63%
Coral Town $110,596.22 $88,477.88 -20.00%
Coral Road $303,500.67 $303,501.07 0.00%
Dorr Town $669,629.73 $669,002.09 -0.09%
Dorr Road $1,265,129.57 $1,265,004.65 -0.01%
Dunham Town $144,852.28 $145,905.88 0.73%
Dunham Road $320,078.03 $316,596.06 -1.09%
Grafton Town $1,158,962.01 $1,048,181.99 -9.56%
Grafton Road $834,728.44 $854,460.57 2.36%
Greenwood Town $458,082.58 $458,085.12 0.00%
Greenwood Road $1,057,179.61 $1,057,184.92 0.00%
Hartland Town $167,432.88 $166,948.33 -0.29%
Hartland Road $246,927.46 $251,905.85 2.02%
Hebron Town $133,606.22 $140,376.56 5.07%
Hebron Road $228,001.53 $231,385.10 1.48%
Marengo Town $292,833.69 $294,884.91 0.70%
Marengo Road $469,481.37 $492,950.48 5.00%
McHenry Town $1,876,442.91 $1,688,801.23 -10.00%
McHenry Road $3,328,120.90 $3,000,002.27 -9.86%
Nunda Town $1,144,307.00 $984,618.53 -13.96%
Nunda Road $3,282,574.59 $3,165,569.72 -3.56%
Richmond Town $277,003.27 $277,000.86 0.00%
Richmond Road $516,782.51 $523,227.62 1.25%
Riley Town $185,952.06 $192,278.00 3.40%
Riley Road $255,509.81 $257,660.44 0.84%
Seneca Town $152,000.49 $150,000.70 -1.32%
Seneca Road $286,726.65 $289,603.29 1.00%
Cities and Villages
Algonquin $4,176,673.36 $4,064,311.90 -2.69% McH Co only
Barrington Hills $1,619,568.36 $1,488,580.71 -8.09% McH Co only
Bull Valley $1,488,580.71 $383,774.30 0.00%
Cary $383,774 $2,510,606.12 0.00%
Crystal Lake $3,730,642.73 $3,738,813.77 0.22%
Crystal Lake Fire $8,149,034.37 $8,140,888.73 -0.10%
Fox River Grove $828,084.48 $846,006.93 2.16% McH Co only
Fox Lake $158,701.60 $161,981.67 2.07% McH Co only
Fox Lake Fire $70,085.48 $0 -100.00% McH Co only
Greenwood $0 $0 #DIV/0!
Harvard $2,921,876.86 $2,527,828.29 -13.49%
Hebron $178,836.64 $186,884.90 4.50%
Holiday Hills $31,350.03 $31,350.07 0.00%
Huntley $2,545,061.01 $2,901,841.67 14.02% McH Co only
Island Lake $718,223.61 $668,146.81 -6.97% McH Co only
Johnsburg $859,171.62 $859,176.20 0.00%
Lake in the Hills $5,481,691.49 $5,481,687.66 0.00%
Lakemoor $232,691.35 $246,736.81 6.04%
Lakewood $1,723,235.51 $1,762,795.60 2.30%
Marengo $1,560,035.57 $1,572,934.80 0.83%
McCullum Lake $132,321.14 $130,806.16 -1.14%
McHenry $4,761,650.14 $4,618,817.04 -3.00%
Oakwood Hills $289,000.96 $293,501.10 1.56%
Port Barrington $88,934.30 $89,498.79 0.63% McH Co only
Prairie Grove $360,002.37 $360,002.09 0.00%
Richmond $468,685.77 $475,008.81 1.35%
Ringwood $80,999.88 $83,000.20 2.47%
Spring Grove $669,532.66 $671,554.20 0.30%
Trout Valley $0 $0 #DIV/0!
Union $88,626.20 $89,353.13 0.82%
Wonder Lake $408,999.44 $413,001.29 0.98%
Woodstock $9,183,026.26 $8,315,361.49 -9.45%
Park Districts
Barrington Hills $60,040.34 $67,328.14 12.14% McH Co only
Cary $4,587,148.04 $4,643,079.00 1.22%
Crystal Lake $7,259,385.44 $7,361,418.19 1.41%
Huntley $3,620,920.02 $2,774,958.98 -23.36% McH Co only
Marengo $492,062.07 $498,477.27 1.30%
Library Districts
Algonquin $6,049,462.37 $6,354,892.50 5.05%
Barrington $365,556.66 $365,556.66 0.00% McH Co only
Cary $1,937,165.49 $1,975,266.33 1.97%
Crystal Lake $4,494,519.81 $4,494,534.75 0.00%
Fox River Grove $544,519.31 $557,891.49 2.46%
Huntley $2,172,134.89 $2,238,467.61 3.05%
Johnsburg $619,001.51 $625,001.28 0.97%
Marengo-Union $650,477.55 $642,253.28 -1.26%
McHenry $3,180,652.28 $3,180,653.29 0.00%
River East $223,733.84 $234,913.78 5.00%
Nippersink $646,404.31 $647,994.86 0.25%
Woodstock Rural $416,200.69 $416,501.80 0.07%
Wauconda $467,474.44 $466,476.41 -0.21% McH Co only
Sanitary Districts
Northern Maraine $86,976.57 $85,138.20 -2.11% McH Co only
LITH $752,008.55 $751,309.47 -0.09%



