Blackout Over

For those of you not old enough to remember World War II (and I am one of those, being born on the night of the first balckout in Easton, Maryland, with my father and his buddy, the Methodist Minister, drinking beer on the front porch of the small hospital), a blackout required shades to be drawn allowing no light to escape.

That’s what happened when the power element of my computer went kaput.

After Tech Guy worked his magic, McHenry County Blog is back shining light on many stories that you don’t see elsewhere.

My thanks, by the way for those who called to inquire about whether something untoward had happened to me.


Blackout Over — 22 Comments

  1. I was wondering if Jack Franks made a death threats against you and that you had to go into witness protection.

    Are you sure that Franks or one of his minions didn’t cause some kind of feedback through your computer causing the blackout?

    Glad you’re back and nothing no sordid happened.

  2. I made a phone call to a mutual friend . . . do you really have to sit and peddle your own power, as in the real old sewing machines? LOL

    So glad your back, I hope Angel took it personally.

  3. Moder-rat and his evil left wing henchmen were behind this whole thing.

  4. With the size of your pension a new computer was still out of the deal huh? lol

  5. @Nob

    Spoken like true liberal… one lttle part breaks …. buy a new whole machine.

    When your car doesn’t run and you need new plugs do you sell the car?

    We can see how this noble nation is so very far in debt.

  6. Liberals don’t talk about pensions the way I sarcastically did.
    Lighten up a tad friend.
    Buy often and keep a constant low payment, or pay a bunch all at once and keep it till it fails.
    When things fail things don’t get done don’t ya know.

  7. I’ve installed three power supplies (after the initial power supply when I originally created the machine) over the years on my old screaming machine. Kept burning them up. Was sick of doing it. Then I got smart and got a Mac. Dump the PC, Cal.

  8. You can easily build a PC to the same standard, or better, than a Mac, but most of the mass market manufacturers cut all the corners they can to keep the price down.

    The PSU is one of the first things they cheap out on.

    A good PC running Linux or FreeBSD is the best way to roll.

  9. I have it from several very reliable and well placed sources that
    Cal’s computer problems were caused by Russian hackers.

    They were trying to hack into the Pentagon but somehow used the wrong IP address.

    Welcome back, Cal !

  10. We are glad to find out our sunshine blogger is back on the cyberspace, going stronger than ever in his quest for a world without taxes, universal gun access and sunshine-like transparency. Therefore, I will stop working on his eulogy for now, which is heavily based on his sympathy towards undocumented immigrants, health care for all Americans, and unlimited contributions to fair journalism. Sunshine blogger, please teach your cat not to stick his tail inside electric outlets. We just can’t afford missing so many days of this sunshine blog ever again. 2018, are you here already? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Poor Ms. Linda Colon …. she thought she scared Cal off with her venom-spray recently published in the NorthWorst Herald.

    Her bile was induced by the lame editorial written by one of the NWH stooges castigating ‘evil bloggers’ on this site who won’t swallow their swill or buy their putrid rag.

    Colon’s published rant reminded me of what a veternarioan friend of mine did once to a pet skunk: he removed its anal scent glands. That’s what we need in McHenry County … a ‘colonectomy’!!!

  12. I meant Cal should develop a succession plan.

    The Herald will be folding soon …..

  13. In 2015 Mr. Angel Llavona earned $130,356 as an ESL Teacher in Maine Township High School District 205.

    2015 was his 21st year teaching.

    That’s a very generous compensation package for a high school ESL teacher with 21 years experience in the Chicago suburbs.

    In the 2016 – 2017 school year, he is an ESL Teacher at Maine West High School in Des Plaines.


    The regular day Maine West Bell schedule is from 7:25AM – 3:15PM.

    “Flap” is from 7:25 – 7:45.

    1st period is from 7:45 – 8:35.


    What is flap?

    Some sort of early classes that some students take?

    Are ESL teachers required to be present for flap?

    Do teachers receive stipends for teaching flap classes?

    There is no mention of flap in the collective bargaining agreement.


    For the 2014 – 2015 year, the minimum salary on the Maine Township District 207 salary schedule is $54,589.

    There are 533 Maine Township High School District 207 teachers and administrators with a minimum pensionable earnings of $54,589 or higher from Open the Books (those contributing to the TRS pension fund) for 2015.

    Those 533 teachers and administrators earned a cumulative $64,362,189 for an average of $120,754.

    Mr. Llavona was 199 of 533 at $130,356.

    So if he continues teaching and never gets an other raise, Mr. Llavona’s starting pension will be $97,767, which will increase 3% annually.

    Full pension is available after 35 years of service.

    Teachers and administrators can exchange up to 340 accumulated sick days for 2 years of service credit, retiring after 33 years worked.


    Tick tock the pension clock.

    Can Mr. Llavona and his fellow public sector workers convince enough taxpayers to stay in Illinois to pay the taxes to fund the pensions?

    Since no one explained to the taxpayers the taxes that will be required to fund all the pensions and retiree healthcare, given all the benefit hikes and salary hikes.

    Jack Franks has not given his plan how to fully fund pensions and cut property taxes 10%.

    How to fully fund all the local police, fire, and IMRF pensions while cutting property taxes 10%, given that most police, fire, and IMRF pensions are underfunded (police and fire much more underfunded on average than IMRF).

    Get ready for that income tax hike to fund state pensions (teachers / administrators, university employees, state employees, judges, and legislators) and state retiree healthcare.

    When is that tax hike coming?

    This year?



    Tick tock the income tax hike clock.

    There sure are a lot of clocks ticking and tocking.

  14. Dar compassionate conservative friends: What happened with the concern about drugs and violence in our public schools? We know them too well. It has nothing to do with our kids. Did you thank a teacher today? Teacher Appreciation week is around the corner. Go ahead and give a phone call to that teacher who inspired you. 2018, please do not delay. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  15. Dear compassionate conservative friends: Did you notice how the discussion slowly moves away from the issues and becomes a relentless attack on teachers and other public employees? We know them too well; the lovers of democracy and freedom can’t stand a different viewpoint. Is it you 2018? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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