Comparing This Spring’s Tax Takes with Last Year’s — 29 Comments

  1. Chuck Wheelet said if there is wiggle room, the board will not pass the cuts. If Chuck votes against cuts, he is the wiggler!!

    Donna Kurtz also waffled in passing a mandate. Is she for cuts or for bigger government?

    Mike Skala was reticent to set a diffinitive benchmark – is he going to vote for higher taxes?

    Larry Smith said the board would not take cuts seriously without a mandate. Is he truly serious about cuts?

    Yvonne Barnes is vocal about the wanting the cuts. Will she support decreasing our burdensome tax liabilities?

  2. Stupid question…how do Wauconda and Carpentersville school districts drop such a huge percentage? Were the districts redrawn?

  3. The county tax is LOW – schools are the problem. The county has to have enough money to operate and pay bills. Do not push the low man on the total pole. SCHOOLS ARE THE PROBLEM.

  4. The real questions should be:

    What services will be cut / eliminated?

    Which union contract(s) will be renegotiated to lower the compensation package?

    When will the patronage hires be dismissed?

    Will Valley Hi be sold?

    Will MCCD eliminates its police force?

    When income is reduced, expenses must be reduced or other sources of revenue identified.

    What fees will increase?

  5. Was Jack Franks waiting to begin cut 10 resolution and ad hoc committee until a union collective bargaining agreement was renegotiated?

  6. The FOP Unit III collective bargaining agreement on the county website expired November 30, 2015.

    What is the story with that?

    Has a new agreement been negotiated but not posted?

    Was there an extension? …. if so please post the extension.

    The county should explain to the taxpayers for transparency purposes as the taxpayers fund the pay and benefits listed in the collective bargaining agreement.

  7. About 1/2 of the county employees are in collective bargaining units (labor unions).

    The labor unions are under no obligation to re-open existing collective bargaining agreements, to renegotiate any aspect of the agreement.

    They can agree to do so, but don’t have to.

    Cutting, freezing, or reigning in salaries and benefits of non union employees, while not doing so for union employees, would encourage non union employees to unionize.

    The collective bargaining agreements for the 10 bargaining units (labor union locals) present in the county are found on this website:

    The bargaining units and period covered by each agreement are:

    FOP Unit 1, December 2014 – November 30, 2018 (Sheriff Deputies)

    FOP Unit 2, December 2014 – November 30, 2018 (Corrections)

    FOP Unit 3, December 2012 – November 30, 2015 (Sheriff Civilians)

    IUOE Local 150, July 2014 – June 30, 2018 (Div of Transportation)

    IUOE Local 150, December 2015 – November 30, 2018 (Facilities Management Department)

    MAP, December 2014 – November 30, 2018 (Circuit Clerk office employees)

    SEIU Local 73, December 2014 – November 30, 2018 (Animal Control)

    SEIU Local 73, December 2014 – November 30, 2018 (Coroner’s office)

    SEIU Local 73, December 2015 – November 30, 2019 (Valley Hi Nurses – RN & LPN)

    SEIU Local 73, December 2015 – November 30, 2019 (Valley Hi Support Staff


    FOP = Fraternal Order of Police

    IUOE = International Union of Operating Engineers

    MAP = Metropolitan Alliance of Police

    SEIU = Service Employees International Union


    In addition to those 10 labor agreements, there are two additional bargaining units with the McHenry County Conservation District:

    FOP, Police Officers (would need to submit a FOIA request for documents indicating the salaries, benefits, and any and all forms of other compensation. Does a collective bargaining agreement yet exist for these employees? If so, it should be posted on the Conservation District website. If not, the agreed salaries and benefits should be posted.

    IUOE Local 150, Maintenance & care of land & facilities (see above notes for FOP regarding compensation and benefits

    The Conservation District has lousy transparency.

  8. Nothing related to gov funding will ever be easy to defund to any large degree, but appearing to be another stone in the road seems illogical while claiming we are over taxed at the same time.

  9. We’ll see the dollar amount of proposed cuts which are from organized labor.

    We’ll see the dollar amount of proposed cuts from non union labor.

    Being that Jack Franks PACs have received over $1 million dollars in contributions from organized labor.

    And only 1 of the county’s 10 labor agreements listed on the HR collective bargaining section of its website (March 21, 2017 memo from Cheryl Chukwu states there are 11 unions…which is the 11th bargaining unit?) has an expiration date prior to June 30, 2018 (FOP Unit 3 expired November 30, 2015 but what is the rest of the story on that).

    And considering that labor costs is the major cost in the county budget.


    Here is some history on labor in McHenry County.

    And isn’t it interesting that Cut 10 is being conducted in parallel with a study on non union labor force employed by the county.


    To: McHenry County Board

    From: Cheryl Chukwu

    Date: March 21, 2017

    Subject: Resolution Authorizing a Contract Agreement with The Archer Company to Provide a Classification / Compensation / Benefit Analysis

    Board / Committee Action Requested: Approve a Resolution authorizing a contract agreement with The Archer Company to provide a classification / compensation / benefit analysis.

    Background and Discussion: In 2007, McHenry County contracted with RSM McGladrey to conduct a classification / compensation study.

    At the same time, McHenry County had approximately 928 non-union positions.

    In 2007, McHenry County had only three (3) Fraternal Order of Police unions.

    That number has since increased to 11 (including AFSCME, MAP, Local 150 and SEIU).

    In light of these changes, McHenry County currently has 609 non-union positions.

    Many of McHenry County’s non-union positions have evolved over the last 10 years due to department reorganizations and a significant reduction in the number of non-union positions (100+) wihtout a significant contraction of services.

    Impact on Human Resources: Provide support as needed. Facilitate / coordinate processes as necessary.

    Impact on Budget (Revenue; Expenses, Fringe Benefits): Full cost of contract has been budgeted for the in the fiscal year 2017 budget, 090005-4435.

    Impact on Capital Expenditures: N/A

    Impact on Physical Space: N/A

    Impact on Other County Departments or Outside Agencies: Non-union staff and department heads will be asked to complete forms, review forms and participate in interviews.

    Conformity to Board Ordinances, Policies and Strategic Plan: The Human Resources Director issued an RFP with respect to such a study in November of 2016, received nine (9) proposals and conducted reference checks in January of 2017.


    02/09/17 – Finance & Audit – Failed

    02/21/17 – County Board – Tabled by Voice

    02/28/17 – Human Resources Committee – Recommended with Changes

    Next: 03/21/17


    The above resolution was adopted by the County Board on March 21, 2017.

  10. Part III: Cal Skinner is Not for Lowering Taxes

    This is the third post in my continuing series pointing out the hypocrisy of Cal Skinner to the GOP members of the board that read this blog.

    I’m just a citizen who grew up in McHenry County. This is not Washington DC and Cal would like you to believe that the hyper-partisanship in the beltway exists here on Main Street. It’s just not fair to characterize local politicians as D.C. fat cats. They are our neighbors, our friends, and our fellow parishioners.

    Mike Walkup was the son of a farmer.

    Yvonne Barnes is an consultant helping small businesses.

    Mary McCann is a small business owner.

    Jack Franks is a small business owner.

    What’s more, it bodes well for the community when local leadership is vested in the local economy. Our community is better off when local job creators and small business owners represent us in government. They understand how the levers of government – when correctly calibrated – lead to job growth and economic prosperity. Our County Board has an opportunity to bring true property tax relief in a bipartisan way.

    Cal Skinner does not want this to happen.


    The answer is power and influence.

    Many in the local GOP look to Cal for sage wisdom and guidance on the issues. Cal has rather infamously claimed to read “tea leaves” and bequeathed us with his findings on this blog from said leaves. The validity of these predictions are sometimes dubious at best.

    In my next post, I will address the historical accuracy of Cal’s predictions and demonstrate that he more interested in shaping the Local GOP to fit his narrow agenda than a collective good.

    For now, I want to pose one question: what does Cal gain by stonewalling or not endorsing the County Board’s effort to cut taxes for citizens?

    Isnt Cal a tax fighter?

    More to come in part four….

  11. Despite this futile effort for bipartisanship (who cares? there is only one party I know of in our beautiful McHenry county), I will forever be loyal and faithful to my sunshine blogger. He is committed to low taxes, lower taxes, the lowest taxes, and most of all, no taxes. His integrity and dedication to true journalism has no parallel in this county. His 19-4 election record makes him a loser in tronald dump eyes, but, who cares? I still admire him, his gun and his ugly cat. Long life to this sunshine blog and keep fighting! His civic effort will soon make taxes disappear from the face of the Earth. And speaking of planets in our solar system, I am sure our sunshine blogger is working around the clock to provide us a story on Planet Earth Day, which was celebrated around this country and all over the world with marches in solidarity with science and research. That is, of course, after he posts a detailed report on the town hall with congressman Randy Hultgren last week. 2018, please do not delay. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. So Cal seems like he’s been busy the past couple days. So who do you guys think is going to run for Pamela’s seat? 32nd Illinois Senatorial Seat) Since she is retiring at the end of her term in 2018. They are bound to announce their candidacy in the next few months.

  13. Dear sunshine blogger: Did you know there will be an event at McHenry County Historical Society titled “Fight for Free Speech during World War I? The talk will review the legacy of great American hero and labor organizer Eugene Debs and the fight to free him from prison where he was sentenced for opposing the United States’ intervention in World War I. I promise I’m not kidding you. The first amendment is also part of the Bill of Rights. It is true you devote all your time and energy on the second amendment, which explains your ridiculous obsession in showing off your gun to the world on this blog; but there is a first amendment too. I promise you. It is there in the Bill of Rights. And that is why this talk at the McHenry County Historical Society is relevant to all of us McHenry county residents and bloggers who love this democracy, Constitutional Republic, freedom, and conservative values our founding fathers left for posterity. This will take place in Union, located in beautiful McHenry county. You regretted not covering Randy Hultgren’s town hall meeting because it did not take place in McHenry county. Fair enough. Now you have a golden opportunity to honor your event-coverage criteria, by letting us know everything about this event. See you there! Or not?2018, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  14. Dear Angel,

    Yes, freedom of speech is indeed a wonderful and powerful right we should cherish and respect,… but where do you get off calling Cal’s cat ugly?

    What are you comparing Keeley to? Have you ever been to Cal’s house and met Keeley? Yes I am being silly before I go to work, but I will defend those who are being treated scurrilously. Are you a cat-hater? Calling something ugly that is in no way ugly shows prejudice. Are you prejudice, Angel?

    Have a great day!

  15. Nothing further from the truth! I look forward to dinner with my sunshine blogger at his home or anywhere else as long as it falls within the boundaries of beautiful McHenry county. I’m not a fan of cats, especially after that black cat ruined the Cubs’ playoff chances back in the summer of 1969. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. While we’re all waiting for Cal to return, perhaps a little something to lighten up your day:

    During a recent Trump political stop, a heckler from the audience hollered, “Hey Trump, where are you hiding your tax returns ?”

    The Donald politely responded, “I’ve found a very secure place where I’m certain they won’t be found.”

    The insistent heckler then shouted, “And just where is that, dummy ?”

    The Donald smiled, and said, “They’re underneath Obama’s college records, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding sources to pay for college, his college records, his Selective Service registration, and all his family photos.”

    “What’s your next question ?”

  17. Finally tronald dump added: “Also underneath Barack Obama’s executive order taking firearms from all law abiding Americans. Any other question about health care? About NATO? About respecting and cherishing women?” 2018, please do not delay. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  18. You are an idiot, Angel. Mossad is running the country. Get a clue.

  19. There’s the anti-semitism this blog is known for!

    Kudos to Cindy for bringing us back to our roots!

  20. You are an idiot, too. That’s not anti anything. Do you also call it anti-bigoted whataever if someone says MS13? Criminals are criminals.

  21. Off we go into the wild blue yonder,

    Climbing high into the sun;

    Here they come zooming to meet our thunder,

    At ’em boys, Give ‘er the gun! (Give ‘er the gun now!)

    Down we dive, spouting our flame from under,

    Off with one helluva roar!

    We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey!

    Nothing’ll stop the U.S. Cindy Force!

  22. Stand down, Nob. You are going to have a whole lot of Hell to pay if you are going to badmouth that particular group. SHAME on you! You arrogant fool!

  23. No Cindy, you obviously just are ignorant of the facts.

    Core is great, but they need the Navy to even get close to do their job.

    Army and Air Force are not slackers as Jar Heads often claim.

    Till you stand the post like many of us have done, you don’t know.

    You say Pride is the Devil’s work, well which service boasts being the best?


  24. Thxs to the Coast Guard also.

    Border Guards job isn’t easy either.

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